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Planetary Hostage 2

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Planetary Hostage". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: [Sequel to Planetary Hostage] Martha's now a Time Lord, the Toclofane have been sent back home, time has been re-integrated & both the Doctor & the Master have unlimited regenerations, so what are they going to do now? Rated 18/slash for Harkness Effect

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralGenukaFR182945,3361586,28027 Sep 127 Jan 13Yes

New Rooms

A/n: I'm sort of wondering if I should post my planetary hostage series up on DeviantArt....

New Rooms

Martha watched in amusement and some small exasperation as they left the infirmary. She idly wondered how it would work out with only a small bed in the room for them to sleep on. The Tardis saw this thought and, with plenty of mental laughter, provided an image of the boys' new room. She even smugly showed Martha how she'd merged their original rooms to create it. Martha grinned at the shock they were in for and decided that being stuck in the infirmary alone for the night was a small price to pay for the amount of blackmail and teasing material that the Tardis had just provided her with.

Elsewhere in the Tardis....

They wandered down the Tardis' corridors looking for their bedrooms and were all a little puzzled to find themselves funneled into a single corridor with only one door in it at the very end. As they approached the door they could see the intricate workmanship that went into creating it and all of them marveled at the craftsmanship. Jack was still tired but he'd convinced the Master to let him walk the rest of the way, even if he hadn't managed to get him to let him stay in his own room, just before they entered the final corridor that the Tardis provided. Once they got close enough all three of them were shocked to find their names carved into the door and intertwined in Gallifreyan, Intergalactic, and 20th century English.

"What have you done old girl?" The Doctor murmured as he allowed his hands to run along the carvings of their names in awe.

"I think she's made it clear that she wants you to bond with us." Jack said quietly as he laid his hand on the Doctor's shoulder.

"Jack, you don't understand." The Doctor told him as he kept his eyes on the door and avoided meeting Jack's own eyes.

"Don't we Theta?" The Master asked softly. "Its time to stop running."

Reluctantly, the Doctor allowed both men to pull him into the bedroom with them. "It isn't that easy." He warned them, desperately.

"Didn't think that is was." Jack quipped.

"For now, nothing will happen." The Master soothed. "Jack's still recovering from his donation and we're all worried over what happened with Martha. Tonight, we'll just sleep."

"I don't think we have another room to go back to any way." Jack said in amusement when he actually saw the inside of their room.

The Doctor lost all reluctance to actually enter the room when he saw certain mementos that he kept in his bedroom had been moved into the joint room. He knew that the Tardis would never have moved them from his bedroom. The Doctor's shoulders slumped in resignation. This was his room now. His, Jack's, and the Master's and he didn't think that the Tardis would let him sleep in one of the guest rooms, not with her having moved his special and personal items to this one. He carefully put each memento away in a drawer which looked like it had an old fashioned lock and key hole in it and closed it. Susan's music player from their very first visit and say on earth. Leela's braided leather bracelet that she'd lost and he'd found again after she was gone. One of Romana's old scarf's. Rose's jacket that she had left behind on the railing of the Tardis just before the battle of Canary Warf. Each of them had a unique memory and person they represented and he cherished all of them. The Doctor knew that Jack had recognized Rose's coat, it had been one of her favorites, and was greatful that he kept silent as they watched him tenderly put them away. Just as he finished slipping them each into the drawer the Tardis left him the key, an old fashioned small brass one, so that he could lock the drawer if he wanted. He sent a wave of gratefulness toward his ship within the bond and received a sense of smugness and satisfaction. The Tardis knew her Time Lord pilot/thief would stay in the room. He'd accepted that it was his and that he'd be sharing with the other two men. Single giant bed and all.

The room itself had a giant four poster bed, easily big enough to accommodate all of them, even with Martha added into the mix, should the Time Lord pack instincts kick in and insist that they all sleep in the same den. The Tardis could just imagine the cute puppy pile that the four of them would create and decided that she wanted to see it and soon. Two of the walls were lined with floor to ceiling bookshelves which had to be the Doctor's influence. Where as the two large sturdy oak desks where clearly the Master's influence. The reading chairs were a mix of preferences, a big black leather wing backed chair for the Master, a big overstuffed blue chair for the Doctor, a tan-brown suede covered chair and a Tardis blue leather bean bag chair for Jack. They found that they had two closets, one of which was entirely Jack's fault and as a result filled with toys as well as other interesting odds and ends. The other held all of their clothes and such, each of them had one wall to themselves and the Doctor pouted a little at the fact that the Tardis clearly wasn't going to let him just keep using the giant wardrobe room for his everyday things. Then there was the work station. It was a special high end super-polymer table that completely lined an entire wall. The table was filled with various pieces of equipment and random bits of electronics that the Doctor had been working on at one point or another. There was also a nice large black false fur rug that peeked out from under the bed and extended into the central clear area of the room. It was so thick as to be almost twice as deep as pile carpet and made out of some sort of silky material.

"Shoes off." The Master ordered both of them before they could step onto the rug. "Don't bother about changing, well worry about it later. For now just toss your coats onto one of the chairs." Both of them reluctantly obeyed, slipping their shoes off at the edge of the rug and tossing their coats onto the Doctor's overstuffed chair, which was closest to them at the moment. As they wandered over toward the bed where the Master was waiting for them they both yawned tiredly, with Jack even cracking his jaw in the process.

The Master looked them over critically. "Your both exhausted, get into bed." He ordered.

"But!" The Doctor protested starting to worry despite his need for sleep.

"Come on. You said it yourself, we wont get anywhere arguing with him in this mood. Just hop in. Nothing will happen that you don't want to." Jack soothed, still yawning.

The Master took the matter into his own hands with an eye roll. He flipped down the covers then practically shoved both men onto the bed. He waited for them both to be fully on the bed and under the covers before joining them, slipping under and making certain that the Doctor was in the center so that if he wanted to escape the bed he'd have to climb over one or both of them.

"Good night." Jack mumbled.

"G'night." The Doctor returned with a yawn.

"Oh shut up and sleep." The Master told them as they drifted off into the embrace of the night and the Tardis dimed the lights to near black for their rest.

A/n: Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
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