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Planetary Hostage 2

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Planetary Hostage". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: [Sequel to Planetary Hostage] Martha's now a Time Lord, the Toclofane have been sent back home, time has been re-integrated & both the Doctor & the Master have unlimited regenerations, so what are they going to do now? Rated 18/slash for Harkness Effect

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralGenukaFR182945,3361586,27727 Sep 127 Jan 13Yes

Gift of the Tardis

A/n: Yes, I know its short. Enjoy!

Gift of the Tardis

Just as the Master was sharing his secret with Jack and the Doctor, the Tardis was sharing one with Martha, sort of. Oh how she loved to keep her pack guessing.

"Alright then is it something solid?" Martha asked and received a sense of a giggled no.

"You know you're making this guessing thing really difficult." Martha mused. "Alright then lets go over what I've already got then. Its a gift of some kind to one of us or all of us and it isn't something solid. How about a liquid?"

Another giggle and again a sense of no.

"I don't see why you wont let me out of the bed until I've guessed." Martha said in exasperation, indicating the fact that her current bed now stood a good 10 feet off of the main floor on a platform with small ledges at each door along the walls out of the room.

"Can't I at least go to the Lou?" For this latest question she received the image of a digital clock counting down from 10 min. and a bridge between her bed platform and the bathroom door/ledge appeared.

"Thanks." Martha said greatfully as she slipped out of bed and carefully made her way into the bathroom. She was out before the timer was up and wearily sliding back into bed.

"Alright, you've made your point. I shouldn't be up and about yet and you're trying to keep me occupied. *sigh* Can I have a hint?" Martha asked and received a warm sense of gold flavored of tangy electric biting sense that atron energy gives off.

"Ooookay. Is it something that is normally from earth?" Martha asked and got a sense of amusement and no but you're starting to get the idea now.

"Well, that's something at least." Martha muttered. The Tardis took pity and left a medical book on regeneration on Martha's bed as a giant hint. Idly, still working on the puzzle, Martha glanced over the book and her eyes widened in shock when she realized what it was about.

"Its got something to do with regeneration?" Martha asked in surprise. The Tardis giggled a yes and prodded for more questions.

"Did you do something to our regenerations?" Martha asked and received a picture of Jack, the Doctor, and the Master standing side by side glowing gold.

"Not me? Just them?" Martha asked. The Tardis confirmed her interpretation and mentally poked her again for another question.

Martha was almost afraid to ask but... "What exactly did you do to their regenerations?"

The Tardis giggled again and showed first how Jack used to be painfully jerked back into life. Then she showed how he now healed as if he were closer to actually regenerating as a Time Lord would. The Doctor and the Master were show together in the first sequence with the normal process of regeneration taking place but in the second sequence there were two possibilities overlaid on each Time Lord. One of them allowed them to fully heal as if they had just regenerated but didn't cause the personality and body change while the other option was what had been up until now a normal regeneration sequence. The Tardis gave Martha the impression that the two elder Time Lords now had a chance to choose between just fully healing and actually regenerating. This revelation was accompanied by a sense of smug satisfaction on the Tardis' part which she didn't bother to hide. Leaving Martha sitting on her bed in wide eyed shock as the Tardis returned the room to a more normal configuration.

"Do they know about this?" Martha asked.

When she received the sense of a sheepish no, she said. "Oh dear. Think you can get them to come to me? I don't think I can make it to where ever they are."

The Tardis gave off a sense of assent and started trying to get the attention of her Time Lords without actually interrupting anything...

A/n: Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
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