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Planetary Hostage 2

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Planetary Hostage". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: [Sequel to Planetary Hostage] Martha's now a Time Lord, the Toclofane have been sent back home, time has been re-integrated & both the Doctor & the Master have unlimited regenerations, so what are they going to do now? Rated 18/slash for Harkness Effect

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A/n: Yes, I know I've been away for a bit but now this is posted on a few more sites.

Warning! This chapter has smut!!!

If you see this: [49 %%%%%%%%%% 49]
its the beginning of the sex scene for those of you who want to skip it!!! The same symbol set ends it. The warning is in place because I've got this posted on multiple sites and not all of my readers want to pay attention to the sex scene. Anything important that happens during the sex scene will be recaped later in conversation so feel free to skip it!


The Tardis had seen the Master share one of his secrets with the Doctor and Jack and she realized that now would be a bad time to interrupt even for something so important as the alterations she had made to their regeneration sequence. As a result she was a bit stuck. How was she going to tell Martha that they couldn't interrupt the three but still get her to tell them? Tricky. Then the Tardis had an idea. She laid out an envelope and some parchment out on the bedside table along with a pen, then she materialized a wooden "Do Not Disturb" door sign a few inches above the table. She let it fall on top of the parchment and envelope to get Martha's attention. This caused Martha to turn around sharply at the noise and zero in on what made it.

"I should write a letter? Why? Oh. They're busy, right?" Martha asked realizing what the sign probably represented and making a face. "Yeah, I don't want to interrupt them when they're doing something like that, and they deserve a little happiness." She set about explaining in a letter exactly what the Tardis had done, allowing the men to continue their conversation undisturbed...


"You actually admited that we aren't all that bad?" Jack asked the Master in complete shock.

"Yes, I did." The Master said irritably. "Now, if you ever want out of those restraints you'll be quiet and listen."

Jack immediately mimed zipping his lips closed and then locking them shut. Now that the Master was actually giving out complements he wasn't going to do anything that might stop him, or break his good mood.

"So, then what do you plan on doing with us?" The Doctor asked almost cheerfully, waving his manacled ankle for emphasis.

The Master looked at him then a broad smile spread across his face, just before he replied. "Whatever I want, my dear Doctor. Whatever I want."

He took another sip from his tea as he watched the effects of his words on his two captives. The Doctor's apprehensive shiver was just delightful to watch and savor, while Jack's waryness was a bit disconcerting but he hadn't been part of their little game for very long. It was understandable that Jack wouldn't understand their little chess game quite yet. He would have to learn quickly if he wanted to arrange his own special play times rather than being granted them at either the Doctor's or the Master's whim. It would be amusing to watch him struggle to get a handle on the true situation but if he didn't catch on quickly enough then he would have to be taken in hand and trained rather than allowed to learn on his own. The Master took another sip of his tea and surveyed both men.

"About Martha..." Jack began.

"What about her?" The Master asked idly, eyeing the two still on the bed.

"Well, you did say that she might marry one of us. I don't think that's such a good idea, especially since we're kinda attached to each other. I mean she's cute and all but I've already started to see her as a little sister or something." Jack admitted sheepishly.

Both Time Lords looked at the immortal in amusement. "Jack, he was only pointing it out the possibility. Neither of us see Martha like that. She might have eventually become someone we might have been interested in but its much more likely that we would have argued again and she would have been caught in the middle." The Doctor explained. "No, Martha wont be marrying anyone in the room any time soon, not without some very strange and very remote circumstances playing out."

Jack looked relieved. "Thanks. I'm glad that we've got that straightened out." He admitted.

[49 %%%%%%%%%% 49]

"Strip." The Master suddenly ordered, startling the two attached to the bed.

"You'll have to remove the leg-irons, or is that leg-iron? If you want us to strip properly." The Doctor said dryly, earning a glower from the Master.

"Unless you want them shreded, you'll do your best to strip." The Master warned. "I'm not in as forgiving a mood as you might think."

This caused the Doctor to look at him sharply, nod and start to strip, giving Jack a nudge to get him started as well. It didn't take them long to strip what they could but both their trousers and their pants were caught on the rope tying them to the bed. All they could do was shove them as far along the rope as possible without jerking on each other to much.

"I gotta say, I'm not adverse to a little bondage but this is going to be a problem." Jack said as he got jerked by the Doctor yet again and instinctively jerked back setting off a mini tug of war between the two of them. This amused the Master to no end, as he sank back into his chair and just watched them struggle with each other and their instincts to try and force themselves free.

"Stop it Jack. We aren't getting any where." The Doctor ordered in frustration.

"You're amusing me." The Master pointed out.

"Now why would we want to do that?" Jack asked him cheekily as they managed to stop jerking each other back and forth.

"Oh, you shouldn't have said that." The Doctor warned, as the Master's features darkened and he rose to stride over to them.

The Master grabed Jack by the hair and jerked his head back and bit him on the claim mark again, all before Jack had a chance to react to the Doctor's warning. As soon as the Master bit down, Jack gasped in shock and pleasure. The claim process having turned the mark into an extremely sensitive area.

The Master let go with his teeth and hissed. "You are mine. The Doctor is mine. I will remind you of this as often as I need to and as often as I wish." With that warning ringing in Jack's ears he released the dazed immortal's hair and looked up to see that the Doctor was watching their little scene with interest. "Do I need to re-enforce my position as Alpha with you as well?" he asked gruffly.

"I don't know, do you?" The Doctor asked cheekily, earning a slow stalk around the bed from the Master and a similar re-claiming.

Jack had come back to himself enough to have gotten the lube out of his pile of clothes that he always carried while the Master had re-claimed the Doctor. The Master was still dressed and he planned to stay that way for the moment.

Seeing the lube in Jack's hand he nodded toward it. "I suggest you prepare yourselves well because I wont be gentle." He told them, with that he lightly shoved the Doctor backward into Jack and waved at them to get on with it.

They took the hint and Jack started to prepare the Doctor. Slipping first one slick finger into the Doctor's tight hole and then a second when he had become loose enough. The Doctor was moaning and whimpering, trying very hard to hold still as Jack prepared him and the Master stood back, watching avidly, knowing and loving the fact that they were both his to do with as he pleased. When he saw that Jack was getting read to slick himself up though he growled. Causing Jack to look up in startlement and the Doctor to moan, trying to focus on him. He had been enjoying Jack's ministrations a little too much and involuntarily jerking on the rope that tied the two of them together to the bed.

"You bottom. Not the Doctor." The Master growled out, as the Doctor calmed down a bit. Jack nodded and quickly prepared himself before placing the lube in the Master's outstreched hand. "Doctor you may enter Jack but don't come and don't move." He hissed.

The Doctor had come back to himself quickly enough and nodded. He gently entered Jack's well prepared arse until he was seated fully to the hilt and the two of them were both breathing hard and trying not to move. The shock moments later of findind the Master suddenly driving himself into the Doctor to the hilt, still clothed, caused them both to cry out.

The Master placed one hand on the Doctor's temple and one on Jack's before hissing out. "Contact!" The three of them fell together into a telepathic bond, the Master dragged the incomplete mate bond into the temporary bond and with Jack showed it to the Doctor. The Doctor for his part saw the incomplete bond and realized that they really did want him as their mate. He shyly but greatfully with their help wound himself into the bond completing it. In the fraction of a heartbeat that all of this had occurred they saw one another to the depths of their souls and were at peace with each other. Then they started to move pounding into each other. The Master toping both the Doctor and Jack simultaneously as they claimed each other as mates. Their combined climax sealing and consumating the bond in a blaze of golden fire, sending shock wave through the pack bond. They collapsed exhausted onto the bed, never noticing the note that the Tardis discreately left on the bedside table moments later...

[49 %%%%%%%%%% 49]

It wasn't long before the three stired and the Master released them from being confined to the bed. Allowing everyone to stretch, get washed, and a change of clothes from their respective closets. Ironically it was Jack who found Martha's note and was the first one to read it. He had been looking for his vortex manipulator and his revolver when he stumbled across it addressed to all three of them. To say he was a bit put out about what he learned in the letter would be an understatement.

"Doctor! Master!" Jack called out, eyes not leaving the letter.

"What is it Jack?" The Doctor asked as the two Time Lords came up behind their mate.

Jack turned and handed him the letter. "Apparently the Tardis has been messing with my ability to come back to life and both of your regeneration sequences." Jack told them bluntly. The two looked at him and then quickly read the letter from Martha explaining exactly what the Tardis had shown her and how it had been interperated.

"That's a new one." The Master commented in slight surprise.

"Yes." The Doctor murmured. "From the look of it the old girl wasn't satisfied with just being able to hang onto us for eternity."

The Master snorted. "After what happened with the imprimatur chamber are you really surprised?"

The Doctor sighed. "No, I suppose not. Well we'd better go check on Martha and tell her that the three of us are finally married. We'll have to find somewhere and somewhen to register it though and do something about getting all of the paperwork sorted so that Martha's adopted or we might have problems in some galaxies."

"Its a start at least." The Master agreed.

"Before anything else why don't we get some breakfast? I bet Martha wouldn't mind some pancakes." Jack suggested.

With that suggestion the three of them headed off into their new lives together as a proper family and into a new adventure....

A/n: Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

There will likely be more to this series, ficlets and possibly the additional story or two.

The End

You have reached the end of "Planetary Hostage 2". This story is complete.

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