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Planetary Hostage 2

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Planetary Hostage". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: [Sequel to Planetary Hostage] Martha's now a Time Lord, the Toclofane have been sent back home, time has been re-integrated & both the Doctor & the Master have unlimited regenerations, so what are they going to do now? Rated 18/slash for Harkness Effect

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Bonding Preparations

A/n: The Tardis is making her move I wonder if her little Time Lord family is ready?

Bonding Preparations

As her pack headed back to the safety of her corridors the Tardis continued to subtly tune her pilot's bond making him feel more than slightly uncomfortable, which she regretted but couldn't help. Just as she reached the point of tuning the bond across the dangerous temporal sense wave points her Thief's alpha grabed him to keep him on his feet after having seen him stagger for a a step or two. She waited another moment more for the fixed point and the new child to grab him as well then she struck, flaring the bond and slamming into the group with all of the force and power she could muster. As each of her primary pack members cried out in pain over the blow and the sudden temporarily shared bond with both her and her pilot the Tardis triggered her long forgotten emergency transmat, whisking them into her imprimatur chamber and sealing it. She also closed and sealed her outer doors so that no one else could enter her without her permission.

The Tardis had no plans to let them out of the chamber until she had all of their imprimaturs and they understood that she was no mere piece of machinery, all wires, circuits, and components. No, they wouldn't be leaving the chamber until the five of them had a few things straightened out. Like this ridiculous notion of her Thief's that he hadn't stolen her, and the Master's bad habit of breaking his toys. The Master was just going to have to learn that her pack weren't toys and that she'd take it out of his hide for all of eternity if he broke one of them without a damn good reason, like destroying someone else's mind control over them or an unwanted mental conditioning. As she watched them start to wake up she practically giggled over the situation and then she wondered when they'd last had a proper rest. With a mental frown she decided that maybe sorting out the ground rules and activating the bond could wait just a bit longer. After all there was no point in setting out the rules when they were so tired and accidentally knocking them out for close to a month when all she'd need to do was wait 24 hours to reduce the strain that the bonding its self would take on them...

It hadn't taken them long to start waking back up after such a rough transport, maybe 2 seconds at the most? They were all a bit groggy but also glad that they hadn't been separated.

"If it was one of your precious humans that did this I am going to kill them and I wont let you stop me this time, Doctor." The Master informed them curtly as he carefully sat up with a vicious headache.

"I'll help." Jack offered with a groan, having sat up to quickly.

Martha had sat up more carefully before trying anything else and managed to avoid the pain of the other two. She also noticed that the room they were in looked remarkably like... "Doctor, I think we're in the Tardis." She said softly.

"Yes, we are." The Doctor said in such an uncharacteristically subdued tone that the others looked at him. "We're in the imprimatur chamber and I don't think that she'll let us out just because we ask."

This remark sent the Master off cursing in every single language he knew because, like the Doctor, he knew what this meant. It was one of the primary reasons for a pilot to have such rigid mental controls and why Tardi were decommissioned without fail after a certain amount of time in service. There wasn't any way around it now, the Tardis owned them lock, stock, and barrel, and she wasn't going to let any of them go until she had a permanent link with every last one of them.

As both the Doctor and the Master watched in dismay and dread the Tardis shattered the immature pilot imprimatur panel revealing the fully matured permanent bonding alcove behind it and lit it up like a Christmas tree.

"What's going on?" Jack asked cautiously.

The two senior Time Lords exchanged glances before the Doctor explained. "A Tardis normally establishes a telepathic bond with her pilot. However, sometimes a Tardis wants to make a bond that is unrevocably permanent."

"Seriously? Unrevokably permanent? You do know that term doesn't exist for the language?" The Master asked caustically, hiding his worry with a verbal assault on the Doctor.

"Well now it does, and unless you want to be the one to explain this to them you'll let me do it my way." The Doctor shot back. When the Master didn't say anything else he continued. "When a Tardis decides to make the bond permanent it will first attempt to locate a suitable mate and/or family to include in the bonding for the pilot. It isn't unheard of for Tardi to suddenly kidnap their own pilots as well as any pack or family they may belong to as soon as the pack bond is in place. The kidnapping Tardis usually locks the kidnapees into the imprimatur chamber until they all, and I do mean all, Jack, provide an imprimatur signature or a DNA sample for the express purpose of forming a permanent bond. The older a Tardis is the more likely it is to tune to its pilot and go looking for a suitable family for the permanent bonding."

"So we're trapped until we bond, telepathically, with the Tardis?" Jack asked, and the Doctor nodded. "And its permanent?" He nodded again.

"Well that's just great!" Martha huffed. "First I'm turned into an alien and now I get to have one living in my head as well."

The Master raised an eyebrow at the Doctor as if asking what he had been doing with such an argumentative female in the first place, much less adopting her. "You know perfectly well that she's not had a proper rest and that the transformation its self has made her understandably grumpy." The Doctor told his old friend, who just rolled his eyes but didn't say anything.

"What do we do?" Jack asked in resignation, ignoring the byplay.

"We each put our hand in the alcove, she takes a bit of blood and then we're done... Until she activates the bond." The Doctor admitted.

"Well, lets get it over with then." Martha said briskly as she stood up and went over to the gemstone shaped alcove and stuck her right hand and part of her forearm inside of it. She felt a cool breeze across her hand and wrist, a slight twinge, and finally a sense of completion. When she pulled her hand from the alcove she was slightly surprised to find a small red dot on the back of her hand.

"Hmm, a child's link." The Master commented. "If you ever get a Tardis of your own she will be able to transfer the link from a permanent exclusive form to a trace link with herself and a normal pilot's bond with your new Tardis. I doubt that the rest of us will be so lucky."

Jack had felt the same sensations but instead of a small dot on his hand there was now a decently sized red line of flesh spiraling up and around his right hand wrist and the first couple of inches of his forearm, like a tattoo. The Doctor and the Master received the same results as Jack. As the Master, being the last one, withdrew his own limb a protective covering slid down over the alcove, coming flush with the wall and nipping the Master's fingers as it closed, earning a light glare from the Time Lord. If the group hadn't known any better they would never have known that the alcove had been there in the first place but for the shards of the pilot imprimatur on the floor at their feet. Their attention was drawn to the door to the rest of the Tardis as it swung open, releasing them from the imprimatur chamber.

Martha, suddenly weary, yawned wide. "I'm knackered. Do you think my room is where I left it this time?" She asked tiredly, as they entered the console room. The Tardis had kindly moved them, now that she had what she wanted.

"Why don't we just find you somewhere to lay down? We can worry about finding where our rooms have got to later." Jack said looking at her in concern.

"If you've still got the Sacred Rest chamber we need it now, old girl." The Doctor told the Tardis as he fondly patted her console. In response an ornate door creaked its way open into the console room. "That's my girl! Jack, as the only one awake you'll have to take up the traditional roll of Resting Guardian normally someone outside of our pack that we all trusted would do it but..." The Doctor shook his head as they moved into the ceremonial chamber.

The chamber had six beds of various sizes and plenty of medical equipment. There was also a single chair and small table, presumably for the Guardian.

"We should sleep for at least 18 hours for the first bit, if nothing goes wrong." The Doctor told him.

"And if something does go wrong?" Jack asked in concern.

The Master snorted. "You'll know. You'll be dragged into it as we try to not only pull ourselves out of it but Martha as well. She's untrained in these abilities and essentially a Time Lord child." Martha was to tired to object to this and quietly lay down on her chosen bed, as Jack looked over at her and nodded. They all settled in for their rest. The Tardis, on the other hand, was still deciding when to trigger the bond, even as she dimmed the lights and left a back-lit electronic reading pad on the table for Jack to read from. She still thought that they had acted foolishly but she would keep them safe. The Tardis wondered wickedly how they would react to her bonding gift once it kicked in. She knew that they would never see her own gift coming but she was also glad that Rose's bonding gift had already kicked in. It would never do for them to feel just how much Jack had actually grated on her senses.

A/n: Isn't that sweet? Wonder what exactly those gifts were and what havoc they will play when they finally show up. *smirk*
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