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Fine Again

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This story is No. 45 in the series "Yu-Gi-Oh Crossovers, Prompts and Oneshots". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: AU. Buffy is a prostitute. Kaiba, Joey and Yami Yugi are vampires who only feed on the criminal types. One fateful night, Buffy is ambushed by a group of men, and is then rescued by Kaiba, Joey and Yami. Everything changes soon after that...

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Anime > Yu-Gi-Oh!BuffyKaibaHuntFR1348,5100572227 Sep 1223 Feb 14No

Rescued... by Vampires

Hey there. :) Here’s a new chapter of Fine Again.

Just so you know, the part at the beginning of this chapter is from the story Loveor something very much like it, which belongs to frosty600, a friend of mine on ff dot net, who had assured me that it was OK for me to use my favorite part in chapter 1 of Loveor something very much like it, which is where Buffy is attacked by a group of men before being rescued. Of course, when I asked if I could correct any spelling or grammar mistakes, she also said that was fine, too.


She then looked over to her right, and her eyes widened in surprise upon seeing a group of four men walking along the sidewalk. What was worse was that they were coming straight towards her.

Uh-oh, Buffy thought, worried. What’s going to happen to me now?

Unfortunately for her, the look in the eyes of the men gave away their intentions upon their suddenly seeing her. Even more unfortunate was that those intentions were anything but good, moral and ethical...

I could lose my heart tonight
If you don’t turn and walk away
‛Cause the way I feel I might
Lose control and let you stay

‛Cause I could take you in my arms
And never let go

I could fall in love with you
I could fall in love with you

~Selena, I Could Fall in Love

Buffy narrowed her eyes as she took in what the four guys were wearing. Their clothes consisted of beat up leather jackets and pants. They also had piercings and tattoos on them.

Buffy pressed herself up against the wall, her hazel eyes wide with fear, as they came towards her, their imposing bodies looking far bigger than they really were. Nausea twisted in her blood. Whatever the idea was that they had in mind, Buffy knew it wasn’t a good one. Not one single bit. Her woman’s intuition was telling her that, and she believed it.

“Look what we have here, boys. A prostitute,” one of the four men taunted.

“Look at those wide scared eyes, and those trembling lips. I bet she has all these male clients that pay her well for her... services. Well, if she does, then I’m sure she’s definitely not a virgin,” the second remarked and licked his lips while simultaneously eying Buffy along with his two other comrades. They coveted Buffy just as a man would thirst for water or a cold glass of soda that was out of his reach.

One of Buffy’s hands tightened its grip on the handles of the bag (which held all the money she had earned in her two years working the streets) in her hand. Buffy tried pressing herself further into the wall – praying that she was having a nightmare and that she would soon wake up some place that was safe and away from guys like them. Unfortunately, she soon realized that the situation she was currently in wasn’t a nightmare at all. Instead it was, as much as it pained her to admit, very real.

“Ain’t you a pretty little thing,” the first guy said while grabbing her chin with his hand. He tilted her head one way and then another.

Buffy frowned and jerked her head away.

“Don’t touch me!” she snapped at them in reply. However, her statement, instead of surprising or shocking them, simply caused a chuckle to run through the four men. Buffy frowned, wondering why they were laughing; she was being serious and she knew it. Secretly, she wondered what it was they found so amusing.

“Looks like we’ve got a fighter on our hands, boys.”

“Oh, good. You know, in my view, that makes it more enjoyable.”

“From my experience, it’s the virgin cunts that are usually always the best. They’re so tight.”

“Oh, and the screams. Don’t forget those. I think they’re delightful.”

Another chuckle went through the group, and Buffy whimpered before trying to bolt from the scene. But that wasn’t to be. Strong thick arms caught her easily, pushing her back, and into one of the other men. Immediately, his arms wound around her; his hands were feeling her breasts through her jacket roughly. Then he growled in annoyance, ripping the jacket from her shoulders and off her body. Her hand bag, which she had clutched to herself as though it was a lifeline, fell to the ground, where it landed with a soft thump. His large rough hands were back on her breasts, and he was rubbing something hard into her rump, although she couldn’t tell what it was.

“No!” Buffy screamed as she struggled against her captor’s hold. “Stop it!”

She could feel the hands belonging to the other three men on her now. There were large hands running over her bare legs. Then a hand cupped between her legs before pushing aside her panties to feel her bare flesh. A finger was shoved roughly inside her, and another scream left her lips.

One of them then remarked, locking eyes with the leader, “Well, you were right. She’s definitely what you said she was. Is she a prostitute or what?”

The leader nodded.

Buffy cried and screamed. The finger that had been thrust into her dry passage really hurt unlike anything she had experienced previously. And fear rushed through her right then. It was getting worse and making her struggle for survival a lot harder, which only made them grip her tighter. She felt a tongue run along the skin of her leg, and she screamed again, hoping that someone would hear her and coming running to her rescue. However, her scream was cut off by a meaty tongue being forced into her mouth. The feeling of such a thing did not feel too good at all. In fact, it was making her feel sick.

Their hands then slipped under her top, fondling her flesh both roughly and painfully. Their hands felt disgusting on her, but she couldn’t seem to break away, nor could she tell who was holding her anymore as she was thrust from one male’s arms to another. Their excited calls were making her fear rise up like a cobra ready to strike with its fangs bared out of self-preservation.

Buffy felt another hand cup her roughly, and she heard a dark voice in her ear. “I’m gonna enjoy taking the virgin out of you,” it said.

Then, all of a sudden, Buffy heard a succession of hisses that wasn’t her own; in fact, they weren’t actually human hisses at all, or the kind of hissing that would come from a cat when it was on the warpath. No, this hiss sounded more... dark and inhumane. Like it was something supernatural, maybe.

It was then that the hand that had been touching her so intimately left.

Apparently, the four men must’ve heard the hissing as well, for Buffy noticed that they now looked scared, the looks of bravado and lust having left them. She then heard the same voice from before mutter, “Darn it.”

Buffy was then dropped onto her rump. She crawled over to the wall and huddled in on herself as she cried. She wasn’t able to do much else in this moment, even though she knew she should take this god given opportunity to run away.

The leader of the four men, who realized he had been hit on the back of the head by something hard, then came to a realization and said, “Looks like we’ve got a good Samaritan on our hands now, boys. Let’s show him what we do to people who spoil our fun.”

However, when his friends didn’t answer, he looked around, puzzled.

“Boys? Boys, didn’t you hear what I said?”

“A ‛Good Samaritan’? ‛Him’? Is that what you think? Well, I don’t think so, kid. There isn’t one of us here tonight. As a matter of fact, there’s three of us, if you will,” a new voice said in reply – and a baritone one at that.

The gang’s leader turned to his left and then looked in front of him, but then immediately started back, wishing he hadn’t seen what he was now laying his eyes on.

For there, lying on the ground, and in a pool of blood surrounding them, were his three comrades, looking as though they had been knocked over by something. But that wasn’t what made him suck in his breath in shock.

Instead, it was seeing the three guys – if that was what they were – leaning down next to the three gang members and piercing their throats with what definitely seemed to be fangs.

Luckily, as there was a full moon out, the gang leader was able to see the faces of his comrades’ attackers. One had a triumvirate of red, yellow and black hair in lightning bolt shapes and wore a non-sleeved black shirt covered by a blue jacket, and azure pants. On his feet were boots that matched his jacket and pants. It was only when the guy pulled his fangs (now bloodstained) out of the comrade’s throat, looked up at the gang leader and smirked that the gang leader saw his eyes. They were crimson in color.

The second guy had dirty blond hair in a sporadic hairstyle and dark brown eyes. He was wearing a blue denim jacket with a white T-shirt underneath, and blue jeans. On his feet were blue and white striped Vans. As soon as he was finished with what he was doing, he pulled his fangs out of the gang member’s throat, looked up at the now shocked leader, and then smiled. However, his smile was anything but innocent.

“Hi,” he said, his voice laced with a Brooklyn accent. The gang leader shuddered at the sight of the fangs in his mouth.

It was only when the third guy finished feeding from the final gang member and then got to his feet, smirking, that the leader saw what he looked like, while also recognizing who he was.

He had brown hair, and his eyes (set in a face that was said to be handsome by many of the women in conversations the gang leader had overheard) were blue and reminded the leader of a pair of sapphires. He was wearing black slacks with the matching turtleneck, black boots with a slightly raised heel in the back and the all-too-familiar purple trenchcoat.

However, the gang leader only realized what they were when they got to their feet and looked him straight in the eye with the smiles that were anything but sweet and the fangs in their mouths that were like a wolf’s. He then also realized something horrifying – something that he usually ignored and preferred not to think about in the daytime, but was scared to face when night fell. Only one word could describe the three guys he was seeing right now.

Vampires. That was what those three guys were.

Another thought soon presented itself and occurred to him just then. The gossip, the rumors, the stories, namely the ones he and his comrades had heard from their rival gang members about the criminals that had, as of late, begun disappearing into thin air all of a sudden, and then had been found in the morning light, dead with two puncture wounds in their throats and drained of their blood... what if they were true?

He wasn’t sure, though. And at the moment, he pressed himself back into the wall where Buffy had previously been, hoping that either the wall or the ground would open up and swallow him whole, or lead him to some place safe, maybe.

Unfortunately for him, that wasn’t going to happen any time soon. Instead, he realized that he was now in Buffy’s shoes – trapped up against a wall, and with three vampires cornering him. Now, for the first time, he wished that he and his comrades had simply respected Buffy’s wishes when she had told them to leave her alone and not touch her.

“Well, look what we have here, guys. A gang leader,” said the one with the baritone voice.

“I can see that, Yami,” said the guy with the Brooklyn accent. “And it’s lucky we found him as well.”

“I agree with you both, Joey,” said the brown-haired one, who then grinned, showing his teeth, before reaching over and gently pulling Buffy to him.

For her part, Buffy looked up at Kaiba before turning to Yami and Joey, and then smiled. Her mind told her that these three guys – Yami, Joey and Kaiba, which were their names, as Kaiba explained to her – definitely were not the kind of guys that would allow the gang rape of a woman, a man, or a prostitute such as herself.

“You all right, Buffy?” Kaiba queried.

Buffy nodded. “Yes, and thanks for saving me, too. But how did you know-?”

Kaiba smiled. “Well, Yami, Joey and I – we’re vampires, of course. But we’re only three of most of the vampires that only go after and drain the blood of all the criminals there are in the world.”

He then gently passed Buffy to Joey, who held her like a brother would with his little sister.

“That’s right,” said Joey as he looked at Buffy. In those emerald eyes, he saw, was a desperate need for escape from the life she had gotten herself into.

The life of a prostitute.

“You see, Buffy,” Joey continued after a moment, “us being vampires, we heard your cries and screams for help while those four gang members were assaulting you.”

Buffy’s smile of relief turned to puzzlement when she looked over at the leader of the gang and noticed that he was still standing there, but was now pressed up against the wall, like she had been before Yami, Joey and Kaiba had stepped in. “What’s going to happen to him?” she asked.

Yami looked thoughtful, and then turned to Buffy for a moment before looking back at the gang leader with a smile. “Don’t worry, Buffy,” he replied, his baritone voice sending shivers down the leader’s spine. “I will see to it that he never gets the chance to harm a woman such as yourself... ever again.”

After turning back to Buffy, he then blew her a kiss, and then turned to Kaiba and Joey. “Joey, Kaiba,” he said, a tone of command in his voice, “take Buffy to the mansion. I will deal with this scum myself.”

Upon hearing those words, the leader tried to run away just as Buffy had previously tried to do in order to leave him and his comrades behind. However, in the leader’s case, he was trying to escape from a guy who looked as though he was able to take down guys like the rival gangs. Plus, thanks to a quick spell cast by Yami, his feet were firmly planted on the ground, which, the leader realized, prevented him from escaping the vampire’s clutches. In the meantime, Kaiba and Joey immediately took off, with Buffy between them. Luckily for Buffy, they had managed to retrieve her handbag before taking off for the mansion.

Well, that’s the end of this chapter. I hope that the next one is really good as well. And nice feedback is appreciated as usual, too. :)
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