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This story is No. 1 in the series "Acts of Randomness". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: For those who have difficulty with my prophecies this contains Translations for my phrophecies and tablets, etc. (if translation is available) from my stories. Includes randomly created prophecies, see Ch name for reference. WARNING: May have spoilers!

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralGenukaFR133810001,07527 Sep 1229 Oct 12No

Murder, Mayhem, & Magic Ch 10 prophecy translation

Disclaimer: I don't own Riddick, Stargate SG-1, BtVS, NCIS, Hellsing, or anything else that may appear in this series of my own set of prophecies being translated. I make no money off of this and mean no offense or infringement.

Murder, Mayhem, & Magic Ch 10 prophecy translation

On a night of darkness before an honored day of light > Halloween to All Saints Day

Chaos' Acolyte shall change the lines barring dark from light > Ethan & Halloween Spell

The Key shall choose her path > Dawn's decisions on Halloween

In aid of the Chosen one, > Slayer/Buffy

A Knight shall rise > Xander

Two princesses shall become one > Jenny

The Key shall unlock the slayer's choice > Dawn unlocking the slayer's choice

The mentor shall become the storm > Giles

The Acolyte shall rejoin the brother's side > Ethan

The Hounds of Mystery shall stand til their alpha claims them or breaks them > Riddick = alpha, Hounds of Mystery = Scoobies

The Witch will fall > Willow

The Knight, the Alpha, the Storm, and the Acolyte must be as one, least the Witch be forever lost > unification spell {Giles = Mind, Xander = Heart, Ethan = Spirit, Riddick = Hand}

Should the Witch not be leashed the universe shall slowly fall to darkness > Darth Willow able to draw on planetary cores and of stars[rapid burn up of the star as a battery]

Should the Witch be collared she will bring light to darkness and protection to the pack

Beware the Air who seeks to claim the Hounds for her people > Areon trying to claim the Scoobies, especially Xander

Should the Air claim the Knight the pack will forever fall > if Areon manages to claim and keep Xander then bad things happen, especially in Riddick's pack

Should death claim the Knight, the Witch will fall forever into darkness

Should the Witch be claimed by death, the Knight will seek the battle field and vanquish those who delivered the Witch unto death, none shall escape his deadly quest
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