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Dead Man Walking in D.C.

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Dead Man Walking". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A dead Marine with strange symbols carved into him. Gibbs gets the case - only to have it stolen out from under him by Wesley and Lilah, Agents of the IWC. To save time, the IWC agents are forced to work with NCIS and keep the supernatural a secret.

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AlkeniFR1546,9042187,27429 Sep 1216 Dec 12No

The Blood King

Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS, Highlander or Angel the Series

I have no good excuse for this delay and the shortness of the chapter. Call it a combination of real life factors: School, getting back into a game I used to play that is fun, but a time sink and then a bit of writer's block thrown in for good measure.

Dead Man Walking in D.C.

By Alkeni

Chapter 3: The Blood King

“There isn't that much to tell.” Wesley replied. “Unless you want a chapter and verse dissertation on the Blood King throughout history. The relevance of which to our present situation is very real, but I doubt that's what you want to know.”

Lilah cut in before Wesley could continue. “Long story short: Thousands of years ago, according to the legend, an Assyrian Sorcerer summoned the Blood King from some other dimension to destroy Babylon. Instead, Babylonian sorcerers sealed him away in another dimension, where he has long sought to break out of and destroy and/or remake the world. His cult has cropped up repeatedly in history, in amazingly disparate places. They seek, in theory, to free him, and then rule over the new world he builds. What this means in practice is that they kill. A lot. Blood Sacrifice is believed to be very powerful. And they take their rituals very seriously. Deadly so, as you can see from you dead marine.”

“A thousands of years old cult killed my marine? What the hell are you-” Gibbs started. This made no sense at all. “How would they still be around!?”

“They aren't.” Wesley supplied.

Gibbs, had he been any other man, would have clenched his fist and ground his teeth. As it was, he just gave them his best death glare.

“Sorry,” Wesley replied cooly. “You haven't killed enough people for a glare like that to bother me.” Lilah chuckled at that, and also seemed completely unfazed.

“The cult died out in ancient times, but at various points in history, people have 'rediscovered' it, and something about the Cult has attracted the deranged and the desperate. The IWC had been hoping that the Cult of the Blood King was dead for good this time, but apparently, it isn't.” That was a lie, Wesley knew. And he could tell from the look on Gibb's face that he knew that it was.

Absolutely lovely. Of course the Council hadn't 'hoped' the cult was dead, because they'd known it wasn't. The vampires and demons that made up the majority of the Cult were still very much around.

Fortunately, it seemed Gibbs was filing away the fact that he lid, rather than confronting him about it. “Whoever the murderer is – and let us hope that it is only one lone madman rather than some sort of group – he will kill again. Once a follower of the Blood King begins killing, he doesn't stop until whatever dark ritual he thinks he is performing is complete.”

“How would someone find out about this Blood King? I mean, how much information is there about...him-”

“It.” Lilah corrected.

“About it, then.” Ziva finished.

“He's a fairly obscure piece of information from Ancient Mesopotamia in archeological and historical circles, but in occult – especially these days – circles, he is more well known, albeit hardly mainstream, as much as the word 'mainstream' can be applied to occult circles, anyway.”

Tony's phone rang and he picked it up. After a few brief moments, he hung up. “Boss, the victim's fiance is on her way to the conference room.”

Gibbs nodded. “McGee, go down and see if Abby needs anything.” Then he headed for the stairs, turning back to Lilah and Wesley. “Ya coming?”

Wesley shrugged. “Alright.”

“I'll go with Agent McGee to see what Ms. Scuito has.” Lilah said. She followed McGee to the elevator.

Lilah raised an eyebrow bemusedly when she entered the lab, hearing the music plating and the tattooed...goth, She is far, far too happy looking to be a proper goth. Lilah thought to herself.

She turned around, holding a gigantic plastic soda cup, drinking happily from. “Who are you?” She looked at Lilah.

“Abby, this is,” McGee started. Lilah interrupted him and held her hand out.

“I'm Lilah Morgan. I believed we talked on the phone once, several years ago, when I tried to get you to work for Wolfram and Hart?”

Abby didn't accept her hand, and Lilah lowered it. “If you're here to try and hire me again-”

“No, that's not why she's here.” McGee interrupted. She tried to hire Abby? I know she gets offers from scientific firms and other agencies...although I guess it makes sense that a Law Firm would want to have an in-house forensic expert to challenge the prosecution... “You tried to hire her away from NCIS?”

“Blame my boss.” Lilah said, holding up a hand as if defensively “I was given the assignment, I did my best. Fortunately, they'd already reduced headcount that week, so I got to live through my failure. But I don't work for Wolfram and Hart anymore, so its a moot point anyway.”

“Then why are you here?” Abby demanded.

“She's here to take over our case. Lance Corporal Montroy – apparently, he somehow falls under the jurisdiction of the IWC.”

“The what? How can some agency I've never heard of come in and just take our case!?”

“If you haven't heard of us, you aren't cleared to know what we do.” Lilah replied, smirking. “And no, I'm not here to 'take' your case. As my partner and I explained to Agency Gibbs upstairs, the IWC is experiencing some...personnel issues-”

“Your headquarters blew up a few months ago and your members kept turning up dead.” Ziva said from the doorway. “You have powerful enemies.”

“Like I said, personnel issues.” Lilah replied. Then she dropped her smirk. “As to our enemies: You have no idea. They make your half-brother look like an amateur chump by comparison.” Her smirk came back as she saw the slight taken aback expression on Ziva's face as she mentioned Ari. “Like Wesley told Agent Gibbs, we're the IWC. We know everthing.” She turned back to Abby. “Look, as I was trying to say before Officer David interrupted me, the IWC is short staffed, and so we're going to be working with your team on this case, rather than just taking it over wholesale. Its our case, yes, but as long as you make sure to follow our lead, everything will be fine.”

Then, “Anyway, now that that is out of the way, let's get to what you've found out about the body. What's the forensic evidence you have?” Abbey glared at her for another moment. “Yes, I know, you can kill me without leaving any forensic evidence.”

For some reason, Lilah's deadpan delivery of Abbey's patented threat actually seemed to perk the goth back up. “Good. So long as we're clear on that.” She started to go into the details on the evidence. “I ran our victim's blood, and while it had alcohol in it, he definitely could have drived and wasn't incapacitated beyond maybe the slightest bit tipsy, depending on how well he could hold his liquor. A couple of drinks, at most. I'm running the fingerprints we pulled off of his arm right now-”

She was interrupted by a 'ding' from the fingerprint matching program. Abby bounded the two steps over to it. “The fingerprints belong to Albert Thornton. PFC in Montroy's unit. Went MIA, presume AWOL in Iraq seven months ago, while they were based near Kirkuk.”

“And apparently back in the states.” Ziva said. “Were it not for the carvings in Lance Corporal Montroy's forehead, the obvious conclusion would be that Montroy saw Thornton, and Thornton didn't want the marines to know where he was.”

“Ancient Assyria was what is now Northern Iraq.” Lilah pointed out. “Its entirely possible the two are linked. Or it could be a co-incidence that this Thornton and your marine were in contact the fact he died. What about the carvings in his head? Where they done before or after he died?”

“After his death.” Abby said. “Not enough blood. Most of it came out when he got his throat torn out.”

“From what I saw of the crime scene photos, had to be a body dump, unless I missed one?”

“Well, there wasn't any blood around the body at the scene, but it was an odd place to dump a body.”

McGee's phone rang, and he picked it up, then, quick conversation later, “Bolo came out on Lance Corporal Montroy's car.” He explained, hanging up. He gave them the address.

“Anything else, then?” Lilah asked Abbey, “Or are we good to get the victim's car?”

Abbey shook her head. “Not really. There's something weird on what's left of Montroy's neck that I'm running, but I don't have anything on it. Came up as weird in the blood. But Major Mass Spec has decided that he's not going to cooperate. A mutiny which cannot be tolerated."
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