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The many faces of Buffy: Drusilla

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This story is No. 5 in the series "The many faces of Buffy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to The many faces of Buffy: Elements - Spike brings a new version of Dru to the magic store and things grow bizarre from there. Minor crossover with D&D and "Dinosaur Planet".

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Games > Dungeons and DragonsDmitriFR732,212011,03029 Sep 1229 Sep 12Yes

The many faces of Buffy: Dru (part 1)

Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, but belong to their respective owners.

Note: this is the latest story in a series. Previous stories should be read for a better understanding.

As Spike walked through Sunnydale’s streets (the sun has set, so there was no problem of him suddenly inflaming), he noticed very visible changes in the town, and he was pretty sure that he did not like them. The giant microbes were still everywhere, hiding in the shadows and similarly dark places, but now they had company – the plants, whose roots have infiltrated the metal sewers so finely were on the surface as well. Here, they looked like vines of some sort, vaguely like the crawling kudzu in their overall shape, but with a metallic shine all over them, and especially in their grape-like berries.

“Orevine,” “Drusilla v.2” said flatly. “It feeds on metals – especially ferrous metals, like iron-“

“Got plenty of it here,” Spike said, equally flatly, “even underground... What I am wondering at, though, is what those giant microbes are eating – clearly not the vine.”

“The glossy black fungus is called darkshine, and the chalky one are the stoneshrooms,” Dru shrugged. “They come from the same world as the orevine did.”

“And so did you?” Spike asked, half-enquiring.

“Not exactly,” his interlocutrix hesitated. “Let’s just say I know of that world – no, not world. Dimension, rather.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Since other than your color and your race you haven’t changed one bit... let us just say none and get a move-on.”

“I can say the same thing about you,” Spike said grimly, but complied. The giant microbes were mutating as they continued to feed on the strange fungi, and he figured that Buffy (and Dawn – Spike was not sure about the others) should know about it. “Let’s move on.”

“Gladly,” Dru said curtly, and the chiaroscuro pair left.

A trio of bird-like dinosaurs that previously had been rooting through a trashcan for sustenance chirped a discussion between them and followed.

* * *

“So, let me get this straight,” “Buffy v.2” said thoughtfully. “There are at least two occurrences of plants from another world that have arrived to Sunnydale through the rifts, and now there’s an entire African lake as well?”

“Yup, and it’s legally ours,” Veruca said brightly.

“Aha, and Anya is just as excited about her blossoms.”

“Yup! We’re going to make a fortune!” the ex-demoness replied just as brightly as Veruca had.

Buffy’s eyes narrowed further from thought. “I don’t know about that – I’m thinking that the best is the enemy of the good and all that-“

“What do you mean?” Anya exclaimed in a huff.

“I’m not sure,” Buffy confessed. “This is Watcher, not Slayer, stuff-“

“Sunnydale is being overrun by strange plants, fungi and the giant microbes from your world,” Spike interrupted the disguised Slayer. “Oh, and this version of Dru here is with me and is ready to cut a deal – what’s with the whelp?”

“Spike,” Buffy said, sounding genuinely pleased. “Glad to hear from you. Is your companion supposed to be important?”

“I have lived for centuries, Slayer, I am!” “Dru v.2” hissed, her eyes flashing red rather than yellow and her fangs more delicate than of the ‘local’ vampires, but otherwise the overall picture was pretty much the same as here. “You’ve got lichbriar on the Hellmouth; you cannot afford to be arrogant!”

Buffy straightened up, and everybody was reminded that this version of the Vampire Slayer was a strange dragon disguised as a young human woman rather than anything else.

“I can sense that you’ve got blood of dragons in your own veins, so I’m letting your arrogance slide,” Buffy said, her voice deceptively mild, “but tone it down, or I will decapitate you.”

“I do not! ...And don’t you mean stake me?” the vampiress hissed, taken aback.

“I know what I mean – Spike, are they with you as well?”

A trio of creatures that might have been bird-like dinosaurs and might have been oversized wingless birds burst through the door, shrieking in terror and vanished in the depths of the store.

Well, relatively vanished – the magic store was not that big, especially now that the djinn blossoms have taken over a part of it – so the feathered and quivering tail of one of the newcomers was still seen from behind a bookshelf.

“Never seen them before in my life,” Spike said honestly. “Dru?”

“Not from my world either. Slayer?”

Before Buffy could answer, the door to the store opened wide, and a much-bigger carnivorous dinosaur looked inside.
Well, relatively bigger. It was no taller than a man, though much longer and massive, and though its forelimbs were tiny, the robust suitcase-like head, full of sharp teeth, more than compensated for their shortcomings.

The dinosaur snarled, indicating that it was hungry and it was going to feed – and paused, as it smelled the fragrance of the djinn blossoms.

“Aw!” Buffy exclaimed. “It looks cute!”

The next moment the dinosaur sneezed, emitting thick yellow snot all over the front of the store and withdrew from the building, audibly stomping away from it.

“So,” Dawn decided to feel the silence left by the dinosaur’s departure, “Anya. Do you think that dino snot is also valuable as a merchandize?”

“I don’t know,” Anya shrugged. “Get a vial and let’s collect it!”

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