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31 Costumes

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Summary: 31 different Halloween Costumes. 31 Ficlets. 31 views into a madhouse where consequences snowball.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: Halloween(Current Donor)ShaithanFR18714,03301910,2601 Oct 1216 Oct 12No

October 2nd

31 Costumes

A Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Mega crossover

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy do. I also don’t own Ah! My Goddess, which is owned by Kosuke Fujishima and Kodansha.

Author’s Notes: 31 YAHF ficlets, with different characters having different costumes. Will range from slightly uncommon to total outlandish.


Chapter 2: October 2nd “Discordia”


Harmony Kendall was usually the target of jokes among those she considered her peers. No one cared about the opinions of the low masses. How had it once been said so nicely? “It’s better to be the lowest Patrician than the highest Plebeian.” In her eyes, Status mattered and as long as she was counted among the “patricians”, the influential, wealthy and cool group, so to speak, she was willing to take the abuse.

This Halloween she would go as the Daimakaicho. At least that’s what the friendly Englishman had called the costume. She had liked the costume and the little text about her. Daimakaicho Hild, Queen of Niflheimr.

What Harmony didn’t know and Ethan Rayne had conveniently forgotten to tell was that Hild was very far from a nice Queen.

In the evening the Spell hit and Harmony Kendall was shoved aside. Daimakaicho Hild took over and the Queen of Hell and all Demons was mightily surprised. She wasn’t in Japan. Nor was she in her Reality any more. She quickly tried to draw on her powers and almost went mad with power. There was no Yggdrasil and no Nidhöggr System here. Her power had therefore latched on the nearest, biggest source of Power, a real Hellmouth. Queen Hild smiled. “Let’s bring some Chaos! No meddling from other powers, I think, I’ll like it here.” she said and laughed. Then she flared her complete might and every Demon, Monster and spiritually aware creature in a 50 Mile radius fainted from sheer terror. There was a new Predator around. And this predator preyed on everyone and everything.

Taking in her Body, Hild realized that she inhabited the body of a currently really scared girl.

“Child.” she said in a motherly tone and smiled at the form of Harmony. “I see your desires. I see your future. I see what can and what will be. You have 2 options now. Either, I’ll leave your body when the spell ends, the Chaos Magic would mostly ensure that you can become a very powerful witch and it would make sure that you can’t fall prey to another demon. Or you accept my offer. I’ll leave you with all my knowledge and ensure that you’ll have the same power as me. You’d become the Daimakaicho of this world. Powerful enough to warp reality to your will. And no one will be able to stop you. You’d have to make sure that every demon on Earth behaved, though. We can’t have the plebeian masses run around without someone to guide and control them.” she offered pleasantly. Conveniently leaving some things out.

Harmony, having caught some glimpses into the mind of the Queen of Niflheimr, was skeptical. “What’s the catch?” she finally asked.

Hild smiled. It seemed like the child could learn. “Very good question!” she said happily. “You’ll have to help the Vampire Slayer with her duties and you’ll have to grant wishes. Don’t worry about the wishes just now. There is a handbook for them. And, as a boon, I’ll leave a mini me behind. An advisor and trainer.” she offered, enticing Harmony with untold Power.

Harmony couldn’t resist any more. The power of the Daimakaicho would be hers. Unrivalled might. And, considering that Hild was extremely well endowed, the chance to overshadow Cordelia in the chest department by orders of magnitude. “Teach me, Lady Daimakaicho! I want to take your offer!” she said eagerly.

“Very well! It is a deal, Daimakaicho Harmony!” Hild replied. “I’ll leave an avatar of myself here, to guide and teach you. You shouldn’t have many problems here. Unless a fully empowered god comes here, there is nothing that can stand up to the unrestrained power of the Daimakaicho!” she told her heiress.

Hild began coaching Harmony on many things, Outfits, body modification and flight being the first things. She also taught her how to flare her power to subdue demons and the like. It would be rather handy on the Hellmouth. Also, as they weren’t under Harmony’s employ, torturing them for fun was okay and encouraged.

Some hours later the spell ended naturally. The repeated flares of Infernal Power had scared any monster into submission and made them hide. Magic folk had suffered extreme headaches and blackouts, as the power they felt was too alien for them to feel it without repercussions. Harmony floated above the town. “Long live I, Daimakaicho Harmony!” she finally shouted to the heavens.


The End


A.N.: Yep, Harmony got a Power-up. She just went from bottom of the food chain way over the top. And yes, she is bad news. If she wanted, she could destroy the earth. Hell, she is right now unlimited in her power, a simple glare from her will make any vampire faint with a headache. Anything with more intent will result in a very gruesome death. In a sorting algorithm it would look like this: Bad news – Worse news – Hell opened – Zombie Apocalypse – Happy Harmony – Angry Harmony.




On November 1st, in the evening, the Scoobies gathered to discuss Halloween. They all had felt the effects of the spell, had lingering after-effects and they all had felt the truly unnatural power. Hell, even Cordelia was there, she had witnessed it and was one of the few who hadn’t fainted over and over. Even Angel was there. He was concerned about yesterday, the thing he had felt, had reminded him of a demon. Unfortunately one that was infinitely more powerful than any other demon he had ever felt before.

Suddenly the whole group felt sick. It felt as if reality itself was warping and tried to vomit what mistreated it. A small magic circle appeared on the library floor. And Giles paled. The sigils and runes pointed out that this being was extremely powerful. In fact, too powerful to contain it properly. A floating figure appeared. Long, silvery blond hair flowed down behind her. Black leather hugged a tanned and very well endowed body. The girls were looking at the face of the creature. It was a true, demonic beauty. A big, red star was on her forehead and her eyes glowed red, too.

The boys had a bit trouble focusing on the face, as the cleavage on display outranked any female in the town.

Cordelia was the first to recognize the figure. “Harmony?” she finally managed to ask.

“Daimakaicho Harmony. Ruler of Niflheimr and Queen of all Demons.” Harmony stated imperiously. “Remember it well. I came to tell you the following. I’ll be helping your pitiful little band to fight all evil that isn’t under my dominion. In return you let me grant wishes that fall into my dominion. There won’t be any involvement of World Domination or such things as this would upset the game, though.” she continued.

Buffy and the others looked at the still floating girl. “Okay, okay, okay. Wait a moment.” Buffy finally managed to get out. “You want to help us? Why? You’re the Demon Queen, or at least you claim so. And you want to make us believe that you’ll help us?” she wanted to know.

Harmony smirked. “Why, yes.” she said, lounging lazily in the air. “All these demons here are invading in what I consider my realm. They’ll have learn that I don’t tolerate such things. This all belongs to me.” she stated.

The gang looked at the girl and they all wondered the same thing. Could it be that they exchanged a manageable evil like Vampires and Demons for something beyond their control. And if yes, how willing was Harmony to let them live in relative peace.

As the newly minted Daimakaicho vanished, taking Angel with her, Giles looked at the assembled crew. “We can only hope that she isn’t too evil.” he slowly said.

The others agreed, only Buffy was already annoyed. Harmony had abducted her on/off boyfriend after all.

Suddenly she came back, Angel floating beside her. “I had to grant him his wish.” she explained and let Angel fall to the floor.

Buffy looked at the sickly vampire. “What happened?” she wanted to know.

Harmony smirked. “He wished to be mortal again. Well, he is. He is also dying, 200+ years are catching up with him now.” she said laughing. Then she turned to Angel. “Say your piece, you have 5 minutes left before I claim your soul and your demon’s soul.” she stated impatiently.

Xander and the others went a bit into the back of the library to give Buffy some privacy. And Xander voiced their thoughts. “Damn, I don’t like Angel, but that’s absolutely cruel.”

“I know.” a new voice said.

Everyone looked at the small, floating child with white hair and red facial markings, resembling those of Harmony.

“She’s new in the business, but she already understands demonic wishes so well. I think I picked a good heiress for this world. I'm really proud of her.” the child added.

More blank stares were her reward.

“I’m an avatar of the original Daimakaicho. The spell weaved here allowed me to create a second Daimakaicho with your Harmony as the new Daimakaicho.” the child explained. “I’m training her to become uncontested ruler or all demons. And for that she needs to kill any demon unwilling to submit to her.” the avatar explained happily. “And she also needs to learn how to grant demonic wishes, namely by screwing the one getting the wish over.” came a further, cheerful explanation.

“You’re evil.” Xander finally deadpanned.

“Of course we are, cutie. It’s the Demonic Queen of Niflheimr in training over there, after all.” the childlike avatar said and smirked malevolently.

A cheerful “Be careful what you wish for!” sounded through the library and then Mini-Hild and Harmony were gone.


Omake End


Well, Harmony certainly likes her new position. If she ever trades blows with Glory, it will most likely end in a draw to avoid mutual destruction. Unless she unleashes her full power. That might destroy the earth, though.

The third costume will follow soon.
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