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31 Costumes

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Summary: 31 different Halloween Costumes. 31 Ficlets. 31 views into a madhouse where consequences snowball.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: Halloween(Current Donor)ShaithanFR18714,03301910,2601 Oct 1216 Oct 12No

October 3rd

31 Costumes

A Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Mega crossover

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy do. I also don’t own Sailor Moon. It's property of Naoko Takeuchi.

Author’s Notes: 31 YAHF ficlets, with different characters having different costumes. Will range from slightly uncommon to total outlandish.


Chapter 3: October 3rd “One little detail”


In Sunnydale it was Halloween. People were milling about in costumes and enjoying the evening. There should be nothing that would disturb the fun. Unfortunately, a servant of Chaos decided to mess with the Night.

His spell ran wild over the town. Every person that had bought a costume accessory from him was changed into the corresponding costume. The spell also corrected misconceptions about some costumes.

Haruka Tenoh was confused. She was the Kami knew where, all around her there were little monsters and demons and it was generally a place full of Mayhem. “I need to get away from here, fast.” she decided.

She ran into an alley and looked around. No one should see her now. “Uranus Planet Power, make up!” she shouted and transformed into Sailor Uranus. Taking to the rooftops, she surveyed the small town. “Definitely not Japan. Otherwise I'd be seeing Usagi already. Most likely I'm in the USA. Now there remains only one question. How the hell did I end up here?”

It was then that she heard a truly desperate scream for help. “Oh, damn it. I can't simply watch this.” she finally said and jumped down. She kicked some ape-like monster that assaulted a young woman in a cat dress. She unleashed her signature attack with a cry of “World Shaking!” The vortex of magical Energy obliterated the monster.

“Thank you!” the girl in the Cat Suit said.

Haruka eyed the girl overtly.

“See anything you like?” the cat suited girl asked.

Haruka couldn't stop a lecherous grin. “Yes, there are some nice sights to behold.” she admitted.

Suddenly another girl came into view and Haruka had to really reign herself in to stop a whistle.

“Cordelia, I'm so glad I found you! Please come with me Buffy collapsed I'm a ghost and everyone is going nuts I need to find more help who are you please help Buffy she doesn't know herself at the moment some kind of Amnesia” Willow began.

Cordelia and Haruka had the same reaction. “Easy there, one thing after another, okay? And remember, breathing is important. Unless you're a ghost, then it's a moot point.” Cordelia said.

Willow tried to start another waterfall but Cordelia intervened before Willow could even start. “Where is Buffy?” she wanted to know.

Willow pointed down the street, where Buffy laid in her costume. A little demon cautiously approached the prone form.

“World Shaking!”

Willow looked on in Horror as the attack killed the little demon. “Please just scare them!” she begged the girl in the Sailor Fuku. “Most of them are kids and teens who turned into their costumes!” she said, almost hyperventilating. Which could be considered quite the achievement for a ghost that couldn't even breathe.

Haruka nodded. Possession it was then. Really, where was Usagi when you needed her? She was good with possessions. Haruka's specialty was dispatching enemies.

Haruka picked the unconscious noblewoman up. “Where to?” she asked the ghost.

Willow was lost shortly, before she remembered her initial plans. “To Buffy's house, it's near.” she commanded.

They holed up in Buffy's house. Haruka dispatched the Vampires that tried to invade and the monsters were scared away. Cordelia kept Buffy company and made sure she didn't get away. The frightful noblewoman annoyed her, but it was better they kept her somewhere under lock than risking her running off.

Willow had went and alerted Giles to the happenings. Giles in turn had taken care of Ethan and ended the spell and it seemed like everything had returned to normal.

On November 1st everything seemed normal. Xander Harris woke up and yawned. Yesterday had been a really strange day. He had dressed as some stage musician. Haruka or something, he didn't really remember. Sure, he had some memories now. He could play Piano now, or at least he remembered many lessons. He also remembered Forumla 1 racing.

He got up and went to the bathroom. It made no sense to stay in bed. He might have to find out what else he had retained. And if the others had retained anything.

His eyes fell on the Henshin Rod on his nightstand, but he didn't give it much thought.

One of the first glances he took was into the bathroom mirror. A cute, definitely female face looked back at him. “Not good! Definitely not good.” she muttered. Really, was the universe that badly after her continued unhappiness? “Guess I'll have to cross-dress.” she added and went about the usual morning business. Thank God she remembered some of Haruka's cross-dressing tricks. She really didn't want to be discovered as a female right about now. Giles should know how to reverse this.


The End


A.N.: Poor Xander. The first law of Genderbending clearly states that "Once a girl has been created, circumstances will conspire to keep her a girl." Welcome to the other half of the population, buddy.




Xander had slowly settled into her new life. Cross-dressing made the masquerade easier, Haruka's experience in fighting helped her with helping out Buffy. Of course, her Magical Girl Form was miles ahead of Buffy in terms of fighting ability and raw power. Much to Giles relief, this way he could have 2 super-powered people sparring with each other. Which helped them both.

Willow had immersed herself in her magical studies and was on her way to become a very powerful witch.

Unfortunately Xander had also taken over some of Haruka's worse habits. She preferred shooting first now, had few problems with killing enemies now, as Angelus and Spike had found out first hand. Two “World Shaking” had torn the old vampires apart. And she was prone to speeding.

Arguably, at least from Buffy's and Willow's point of view, the worst was Xander's womanizing. Xander had chased more than one skirt, Haruka had regularly flirted with girls, the combination led to Xander becoming the biggest womanizer in school. Much to the ire of some of the jocks, Xander loved to hit on their girlfriends and then, when the boyfriends protested, she beat them up in 'self-defense'. No one could prove otherwise, but everyone was pretty sure that Xander executed petty and excessive revenge. Willow and Buffy often tried to talk Xander out of this habit, but she refused. It was quite the surprise that Cordelia took Xander's side, she loved how he shook up the school. Xander now being female merely added to the enjoyment of the chaos she felt.




Well, Xander and Haruka mixing was definitely a match made in hell. A Sailor Uranus that can cut loose without restriction? Bad news for the Demons.

Watch out for the next costume.
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