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31 Costumes

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Summary: 31 different Halloween Costumes. 31 Ficlets. 31 views into a madhouse where consequences snowball.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: Halloween(Current Donor)ShaithanFR18714,03301910,2531 Oct 1216 Oct 12No

October 5th

31 Costumes

A Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Mega crossover

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy do. I also don’t own Ranma ½. It belongs to Rumiko Takahashi.

Author’s Notes: 31 YAHF ficlets, with different characters having different costumes. Will range from slightly uncommon to total outlandish.


Chapter 5: October 5th “For the love of Money”


Nabiki Tendo looked around herself. This place was strange. Monsters, demons, pirates, mobsters, everything ran around here. It was weird by Nerima's standard. She carefully navigated the place, she didn't want to attract any undue attention. Some of these monsters looked downright deadly. She soon found a spot for herself. A marine was shooting and scaring the monsters and protecting some kind of princess. Oh well, the guy had a weapon, so she would stick to him for now.

After a while the trio retreated to a house, after they had picked up a girl in a catsuit and a young man had pointed them to a suitable place. He seemed to know them, which was strange. Nabiki didn't forget a customer's face and she would swear on Ranma's liife that she had never seen the guy. She would even take a dare involving Akane's cooking and swear that she honestly had no clue where she was.

オーケー。どこまで話しましたか?ここでは誰も私を理解していますか? Nabiki said.

Silence was her answer. 'Great. Hopefully Ninomiya-sensei's English lesson were worth something.' she thought rather annoyed. “Where am I?” she slowly articulated. She'd better make sure that they understood her.

“You're in Sunnydale, California.” the girl in the Cat Suit said. Deliberately speaking more clearly. Not to belittle her, but to make sure that they didn't have to go over things several times. An attitude Nabiki liked in her business partners.

“Not good. Usually they abduct my sister. Whoever did this will make me very rich.” she said, smiling cruelly. She wouldn't even pretend that she was nice around these people. She was the Ice Queen of Furinkan and she would show whoever had abducted her why it was a really bad idea to mess with her. Akane and Ranma might beat such a fool up. She would utterly destroy his life and make sure that his grandchildren were drowning in debts.

Cordelia was rather baffled by the callous attitude which this Japanese girl displayed towards abductions. And the comment about getting rich. It intrigued her. “How would they make you rich?” she wanted to know.

Nabiki smirked. It seemed like there was someone who also appreciated money here. “First I find out who did it. Then I find any blackmail material on them. Then I hire some muscle to dissuade refusing my generous offers. Then I extort all their money out of them.” she explained to the other girl.

Cordelia was baffled. This was no mere money grubbing girl. She was downright ruthless in her actions. But the main problem still remained. They needed to find out what had happened here. She sighed. “It seems like either mass amnesia and hallucinations or magic was woven here.”

Nabiki had seen a comic on the table and had only one word to offer. “Magic.”

Cordelia wanted to ask when the Japanese girl held the open Comic book in front of her face. There was someone who looked remarkably similar to the girl next to her. Nabiki Tendo.

The Queen of Sunndale High sighed. “Okay. What do you think was the trigger?” she wanted to know from Nabiki.

Nabiki shrugged. “We need some clues.” she replied. “Maybe in the rooms?” she added.

Cordelia nodded. She and Nabiki went to Buffy's room and found a discarded bag from Ethan's costume shop on Buffy's bed.

“I guess that's our clue. You said you went to Party Town. Our Noble Lady went to Ethan's and became a useless princess. I guess the Soldier and I went to the same shop.” Nabiki concluded. Living in Nerima taught you to jump to the right conclusions, however outlandish they might seem.

Cordelia nodded. “We're going to liberate a car and take a look at Ethan's We have a Vampire and a Marine with us, we should be rather safe.” she decided.

Nabiki nodded.

The two girls went down and described their findings to Angel and the Marine. Both reluctantly agreed.

20 Minutes later they were at Ethan's store. They had locked Buffy in the car, currently she was rather useless and a danger to herself.

The 4 went in and were greeted by a rather surprised Ethan. “I had expected Ripper.” he finally admitted.

Angel growled “Show us how to undo the spell!” and showed his game face to intimidate the shop keeper.

Ethan laughed. “You can't kill me. Then you won't find out how to undo my little spell.” he taunted.

Nabiki laughed, too. “Private!” she barked.

Xander stood at attention.

“Shoot his legs.” she simply ordered.

Xander readied his gun.

Ethan, who was above all a coward, decided that this round was lost. “There is a bust of Janus in the back room. Break it and the Spell fades.” he squeaked out.

Nabiki smiled malevolently. “Good. And don't run. We might have use for you later on.” she threatened the Englishman.

Cordelia went to the backroom and destroyed the statue, ending the spell.

Angel held Ethan, to make sure the man didn't try to escape.

Cordelia ordered Ethan to stay in the vicinity, if he didn't, the consequences would be unpleasant. Then the 4 left the shop, freed Buffy from the stolen car and went home. On Willow's doorstep Cordelia looked at the redhead. She didn't seem as timid as before. Maybe there was hope for her. And maybe this Halloween would have a lasting effect.

“You were a great help, Rosenberg.” Cordelia finally admitted.

どうもありがとうございます。 Willow replied without thinking. Then she corrected herself. “Thank you, Cordelia.” she managed to get out.

Cordelia left Willow on her doorstep and gave her a jaunty wave before leaving into the night.


The End


A.N.: Hope you enjoyed that one. The Japanese lines were used deliberately, the first means: “Okay. Where am I? Do you understand me?” the second means “Thank you very much.” At least if you can trust the Google translator.




Buffy looked exasperated at Willow. “Honestly, Willow. Was that really needed?” she wanted to know.

Willow gave Buffy a slight smirk. “What exactly?” she wanted to know.

Buffy growled. “Everything. Halloween has changed you! And not for the better! You're blackmailing people for money! You sell risky photos of Xander, you sell information to anyone who can afford it and you've become the second Queen on our school. One Beauty Queen and one Ice Queen! I don't mind that Cordelia is nicer to us now, but you're no longer the Willow I befriended.” she finally said.

Willow wanted to say something but Buffy interrupted her. “Look, I don't mind that you sell the boys and the girls 'photos' and 'comics'. I also don't mind you selling information to anyone interested. But do you really have to be so calculating around Xander and me? We're your friends. We won't push you away just because you're the Star Pupil and most likely the Capo di tutti Capi of our School.” she ranted.

After a deep breath she continued. “And how's your dating life? Does your Queen keep you happy?” Buffy finally wanted to know.

Willow went white. “But, how, who, what, I don't know what you're talking about we're just business partners nothing more it's not like we try to sneak away as often as possible to get some cuddling time in and I'm talking too much oh ...” she abruptly ended her babbling.

Buffy smiled. “That's my Willow. The easily flustered girl that can tell whole novels without breathing. And honestly, everyone can see it. You've thrown Harmony off her place as #2 in the school in mere weeks and you and Cordelia have so many meetings to plan new ways to extort pupils for money that it wasn't mere planning any more, there was more. Hell, I heard how Larry of all people defended you when one of the Football team members badmouthed you.” she told her friend.

Willow smirked. “20 Dollars and I'll tell you why he did it.” she said.

At Buffy's outraged look she relented. “Look, it's neither blackmailing or any such thing, he does it on his own volition. After all, he's gay. And he's the biggest buyer of Xander photos. Don't tell Xander, though. He's paranoid enough around us already.”

Buffy was lost. “Why that? Can't he deal with something?” she wanted to know.

Willow shrugged. “It might be the 25 marriages we had his father arrange or the convoluted plans to get more love interests for him here. Really, he acts as if we turned his life into a Harem story merely for our own personal amusement.” she said dismissively.

Buffy shook her head. This was something she would have to learn to live with. Willow had become a mischievous minx. Oh well, people changed.

“My life is not a Harem Comedy! I won't marry any of these girls! So stop betting on the outcomes!” Xander shouted from the hallway near the library.

Xander stormed into the library and pouted. “Buffy, please tell them to stop betting on my love life. There are currently about 50 pairings these guys consider possible. Hell, the Harem end is favored!” Then he looked at Willow. “Willow Rosenberg, you made my life hell!” he deadpanned.

“But the pay is good.” Willow gave back.

Xander nodded. “Still. Take care of this Harem. Otherwise I'm running off to join the Catholic Church.” he said and smirked at his best friends. “And find out why Harmony stalks me.”


Omake End


A.N.: I admit that I had way too much fun coming up with some of these lines.
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