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31 Costumes

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Summary: 31 different Halloween Costumes. 31 Ficlets. 31 views into a madhouse where consequences snowball.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: Halloween(Current Donor)ShaithanFR18714,03301910,2531 Oct 1216 Oct 12No

October 6th

31 Costumes

A Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Mega crossover

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy do. I also don’t own Warhammer 40.000. It belongs to Games Workshop. I have no idea who holds the rights to Malal, but I sure as Hell don't.

Author’s Notes: 31 YAHF ficlets, with different characters having different costumes. Will range from slightly uncommon to total outlandish.


Chapter 6: October 6th “A Wish fulfilled”


Ethan had started his spell. He was looking forward to creating chaos in this little town to annoy Ripper. Maybe even to shake up the Powers That Be. Those were way to self-righteous, trying to steer the world into a stagnating balance. They needed to be reminded why they once feared Chaos.

Unfortunately Chaos Spells are also prone to read the intent and they may either go by the work or go by the intent. In this case, they went by intent and decided to create Chaos.

Reality screamed as the forces of Primordial Chaos ripped at the very foundation of this particular universe, opened a portal into a dimension of terror that would make hell seem like a place to take the kids to and then it established a gate in the statue of the Chaos God.

A first set of powers shot out of the bust. Rage, blood-lust and hate tore into the night of Sunnydale, searching for a host. Ethan wanted to kill someone, brutally, upon feeling these powers.

They were followed by a hunger for everyone and everything. Perfection, Pleasure, Pain, it didn't matter. Ethan suddenly wished for Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll.

Third was Death, decay disease and the inevitable rot of everything. Ethan almost became sick just feeling the powers.

The fourth set gave off a feeling of hope and knowing. And the underlying desire to manipulate everything to ones own wishes. Ethan felt that he should cackle “Just as planned!” right now.

When the power left the shop, Ethan realized the horror of what had happened.

“Ignosce mihi, Domine. Periculo nimis magnum est. Impactus esset exitiabilis.” he said and pleaded for forgiveness from his god.

Then he smashed the statue.

Only 4 of the 6 Powers of Chaos had managed to make the transition before Ethan smashed the statue. Those felt their gate weakening.

Within seconds they found acceptable hosts in the town.

The first to be corrupted was Willow Rosenberg. The essence of Change, chaos itself anchored itself to her soul, gave her knowledge and a desire to establish herself as the new Goddess of Change in this reality. She knew the big game now and she desired to play it, to enjoy the magic. And with her powers and the Hellmouth, she wanted to play with other realities. “Everything will change!” she said happily.

The second corruption happened within Buffy Summers. Fighting and slaying Vampires, demons and the like made her open for corruption from the Spirit of Bloodshed and War itself. Rage coursed through her soul. She would rise above being the Slayer; she would become the Goddess of War!

Cordelia Chase was next. Her desires for perfectionism and pleasure were amplified. She smiled. She would be the Queen. Everyone should bow to their new Goddess, in hopes of being rewarded by her with pleasure beyond measure. “All the pleasure in this World, experience it and worship me!” she said, smiling cruelly. They would take her pleasure or learn to enjoy the pain she could give.

Xander Harris knew Despair. He knew Death. He wanted to keep it away from his friends and in darker moments he had wished it upon his enemies. He knew Endurance. He had wished to help his friends in many regards. The spirit of Death, Disease, Despair and Decay took possession of him, giving him the power he had sometimes wished to wield.

The Gate to the Realm of Primordial Chaos was closing quickly. The last two spirits went through it, hoping to find a suitable host before the gate closed. They knew that the others had found hosts. All 6 of them didn't have the time to turn them into Avatars to recreate themselves in that Realm and once the gate closed they wouldn't be able to do so, but right now the newly minted Chaos Emissaries needed the last 2 to be kept in check, to stop them from ruining their reality. Some shaking up was fine, but destroying it mustn't happen. With time all 6 should become Chaos Gods in their own rights, maybe even able to tap into the power of Primordial Chaos.

The spirit of Justice, Revenge and dreadful Harmony, an unforgiving law, latched onto a girl named Harmony. The irony wasn't lost on the spirit. She would become a beacon of Destruction, Self-destruction, Vengeance and Justice as well as Anarchy.

The final spirit had to travel farther. It represented Faith, Belief, Tolerance, Understanding and Joy as well as Ruthlessness, Order, Zeal, Intolerance and Might. If the Spirit had known about the things going on near the 5th spirit of Chaos, it would have laughed long and loudly. Its Emissary was a girl called Faith.

Ethan had felt the creation of the Emissaries. He knew about the power they could acquire. One way or another, Humans were even now feeding those Emissaries power. Especially the Slayer grew quickly in strength. Every violent act on the planet made her stronger. But the others were also gaining quickly. Zealotry, faith, beliefs, planning, betrayal, scheming, diseases, death, decay, drug abuse, love, rape, torture, enjoying arts, mastering arts, dispensing justice, being a vigilante, bringing order, spreading anarchy, all these and many more things strengthened these abominations. There was almost nothing that didn’t strengthen these creatures born from Chaos and fed by human emotion and action.

“What have I done?” he simply asked. He decided to live the rest of his life as an ascetic monk and search for Nirvana. His only chance to escape those godlings.


The End


A.N.: Well, Ethan got exactly what he asked for. Chaos. Unfortunately for him it was way more than he could ever hope to handle. You could say he learned the lesson he wished to impress upon the others.

Well, let's take a look at possible effects.




The future Gods had found into their roles quickly.

Xander had sensed the Tumor in Ford, Willow had brutally ripped his plans and knowledge from his brain and Buffy had killed him for trying to betray her.

The Order of Teraka had found out the hard way that a Goddesses of War outranked Assassins so far that it wasn’t funny for them. It didn’t help that Xander had infected their bug-demon assassin with enough diseases to wipe out Mexico City within hours.

Spike and Angelus were really miserable now. Angel’s moment of true Happiness with Buffy had been a decoy, created by her and Willow. The new Buffy had no use for the suffering soul of Angel. The bloodthirsty Angelus on the other hand was greatly appreciated. So she had collared them both and gave them 2 options. Either they became her toys or she’d give them to Cordelia. Considering what Cordelia routinely did to her demonic toys, the 2 Vampires quickly accepted Buffy as their mistress. A Blood Knight like her was a way better option than Cordelia. Hell, submitting to Xander was a better option. At least he wouldn’t destroy their senses until all feeling was drained from them and only death could let them feel one last time.

Willow had watched the futures she could have had or might have and had determined that she needed a second seer. Drusilla was conscripted and strangely happy to oblige. The fact that Willow understood Cloud Cuckoo Land speech now certainly helped. She had pinpointed a person that could help her with anchoring her to the human world, a girl named Tara Maclay. She had begun seeking her out, bonding over the common interest in Witchcraft.

Xander himself had fallen for the Vengeance Demon Anya of all people. Everyone was rather perplexed by this, especially when Anya mentioned that Endurance was also among Xander’s powers. They really didn’t need to know what a God of Disease could do. There were things even Gods weren’t meant to know. Why the hell Kendra followed Xander like a lost puppy was also better left to anyone’s guesses.

Cordelia had enslaved many cheerleaders and sports teams. They had looked into her eyes and lost all free will, ensnared by the cruel Queen of Sunnydale High.

Faith and Harmony were often seen together, no one really knew if they were dating someone else or each other.

The Mayor of Sunnydale received a horrible surprise on Graduation day. First Buffy destroyed the army of Monsters he had brought in a gory display that would haunt many witnesses for the rest of their lives. Then he had started the ritual and Xander had infected his body with thousands of painful diseases. Willow executed an extremely cruel mind rape on him and almost destroyed his mind, before restoring it so Cordelia could torture his body beyond its capability to feel anything. Harmony, Buffy and Faith destroying him could almost be considered a relief as Xander, Cordelia and Willow had wanted to torture him for the next eon or so.

When the Initiative arrived in Sunnydale, they were brutally wiped out within days of appearing. A clear message was sent to the ones who had started it: “Do this again and we’ll unleash untold horrors on you!” The program was scrapped quickly. The deaths of the operatives had been nightmarish beyond belief. Some had survived, to tell the tale. Some had been captured, if the survivors were to be believed, a fate far, far worse than death awaited them. Eternal disease, the loss of all senses, getting ripped apart for fun, driven to the point of self-destruction, turning into a fanatical, zealous monster knight sent on a suicide mission to Hell or they would have their self destroyed by a mind rape so brutal that it made Vampires feel pity for the victims.

After that the new Gods went to Los Angeles, destroying Wolfram & Hart, sending the message that they had claimed the realm of Earth. Anyone trespassing would be destroyed.

The little gods weren’t little any more. Without them realizing it, their powers corrupted them. Sure, they kept the Earth safe from the supernatural, but they had long ceased to be good. Humanity’s very nature made them darker and as their expanded circle of friends and followers had been bound to them, they didn’t even realize this. Their friends had actually searched for justifications for the sometimes monstrous acts, committed by the 6 gods. Hell, the geek trio of Warren, Jonathan and Andrew had called Faith, arguably the least cruel of the 6, Chaotic Evil behind her back and claimed that the other 5 were orders of magnitude worse. Cordelia’s enslaved Jocks had heard this and quietly abducted the three, killed them and buried them in the woods. Giles had already been at odds with the Watcher’s Council, therefore he ignored their warnings. Joyce Summers was too thankful to them for warning her about the aneurysm in her brain that would have killed her. Jenny Calendar fully supported the group and was learning magic from Willow, getting corrupted by the chaos energies. Same for Giles and Tara.

It was the appearance of the Hell Goddess Glory that finally tipped them off to what was happening to them. Glory was actually scared of them, when they discussed what to do with her, with her within earshot. She had voiced her unbelieving Horror that they considered mind-raping her to death as the first option and not something that should never be done.

“Guess what. I’m staying here and make sure that you learn to behave. Do you know how you sound? I’m an Elder Hell Goddess, on par with one of the Heavenly Gods. And you 6 scare me! You’re so evil that it is almost unbelievable. I know monsters who I thought beyond any chance at redemption. Guess what, they’re saints compared to you!” she shouted.

The 6 were floored. Harmony spoke for the group. “What do you know? We 6 represent Hope, Compassion, Love, Justice, Faith and Honor! We are the defenders of this plane of existence from the likes of you!” she shouted, a manic gleam in her eyes.

Glory laughed bitterly. “Oh yes, you represent that. As well as betrayal, rot, excess, vengeance, extremism and massacres!” she gave back. “I know about you. You have made extreme waves in the demon community. Torture demons live in fear of you. You tortured some of them far beyond their breaking point, until they couldn’t even perceive reality anymore. Your minions quietly remove anyone who would call you evil. 3 boys talked among each other about you, claiming the one called Faith was chaotic evil and the others were worse. They were murdered for that claim.” she explained. “No, you have long since stopped being good. In fact, you’re worse than me.” she added. “Therefore I stay here as voice of reason. The Powers that Be told me to rein you in! You’re scaring them worse than any other monster that could come!”

Glory had to smirk at the irony. Here she was, a certified Hell Goddess who should be terrible news for this realm and now she stayed here to ensure that these Gods never found a way to her realm. There were fates you couldn’t even subject a demon to and these 6 guys had crossed lines even demons would never cross.

And so the Hell Goddess Glory became the newest and arguably sanest member of the Scooby Gang. Offering advice and help and often enough reining the 6 Gods in when they tried to unleash some bigger Horror on either humanity or the demon world. It was a delightful irony.


Omake End


Mini Omake


The Gods watched as Humanity spread to the stars. They watched as they encountered new friends and new foes. They seldom interfered. The supernatural knew to stay clear of the human realm, it was an uneasy peace, but one that had lasted for centuries.

The Gods watched as humanity grew. They were proud of mankind. It had grown out of its darker roots and attempted to create a better future and correct the mistakes of the past. No longer were they feeding on more negative than positive emotions and actions, and it showed. At the end of the 23rd century they had been horrible monsters who would induce madness in those who looked at them.

Now, in the 33rd century, they were no longer the monsters of the past. They were dark, but no longer the living evil they had been. They considered this a general improvement.

They would continue to watch over their species and, as they had done in the centuries prior, sometimes step in to help. The less is said about the help, the better. Good is not nice and the protection of humanity didn’t extend to alien species that were unable or unwilling to tolerate the existence of other species.

All in all it was a peaceful era and the Gods made sure it stayed this way. They didn’t want a repeat of some of the worse wars humanity had fought. The extermination of a species always brought out their darker sides and humanity always became darker when this happened. Better to avoid that as much as possible.




Yes, I went there. For those not familiar with Warhammer 40.0000
Xander – Nurgle: Death, Decay, Disease, Despair, Compassion, Endurance
Cordelia – Slaanesh: Perfectionism, Pleasure, Pain, Excess, Love, Happiness
Buffy – Khorne: Blood, War, Skulls, Martial Prowess, Martial Honor
Willow – Tzeentch: Betrayal, Lies, Plans, Change, Chaos, Hope
Faith – God-Emperor of Mankind: Most likely he would be a God of Faith, Zeal, Fanaticism, Racism, Humanity and Atheism
Harmony – Malal: Currently not a Canon Chaos God, due to Copyright Issues. Might return to Canon soon. God of Destruction, Self-destruction, Justice, Anarchy and Harmony

Yes, I chose the 2 spirits possessing Faith and Harmony based on Irony. They were not possessed by the gods themselves. That would have destroyed their minds; the 6 merely got mindless powers and power potential. This is one of the reasons why Earth wasn’t engaged in full-scale planetary trench warfare by beginning of Season 5.

At first I wanted to have only the 4 Main gods come to life but that would have ended incredibly worse. 4 Chaos Gods with no opposition apart from themselves and their tendency for infighting? End of the World as we knew it by 2000? Very likely.

The Glory deal? Well, they were thinking about it logically. A possibly immortal entity that endangers reality as long as it wants home. If you can't kill it, you need to ensure it can't endanger reality any more. Thus you need to destroy the mind so totally that nothing remains of this entity. Merciless, cruel and logical. The entity can't endanger things any more when its mind and personality are wiped out. Sure, the body lives on, but an immortal, mindless body is hardly dangerous.

The next costumes should be way more comedic.
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