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31 Never Was

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Thirty One". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: 31 things Xander never was.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsLadyAvariceFR153218,57728168,9051 Oct 121 Nov 12Yes

Ch 13: Golden Eyes

CH 12 Costume: Gear from Static Shock

Xander sighed as he got on his costume. Anything for Willow.

And she dang well knew it.

At least this wasn't too terrible. A long black robe that looked a bit shabby, probably borrowed from Giles, a holster on his arm with a fancy stick that Willow had asked him to carve and a little make up and powder to the hair.

Instant wizard.

Well, at least this beat going as a soldier. He knew there were a few of those around.

Besides, this guaranteed she'd be going as something other than a ghost!

"What in Merlin's name?"


"Lily!? What in the blue blazes are you doing here!? I though you and James moved on!"

"What? Xander, it's me, Willow!"

Slowly the ghost's face morphed from conused hurt to shocked understanding.

"Oh no, we've been turned into our costumes."

Startled the man turned and looked at the crowd of small monsters, feeling for magic. He could sense it, and it didn't belong to any of the creatures here.

And from what the woman, Willow, was saying, they were children.

The growl that rose from his throat had many of the small beasts deciding to hunt elsewhere quickly.

"So, you're Veruca. And you've been trying to get Willow, kill her if you can, and then take her guy."

"Yeah, so what? He's a wolf he should be running with a wolf, not a stupid little flower-girl!"

Xander's eyes glowed bright gold as he shifted. The form wasn't pure wolf. The Hyena had seen to that. Rather it was huge, canine and at the moment severely pissed off.

The female wolf shifted and tried to fight. It was a short tussle with her on her back under him, bleeding badly and whimpering, belly offered in submission.

The thing-that-had-been-Xander snarled, lips pulled back showing off inch long fangs. This one would never be trusted. This one was not going to live to contaminate and hurt his pack.

A yelp and a bite later it was over.

The thing-that-had-been-Xander stalked off to find a place to calm down. A little concentration and the blood and gore from the fight was gone. It wouldn't do to upset the girls. With a howl he loped into the woods.

No one threatened his girls.

And NO ONE tried to hurt his Willow.
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