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31 Never Was

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Thirty One". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: 31 things Xander never was.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsLadyAvariceFR153218,57728168,9051 Oct 121 Nov 12Yes

CH 22: Blackbird

CH 21 Costume: Sam Witicky from Transformers the Movie

Xander grimaced and eyed the bag at his side. Such a harmless looking little thing.

Still, if it kept Buffy from wearing that god-awful gown…

He waited until she answered the door.

"Hey Buff, proposition for ya."

Buffy bounced around as she waited for the others, a big grin on her face. She'd told no one that she'd read the manga series and really loved the one character. It was no fun to dress up for it alone though, so she'd just put it in the maybe-later drawer and tried for something else. Then her Xander-shaped friend had shown up with a bag in hand and an offer.

She so owed him Twinkies for this!

Still smiling she fluffed the pink dress into place and made sure the little pendant Xander had made for her was in sight. It was one of her favorite bits of the story line.

Willow had managed to escape her efforts by tossing that ghost thing on top of the outfit, darn it.

"Hiya Buff."

She grinned as she looked over Xander's outfit. Black marks on his shoulders, aviator's goggles on his head and a few feathers in his hair and he actually looked really cute.

She'd have to remember that later.


"Huh? Who's that?"

"Oh no, you've turned into your costume!"

The boy raised an eyebrow, looking confused.

"Quick, we have to find Buffy! She was dressed like your friend!"

"Oh, then it'll be easy."

"It will?"

The girl stared at him a moment until an ear-shattering shriek sounded from a few blocks away.

The glass in all the windows nearby was blown out by the sound. Above the wreckage hovered a small figure with big bat wings.

"Yup. Easy!"

Grinning he let his wings out and took off towards where his friend was.

The ghost hurried along after him.

Xander grinned, munching on an apple. He used to love Twinkies, but lately apples just suited him more.

Less likely to cause stomach upset with turbulence.

Buffy was freaked out at first. Her new additions weren't exactly 'cute' by her definition even if he thought she pulled them off nicely. The black marks on her back would have gotten her in trouble with her mother too, if they weren't hidden by her clothing. Of course the first time she'd screamed at a demon she decided the results were good.

The demon's head had exploded rather impressively.


Anyway, the sun was shining, Buffy was happy, Willow got a date with a decent enough guy.

Things were going very well. He decided to run with it.

Still grinning he tossed the apple core into a nearby bin and let his wings out.

It was a good day to fly.
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