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31 Never Was

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Thirty One". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: 31 things Xander never was.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsLadyAvariceFR153218,57728168,8711 Oct 121 Nov 12Yes

CH 24: My Shadow

CH 23 Costume: Cheetor from Transformers Beast Machines: Battle For the Spark

Right now he really hated the girls.

They'd agreed not to go as the noblewoman or the 'floozy', yes, but they didn't have to do this!

They'd picked a cartoon they all knew and the girls had decided his costume.

The girls' costumes were pretty reasonable, a police chief and a junior attorney. Not too shabby.

So how the heck did he end up covered in black skin paint wearing a blue leotard!?

Spike winced as he was slammed into another wall. The thing that had been Droopy was smashing him around like no body's business. If he didn't get away soon, win or no win, he'd be dust!

His eyes widened as a crackling blue ball started to form in the creature's hand. Just before it could be thrown he collapsed, clutching his head and howling.

If nothing else Spike knew when to cut his losses.

He ran, Dru by his side, determined to make it out of Sunnydale that night.

Dru was giddy, babbling to herself.

"Dark Kitten, White Knight, Dark Kitten, White Knight, shouldn't be able to be both and same. Dark Kitten, White Knight, Dark Kitten, White Knight, the stars sing louder about you now."

They vanished in a shadow of insane cackling.

Xander glided from rooftop to rooftop. He'd made arrangements the day after Halloween with Giles.

To the girls he was gone, away from the town, away from the Hellmouth, finally taking their advice to back out and live a normal life. Once a week or so he'd call, tell them about the great places he was visiting, the people he'd meet, 'but no one would ever take the place of my girls.'

In reality he was gliding along with them. Following Willow to and from her home, making sure the boy who'd asked her out treated her nicely and properly. Tailing Buffy as she made her patrols, guarding her back, helping her live longer than she would have alone.

There had been a hairy spot a few weeks after Halloween when he'd been spotted going after a demon that had been trying to get on her blind side in a fight. He'd taken off quickly and informed Giles.

The Watcher, in all his plotting and planning had come up with a solution.

Just because they didn't regularly hear about the good supernatural, didn't mean they didn't exist.

A few nights later he was quoting a book to Buffy, talking about guardians and protectorates, what they could look like.

The next night he'd deliberately approached her, keeping his form in shadows and letting his voice growl through feline features. He was completely unrecognizable as the human she had known.

Now he kept watch, coming down when needed, taking part of the burden off her shoulders, keeping all of them safe.

He knew she'd find out the truth one day. It was just the way his luck went. Until then he'd guard them from the shadows.

Wouldn't Goliath laugh if he could see him now?
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