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The other I

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Summary: My first attempt at writing... What is more stressful being ship's counselor or vampire slayer? ;)

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Next GenerationEarlGreyFR181513027062 Oct 122 Oct 12No
Creature throw itself in her direction, roaring like a wounded beast. She dodged at the last possible moment before he manage to hit her with powerful right hook. Vigorous blow that could crush the rock, dent steel or shatter human skull missed her by a small margin. Before creature withdraw his arm, she straightened up and with one decisive move of her right arm she delivered open hand, tiger claw blow. She struck him right in his deformed face, and he stumbled back. Smiling roguishly, she moved forward, pressing her attack. Blinded by success she didn't notice when monster quickly retracted his right arm. It hit her on the right cheek. She moaned slightly when force of impact turned her around 180 degrees. She stumbled and she fell down on nearby tombstone. From behind she heard angry growl of approaching vampire, he again threw himself at her with stunning speed. But before he managed to catch her, she turned her head and aiming hurriedly she kicked him with her right leg. Kick connected with his right shin. Sound of broken bones can be heard, and loud growl changed into equally loud whimper. Don't wasting any time she bounced off tombstone and still with her back turned she tried to deliver elbow strike to his face. But he was tad bit faster and he caught her elbow with his hand, before it reached his face. With all his might he tightened his grip on her arm and she hissed in pain. In this same time he risen from his knees, he showed his sharp fangs and he tried to bite her neck. Then she clenched her teeth in anger and she headbutted him with back of her head. Again he whimpered in pain, he released her arm and he grabbed his wounded nose with both hands. When she released her right arm she simultaneously elbowed him with her left arm. Her elbow hit him in the stomach. He bend forward in pain and he lowered his head. Then with her right arm, she grabbed him by the hair and with all her might she throw him over her shoulder. He landed on nearby tombstone and force of impact shattered it into pieces. Before dust settled down and creature managed to pick himself up, she pulled sharp, aspen stake from her jacket and with one fluid movement she leaned forward and staked monstrosity through the heart. He disappeared in a poof of smoke. Soon vampire dust blended with dust from gravestone and all that's left of creature was bad memories. Smiling triumphantly she looked around and she hidden her wooden weapon in her leather jacket. Simultaneously she listened to sounds of the night, owls hooting, chirping of crickets... She almost jumped when she heard voice coming out of comm badge pinned to her chest:

"Counselor Troi, report to the bridge" Picard's voice came over the communicator.

" I'm on my way captain," Deanna sighed quietly. "Computer end program!"

Night scenery vanished and is replaced by the empty Holodeck. She left the room and headed to the bridge.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "The other I" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Oct 12.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking