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Toxic Waste, nope. Now demons...

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Summary: There was another small town that was having a bad week when Sunnydale went into the sinkhole.

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I own nothing that’s copyrighted and very little else. Buffy verse is Joss Whedon’s baby and Mutant Enemy fits in there somewhere, and Eight Legged Freaks was produced by Bruce Berman, Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich and distributed by Warner Brothers.

This is my first fic and it’s kind of in response to the ‘boldly goes’ challenge except really Eight Legged Freaks is probably not on the top 250 movie list of all times. Although in my opinion it possibly should be – I love a good (or bad) B grade movie.

Toxic waste, nope… now demons – that’s another story!

Ashley Parker sat staring down at the picture of Bret. She couldn’t believe what he’d tried to pull earlier in his pick-up. What was even worse was that her mom had been right! Ashley felt a smile tug at her mouth, admitting that the Taser her mom had given her had come in handy and that it had been more than a little funny watching Bret on the ground afterwards.

Reality crashed in again and she ripped the photo – this whole week had totally sucked! First, the really, really weird dreams – strange men with grotesque masks, a huge dark cave and girls her age, fighting and dying… the voice in her head asking if she was ready to be strong! Ashley shook her head, trying to physically clear the image. Then she’d managed to totally destroy two alarm clocks and she’d had to buy a new doorknob for her bedroom door – her allowance wasn’t exactly huge to begin with and now she’d have to wait longer to buy those stylish (yet affordable) boots she’d had her eye on. And then, a new dream last night – creepy, crawly humongous spiders – eww! This week could not get any worse.

Ashley paused as a cool breeze reached her from her bedroom window – on the bright-side – at least the town hadn’t dropped into a sinkhole like that town in California had a couple of days ago. A noise behind her startled her, making her whirl and clutch her wooden hairbrush…

Two Weeks Later

Buffy pulled her car to a stop as she came to the town sign and hopped out of her car to stretch her legs, ‘Huh, bad driver nothing’, from California to Arizona and she hadn’t hit anything… the cactus a couple of miles back totally didn’t count, Buffy checked her GPS and then the folder of information Giles had given her.

They’d begun the massive task of tracking new slayers, using a spell the old Watcher’s Council had developed, and one had shown up here in Prosperity, Arizona. Buffy had jumped at the chance to get a break from L.A. and the drama at the Hyperion to come and check things out. ‘Nice small town seemed pretty quiet – how bad could it be?’

The End

You have reached the end of "Toxic Waste, nope. Now demons...". This story is complete.

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