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No Weapons

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Summary: There are things called school rules and regulations. Synder enforces them gleefully on the unfortunate. Rating will change.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

The Costumes

Author's note: so I meant to have this up yesterday but Hurricane Sandy knocked out my internet. Stupid weather.

Ch. 2: No Weapons

Giles stood back and watched as his three charges bemoaned their fate and the additional rules placed upon them by Snyder. Really, even by teenager standards Giles suspected the three of them were being rather melodramatic.

"Is two hours of your night escorting children that much of a hardship? You will all be done by six and free to enjoy the rest of the weekend," Giles pointed out reasonably and sighed at the betrayed looks the children gave him. Of course, reason and logic were beyond the self-centered youth of America. What could he have possibly been thinking to hope otherwise?

"Giles, it's supposed to be my night off," Buffy said pointedly, as if it explained everything. For her, at least, it did given Buffy's record of disliking anything that interfered with her 'normal' part of her life.

Giles looked expectantly at the two Sunnydale natives for their excuses.

Willow looked sheepish and truly chastised by Giles's remark. "I just don't like him 'volunteering' us. Too similar to fascism," Willow admitted which was her 'subtle' way of saying Nazism and pride in her jewish heritage.

As the girls and Giles stared at Xander expectantly, the boy simply shrugged. "Don't like Snyder and all my usual costume choices involve weapons."

"Oh?" Buffy perked up. "What do you usually dress up as Xander?"

"Uh, usually a soldier or a knight. The last Halloween we dressed up for candy Willow and Jesse helped me make this awesome mummy costume," Xander said hesitantly at first before growing excited.

"Lots and lots of medical bandage wrap," Willow muttered her voice taking on a mocking note of horror.

"Huh, what about you Willow?" Buffy asked, apparently finding Xander's choices not as interesting as she originally hoped. Giles gave the boy credit for covering up the hurt Buffy's blasé dismissal caused.

"Oh, I-uh, I usually just dress up as a ghost," Willow explained meekly and apologetically.

"A ghost? Really, Willow that's kind of-" Buffy started but Xander quickly cut her off when Willow started to wilt.

"Oh come on Buffy! You probably always dressed up as a princess or goddess, or something equally girlie and expensive," the boy snapped and Buffy'y sheepish look confirmed his suspicions. "See? No room to talk, we're all boring when it comes to costumes."

"Then may I suggest the three of you take this as an opportunity instead of an inconvenience and 'dress to impress'?" Giles suggested, eager to stop the three whining.

Thankfully, the three teenagers accepted his suggestion and started eagerly discussing outfits that still fit the rules Snyder enforced on them.


"I can't believe you're stealing my idea!" Xander grumped as he saw the outfit Buffy was eyeing.

The slayer raised one delicate eyebrow as she stared between her male friend and her chosen costume. "I dunno Xander, I don't think it'll look as good on you as it will me," she said slowly and laughed as Xander blushed. "Besides, you've already gone as a mummy why do you want to go as an Egyptian this year?"

"I don't," Xander admitted. "I just can't believe you're ripping off -me- for costume ideas." He then gave the Cleopatra outfit a once over and thought the big scarab beetle was a strange accessory but otherwise the outfit did look pretty cool. "It's still girlie." he added just to be contrary.

"Sorry Xander, but there is no way I'm going as Xena or the She-Hulk. You'll just have to give up your dreams of seeing me scantily clad," Buffy teased and laughed as Xander actually pouted. "Did you figure out a costume yet?"

With no further ado, Xander held up what looked like a futuristic black biker jacket and a blond wig. "I sure did. All for fifteen dollars too. I'm just going to get some boots from the army surplus store and I'm set."

"Xander? Are you going as who I think you are?" Willow asked curiously as she joined her friends.

"If you're thinking the best blade runner and terminator knock-off than you can read minds Wills," Xander answered gleefully. Willow bit back a laugh as she looked between her friend and her own outfit.

"Funny you should mention telepathy..." Willow finally managed to say as she held up her costume for Xander to see the 'X-men' logo on it.

"Alright! Spandex! Willow you are phsychic!" Xander cheerfully declared much to Buffy and Willow's amusement. "Halloween is going to be awesome!"

author's second note: yeah, actual costume reveal next chapter. Though there were hints for each and Willow's is kind of obvious now.
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