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No Weapons

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Summary: There are things called school rules and regulations. Synder enforces them gleefully on the unfortunate. Rating will change.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

The Event

No Weapons Chapter 2: The Event

Halloween Night

"I'm not so sure of this costume anymore, Buffy," Willow admitted as she fidgeted with the sleeves of her costume.

"Well, I got to admit the color scheme could be better. Green and yellow are not complimentary at all," Buffy admitted as see finished touching up her make-up for the full Egyptian look.

Willow's face briefly scrunched up in disappointment when Buffy missed the point. "No. I meant as that my costume a little revealing, don't you think?"

Buffy turned and stared as Willow incredulously. "Willow, you're covered from the neck down. Sure it's a little more form-fitting than you're use to but you're not really flaunting anything. Besides, you saw how excited Xander was about your costume. This is a great way to get him to notice you," Buffy reassured as carefully as she could.

"I know, I just don't feel comfortable wearing just this," Willow explained as she continued to fidget.

Buffy frowned knowing she had to do something or Willow was likely to steal one of her bedsheets to go as a ghost. "Okay, how about I lend you a jacket? You can put it on later and just say you were getting cold. Will that work?"

Willow smiled gratefully at Buffy, finally relaxing. "Really? Thanks Buffy."

"Yeah it's no problem Willow. Oh, I think Xander is here. I'll go get the door while you dig out a jacket. Oh! And get one for me too. Egyptian clothing is really airy," Buffy advised as she rushed off.

When Buffy answered the door she stared at Xander. There was something awfully familiar looking about his outfit now that she saw him in he blonde wig and black scifi jacket. "Oh! Are you Sting from that really bad Sand movie?" Buffy asked as she tried to figure out just who Xander was supposed to be. He and Willow had been rather tight-lipped about the whole thing.

Xander stared at her confused for a long moment before he realized what Buffy meant. "You mean Dune? No! Why would I dress up as Sting?" Xander asked incredulous, disgust obvious at the thought. "I'm Random Hajile, mercenary and Snatcher hunter. I also save the day by blowing myself up epically... twice!"

"What? How do you save the day by blowing yourself up twice? Wouldn't Random have died the first time?" Buffy asked honestly confused. The more Buffy learned about science fiction the less she wanted to learn about science fiction.

"Not if you're a knock-off terminator. But enough about me, you look awesome Buffy! Way better than Ampata and she -was- from back then. The wig is a nice touch," Xander complimented with an easy smile that was in no way flirtatious. It was nice to know Xander only saw her as a friend now, especially how complicated things with Angel were getting.

"Well, if you think I look good wait until you see Willow," Buffy teased.

"Hey Xander," Willow called down as she brought down Angel's leather jacket for Buffy and another for herself.

"Wow, Willow you're really rocking the Jean Grey look! Great costume choice. Once again spandex wins," Xander declared before Willow a supportive hug. He could see how uncomfortable she was getting and maybe if he kept reassuring her she looked good she'd relax.

Blushing Willow managed a mumbled, "Thanks Xander."

"Right, we have some children to escort and a troll to appease. Let's not get into trouble by being late," Buffy warned and the three happily set out.


"Dru? Everything alright? You've been listening to the stars and Miss Edith for a long time now," Spike asked as Drusilla continued to hum along to music only she could hear.

"Oh Spikey, it's marvelous. The house of cards toppled by a beetle. The stars sing and miss Edith laughs as the king and all the king's men weep. No fixing this mess, oh no," Drusilla declared as she glided over to her child. "Dance with me, my Spike?"

"Anything you want, my dark plum," Spike promised as he started to move the two of them through the waltz. It was the easiest dance to maintain as he tried to understand what Drusilla 'saw' was going on. "What does this mess mean for us Dru? We safe? Or should we leave?" He did not want to go, the best chances for a cure for Drusilla were here but, he would not put her unlife on the line in hopes of healing her.

Instead of answering Drusilla rested her head on Spike's shoulder and closed her eyes. "Let's go to Rio, Spike. All the colorful birds and colorful people. They are all so tasty. No nasty beetles will follow us there and the tinman follows the blue one."

Spike took that Drusilla's words as best to get out of town before some new players decide to dust them. Tomorrow they'd pay a visit to 'Gelus and if the pouf did not help then they'd just go. Besides, maybe the weather would do some good for Drusilla.


Jean Grey was having a strange night and considering her life as an Xman and host of the Pheonix Force, it took a lot for a night to reach 'strange' in her books. Her mind was in the body of a teenager that dressed up for her as Halloween. One of many victims judging from the little demons and other unrealistic creatures running around. Once she and Willow, who Jean thought at first was another telepath and not the actual of of their shared body, figured out what was going on it was just a matter of convincing her transformed friends into helping.

Random, who was actually Xander, declined to help Jean resolve the chaos going on around them in favor of helping 'civilians' get to safety. So that left her with a 'Buffy' that thought she was some Egyptian delivering a 'holy artifact' she found to the Pharaoh and was really disturbed by being in 20th century America. At least saving Cordelia from that... dog-thing helped Jean and Willow figure out who was to blame and put an end to the pandemonium pretty fast.

The last thought Jean heard from Willow as the spell ended was about talking to someone named Giles.

author's note: So, uh, costumes. Xander is Random Hajile from the video game Snatchers. It was created by Hideo Kojima so naturally it completely ignores silly things like copy right laws and is based off Blade Runner and Terminator. And yes, Random did blow himself up twice to save the day while the protagonist was making a hasty getaway... both times. For more information check out the wiki page or read the wonderful let's play of it on the let's play archive.

Willow, easily enough, is Jean Grey, though I debated her going as different xmen.

Buffy is still a mystery but, here's some more clues for people.

disclaimer: So far I do not own Buffy, Snatchers (doubt Hideo Kojima cares but konami might), or Xmen

The End?

You have reached the end of "No Weapons" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Nov 12.

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