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No Weapons

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Summary: There are things called school rules and regulations. Synder enforces them gleefully on the unfortunate. Rating will change.

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The Rule

No Weapons

author's note: I don't know about you but my high school didn't allow us to bring any kind of weapon to school during halloween, be it made of plastic or cardboard. Also, I like to take cliches and create new spins, so this.

disclaimer: don't own any copyrighted media used in this work of fiction.


Xander was already making a list of all the ways he would love to see Synder die for volunteering him to escort kids Halloween night. Then the troll of a man dropped the little bombshell that ruined Xander's costume ideas.

"Oh, and no weapons," Synder added with a sadistic glint to his eyes.

"What!?" Xander demanded, outraged.

"You delinquents are bad enough without weapons. There's no way I'm letting you three bring weapons to a school sanctioned activity," Snyder explained almost gleefully.

"Well, then I guess we just can't volunteer our time. Such a shame," Buffy piped up, desperate for any out she could take.

"Nice try Summers. This isn't optional for you. You want to stay in this school you will be here promptly, escort you group of children safely, and return them all back to their parents no worse for wear," Snyder growled threateningly before walking off to find more 'volunteers'.

"Is it sad that I'm more upset that his argument about weapons made sense? In a not-evil principal way, I mean," Xander complained and the girls grumbled agreement.

"He almost sounded like her cared," Willow said with a pout, as if scandalize by the very thought.

"And that's just so wrong," Buffy agreed as she shook her head in disbelief. "Come on, let's go get outfits today after school."


author's second note: Okay, not sure where I'm going with this idea but once I can think of the crossover I want I'll be sure to use this opening.
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