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Insanity Lost

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Summary: Something is wrong with his Slayer and Giles seeks the help of the only kind he can think of and sends his Slayer to St Loius.

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Anita Blake > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: AsherWatchMeFlyFR2121,4020201,8706 Oct 1222 Oct 12No

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns the Buffster and Co. Laurell K Hamilton owns the nummy Asher.

AN – Please to enjoy!


Giles looked down at Buffy with sadness clearly present in his eyes. They had defeated the First and escaped the sinkhole that was known as Sunnydale and made it Cleveland. Everything was fine at first they got comfortable too soon and did not notice the damage that the spell had until it was too late.

At first it was nothing to really worry about, a far off look in her eyes, or a random quirk that no one seem to take notice of. Then there was the sleeplessness, sure they could discount that too. Then came the words. She started to ramble, easily shrugged off as well, a misplaced word that almost sounded the same an odd turn of phrase. Then after a few months of this it really started to become obvious that something was horribly wrong.

They found her in the middle of the gym giggling at dust motes in the air speaking to them. “The sun will not stop shining until all the flowers are burned.” She continued to rock back and forth giggling.

They were all worried. Giles and Dawn most of all. Giles had some connections that no one else knew about. Outside of their protected area vampires were well known and legal. The half breeds they dealt with were in select areas outside the Vampire Council's domain. Free reign for non sanctioned Executioners.

Out of all the masters that he knew of in all his time with the Watcher's Council, there was one that he was going to call. Before he did though he called Dawn into the library.

“Dawn, I have an idea. It is a long shot, but it might be our only hope.” Giles started off gently as he gestured for Dawn to take a seat across from him.

“Anything has to be better than what is going on now.”

“You are aware of the other breed of vampires?” She nodded and he continued. “There is a master in St. Louis, he is a young master that has risen to power. He has a second in command that does not have a human servant. It might be that kind of connection that bond that might help siphon off some of what is driving her insane.”

“Are we sure it is the only way? You know how she feels about being controlled by anyone, Giles.”

“I know, I only hope she forgives us when she regains her senses.” Dawn stood up and placed a hand on Giles shoulder.

“I hope she does too. Make the call, make it happen. We will deal with the fallout when it comes to it.”
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking