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Buffy AVP: Messiah

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Buffy AVP". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Aliens under the command of Illyria awaken the Old One that could destroy the world.

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chapter 10

The characters of the Alien and the Predator are property of 20th century Fox. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

The Hellmouth

Buffy watched the scene below her through a pair Nikon Prostaff 7 ATB binoculars. She was in the hellmouth deep under Sunnydale. She had argued with Giles to come here. For days people had gone missing around the city. Her slayer instinct told her why. Illyria was coming here to perform the deadly ritual that would awaken Messiah and destroy the world. She was here to save those people. She was here to kill Illyria and to stop her alien horde.

Her scythe lay next to her on the brown dirt of the cliff that overlooked the deadly and dark spaces of the Hellmouth. She had faint memories of coming here as Hive. She remembered killing thousands of Turok-Han here. Buffy scanned the huge cavern looking for a sign. There was a spark and the green neon glow of a portal opening. Buffy saw dozens of aliens carrying the cocooned forms of twenty or so humans.

“Showtime!” Buffy thought as she packed her gear and scurried down the face of the cliff.

Near the “Aerial Strike”

Her dreams would not let her rest. Andorra Null sat straight up in her bed. There was sweat on her forehead. Her sheets were wet. She had a dream. And in her dream there was a girl, a blonde girl, with an axe. She was hunting the plague. Andorra recognized that face. She had seen it in the holographic files of Barik Null. This was the face of his killer.

Andorra issued a prayer for the dead as her feet swung out and hit the floor. She hated feeling this way. She felt like she had important things to do and was falling behind. The events aboard the “Aerial Strike” still haunted her. The flagship of the fleet had been filled with natural and supernatural monsters. Aboard the “Aerial Strike” she had had a vision of gods and their makers. Aboard the “Aerial Strike”, billion year old genes within her had awakened. She ran her thumb over the curved edge of the blade she always slept with peeling off microscopic slices of dead skin. This helped her think. She wanted something but had no idea of how to satisfy her nameless desire.

Her soul burned for the hunt. She felt possessed by something that wanted to hunt the Old Ones not for sport or points. She wanted to hunt the Old Ones because that’s what she was. She found that revelation illuminating. A palm came down on the intercom button.

“Set a course for Earth, city of Sunnydale, stealth mode.” She said. Her crew obeyed. She felt a wave of satisfaction sweep over her. Whatever this thing she was now knew this was the right thing to do. She made her way to her personal weapons locker and prepared for the hunt.

The Hellmouth

Illyria stepped through the portal. The chosen had gone before her. She was here to perform the ritual of invocation correctly. Her drones had captured enough humans to ensure the proper amount of blood.

It must be kept red for three days.

She remembered the glorious simplicity of the spell. The elder signs and the words of Eyrishon the endless one must be fed for three days. When the words are fed, the locks will turn and the door beyond the world will open. Dimensions will shatter and Messiah will rise. She watched the others carry the humans in the pit dug for this purpose. The Alien lifted it’s head slightly. Illyria felt something, a presence of a once powerful being.

“Hive is here!” She thought. She dispensed her drones to deal with the intruder.

Buffy crept along the perimeter of the Aliens. She kept herself low and hidden behind the rocks and stalactites. She eased her scythe into position. Her plan was to take out the premier guards and then Illyria herself. Buffy never thought of herself as one who indulged in revenge but she had really come to hate the aliens and because of them what had happened to Willow. For her this was a blood hunt. She would right the scales and remove these monsters from the Earth.

She heard something behind her. She could swear she could see a shape moving in the darkness . It didn’t matter. Buffy turned her head back to Illyria and stared straight into a set of glistening teeth inches from her face. She jumped backwards as the alien lunged. Sharp claws cut the air inches from her face. Buffy brought the pointed tip of the scythe down into the head of the alien. It screamed. Acid blood splattered on the ground. The other aliens turned.

“Shit!” Buffy thought. All stealth was gone. Three aliens ran towards her. She ran towards them. The first alien was on her in a fraction of a second. It struck the ground where Buffy had stood only moments ago. It’s claws dug into the dirt but it was too late. She did a half flip over the charging alien twisting in midair. It’s smooth black skin was only inches from her face. She jabbed the end of the scythe into the back of the alien and made a right angle turn in space. Buffy landed on her feet as the alien hit the ground.

The other two aliens split apart and attacked from two different directions. One stood in front of her the other in back. The moment she chose one alien the other would attack. Buffy stood there a moment before she made her decision. She stutter stepped and then zigged towards the alien in front of her. She slammed into it. Both of their bodies rolled into the dust. She knew she had only moments before the other alien would be upon her. Buffy scrambled to her feet. The alien was a fraction of a second too slow. She brought the edge of the scythe across the face of the alien. She cut through shell, muscle and bone. It came apart in a bloody splatter. Buffy dodged out of it’s way. The third alien was upon her. She knew it was too late. The shape of black death opened its mouth to consume her and was incinerated by blue white fire. Andorra stepped out of the shadows to meet the killer of Barik Null. Buffy and the predator stood there looking at each other.

“What the…” Buffy thought. “Another blood zombie?”

“She’s mighty short for a legend.” Andorra thought.

The Predator and the Slayer sized each other up. Andorra growled. Buffy twisted her head slightly.

“I don’t have time for this.” Buffy thought.

She came up on the tips of her toes like a ballerina, twisted, and then slammed the heel of her foot across Andorra’s face. The predator’s head snapped as it staggered backwards. Andorra turned back towards Buffy, squatted slightly and then screamed her battle challenge. Buffy growled. The two hunters charged at each other. Questions were meaningless. The slayer within could feel the activated Old One genes in the predator. That made the beast before her fair game. By attacking, Buffy had challenged Andorra for dominance. Andorra was no one’s prey. Her fist slammed across Buffy’s face knocking her backwards. Buffy found her footing. She slashed downwards with her scythe. Andorra extended her wrist claws. Metal slammed into metal. Sparks flew into the air.

Illyria watched the two warriors fight. She found it amusing. The ritual of invocation continued. There were well over twenty bodies in the pit. With their claws, the aliens had scratched the Elder signs and the words of Eyrishon into their flesh. Illyria began to speak the ancient words. The blood signs flashed into a brilliant red. Burning Human blood lit the words. They glowed like fire giving a cold crimson glow.

It must be red for three days.” Illyria heard the memories speaking to her. She understood. Illyria spoke her second spell. Mystic energies sealed the humans inside the pit behind an impenetrable wall of magic.

“It is done.” She thought. Illyria ordered a group of fifty drones to kill the slayer and the hunter as she reentered the portal for the safety of the home world. As she crossed over the portal between worlds she knew the Earth was finished. She didn’t bother to look back.

Illyria was gone. Andorra could feel it. Her newly awakened genes gave her the senses to hunt the Old Ones. Suddenly she was bored with Buffy. She had to finish her hunt for the Old One. Buffy noticed the Predator’s attention was elsewhere. She felt slightly insulted.

“It’s rude to ignore the people you’re trying to kill.” She said. Andorra ignored her. Her facemask sensors were reporting seismic disturbances. She punched up the A.I. display. It showed at least fifty members of the Plague were headed their way. Buffy noticed something too. She noticed Illyria was gone. They looked at each other for a moment as an understanding passed between them.

“We have three days.” Buffy thought. “Then Messiah will rise and the Earth will burn.” Buffy and Andorra stood shoulder to shoulder against the tide of Alien black
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