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Buffy AVP: Messiah

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Buffy AVP". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Aliens under the command of Illyria awaken the Old One that could destroy the world.

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Chapter 11

The characters of the Alien and the Predator are property of 20th century Fox. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Mesektet dangled her feet over the overpass. She watched the traffic zipping by under her. The humans amused her. They were so ignorant. They had no idea that their whole world sat on the back of a turtle and that everything that they were and could dream of was simply the meaningless left over crumbs from a meal of giants. Mesektet was older than the Old Ones. She was older than the Senior Partners. She was beyond the limits of flesh and blood. She was the physical embodiment of that which had always been and will always be. This solar system and all it contained was the source of her and all of it were toys laid in her lap. Mesektet was made from the black void of space itself.

She missed her friends, Ashet, the bright brilliance of morning, Semkhet her skinless saber tooth cat and Manjet the noonday totem. Of course they had been returned when the Beast was killed and the spell that blotted out the sun was broken. But they no longer talked to her. The evil that the Earth had brought here had destroyed her world.

She had endured the beast that blotted out the sun. She was dismayed when Jupiter was destroyed. It had always bothered her that the Humans were permitted to rise in power and numbers. She originally wanted to destroy the Earth when it appeared in her solar system out of nowhere. The other members of the Ra-Tet voted her down. Little did they know the evil that the Earth carried within it. The Senior Partners had cursed her and through her the sun with the power to kill vampires.

She longed for the days when at least the Old Ones kept the lower lifeforms in check. The invader Earth was at one time a beautiful place of power that was simple and glorious in its order. Now look at it. This place was crawling with monkeys. She wondered how long it would be before the Powers that Be came after her. Mesektet opened the palm of her right hand. The dark void of her essence poured down onto the expressway. Asphalt, cars, and people crumbled into black ash and blew away like dust in the wind. She watched the pretty pattern the black flakes made in the sky. The ashes fluttered against the bright yellow sun.

“I will always love you.” Mesektet said to the sun. “We may be separated but we will always be one.” She stood and walked away.

The deep blue H2 Hummer speed down the Los Angeles expressway. The strike team almost came to blows with Angel over who got to drive. Being the alpha male he was Angel insisted on driving. The strike team commander had to quote him chapter and verse of the company handbook concerning executives in tactical situations. Angel reminded him that he had slaughtered the last strike team that had displeased him. The strike commander was not impressed.

“I’m a zombie sir. There’s not much you can do to me.” Commander Cezar had told him. The other members of the team laughed. Angel sat in the back seat and pouted.

In addition to Angel and Gunn, there were two other men and two women in the Hummer. Gabriel Sanji was a dark skinned man in his late twenties with a black trimmed goatee and warm brown eyes. Next to him sat Andrei Arlovski, a Russian mercenary trained in Afghanistan. His thick muscular frame took up most of the back seat. The third mercenary was a woman. She had the strangest blue within blue eyes. She was a vat grown clone grown by Wolf Ram and Hart. They fed her a mystical spice that changed her physiology. Her reflexes were hundreds of time faster than any human or vampire that ever lived. She had a perfect memory of everything she had ever experienced. She had limited access to the memories of her female ancestors and there was even the rumor that she could catch glimpses of the future. She sat beneath tan and black robes that revealed none of her figure. Her blue within blue eyes scanned the others around her as she sat silently.

“What the!” Cezar exclaimed. The road in front of him shattered upwards. Cars, people and road exploded into black ash that made swirling patterns in the sky. Ash covered the land around the expressway. He looked up and saw a little girl sitting on the overpass.

“Contact!” He yelled. Cezar slammed the brakes. The Hummer skidded and fishtailed off to the side of the road. Everyone was thrown around inside. The Hummer skidded to a stop. Other cars were slamming on the brakes. Gabriel was out of the Hummer in a flash.

“Pop the trunk.” He said. Cezar obliged.

“Wait a minute. Shouldn’t we…” Angel was about to say. His voice trailed off when he saw what Gabriel had removed from the trunk. Angel jumped out of the Hummer but it was too late. White smoke filled the air. Gabriel had fired the rocket launcher. Sunlight sparkled off of Angel. The ring he wore kept him safe and damn near indestructible. He watched the rocket’s arc into the sky. The trail of fire and smoke slammed into the overpass. Concrete blocks flew into the air. A ball of fire and oily smoke expanded outwards. There were screams.

“We want her alive!” Angel said as he grabbed Gabriel knocking the rocket launcher out of his hands.

“Do you really think your toys could hurt me?” a voice said. Angel looked down. Mesektet was standing next to him. Her cheeks had a faint black line of ash from the explosion. She opened her hand. The essence of the void flowed out of her. Gabriel screamed once as his flesh decomposed and turned into flecks of blackness. The rocket launcher went next. Angel stood there untouched.

“The Gem of Amara can only protect you for so long. “ Mesektet said in her little girl voice. “In the end the void consumes everything.” Angel could feel himself becoming weaker. His skin began to crack. He said one word.

“Messiah…” His voice was fading and weak. Mesektet frowned.

“idiots.” She said. “You never asked yourself why the Earth will burn.” A flash of blue white lighting came out of nowhere slamming Mesektet backwards.

The woman chosen by Angel to join the strike team was dressed in a black halter top and red leather pants. Gwen Raiden stepped out from behind the Hummer.

“Get away from him you bitch!” She yelled.
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