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Buffy AVP: Messiah

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Buffy AVP". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Aliens under the command of Illyria awaken the Old One that could destroy the world.

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Chapter 13

The characters of the Alien and the Predator are property of 20th century Fox. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

She stepped out from behind the Hummer. Gwen Raiden was glorious. Her red leather pants clung to her hips. Her pink skin glowed against the black halter top she wore. Her eyes were open, her pupils dilated. Her red mouth sneered, showing her pearly white teeth like a wolf’s grin. She attacked again. A spark of blue white lightening stabbed Mesektet. Her body jerked. The lightening appeared to disappear into her body. Gwen took a bold step towards her. The chip she had stolen with Gunn activated the Wolfram and Hart upgrades. All she had to do was speak the spell they had taught her.

Ignis divine” She said. She jerked as a spark of warm energy licked her spine. The divine fire sprang from her hand. Her lighting was now enchanted. She burned Mesektet at the physical as well as the metaphysical level. The eyes of Gwen Radian began to turn black as her fire got hotter.

“I have consumed planets!” roared Mesektet. “I am the void made flesh.”

“And I am the wrath of this world!” Gwen said as she unleashed her full power down on Mesektet. The world exploded into white as electric fire lit the ground and everything around it.

“Mercy.” A woman’s voice said. Her voice was soft and melodic. Gwen shifted her eyes. It was the strange woman that had sat next to her in the Hummer. Her brown skin contrasted sharply with her blue within blue eyes.

“She is the avatar of a living god.” The strange woman said. “She is the physical embodiment of the magics that make it possible for the sun to glide across the sky and set in the evening.” Gwen heard the woman’s voice. She felt a strange compulsion to obey it. Gwen let her gaze move over the remaining body parts of her teammate and the ragged form of Angel lying on the ground.

“No!“ said Gwen as she doubled the volume of electric fire she poured down on Mesektet. Something moved in the glow. A spike of darkness lashed out and sliced the strange woman in half. She looked surprised as her top half slid off the bottom half of her. Gunn caught the torso of the woman. Her blood splashed on his shirt and pants. He put his hands on her which quickly became covered in her blood. Nothing he could do helped. The strange woman died in his arms.

In the neon glow of Gwen Raiden something dark appeared. A black dot exploded outwards. Mesektet stood there taking the full brunt of Gwen’s attack absorbing the lighting directly into her flesh.

“Ra, the god of your sun, sits within me. “ Mesektet said. Light cannot destroy the darkness.” The lightening died.

“But I bet we can kick your ass.” Angel said. He was on his feet now. He stood with the grey sky above his head and the sun at his back. Mesektet turned to him.

“You and what army?” she said.

The clouds parted. A fleet of forty-seven armored gunships appeared in the air above them. Each carried twelve heavily armored members of the WR&H security team and a Merlin class sorcerer. Each gunship was loaded with twenty air to ground missiles and well over fifteen thousand rounds of armor-piercing and armor-piercing incendiary shells. A cloud of red dots appeared across the body of Mesektet. Each of the gunships had found a firing solution and had her firmly in their laser sights.

“That army.” Angel said as he pointed to the airships that surrounded them. “Come peacefully and we won’t kill you.” Mesektet twisted her head slightly.

“I decline.” She said.

Angel brought a small radio he held in the palm of his hand up to his mouth. He spoke a single word. He grabbed Gunn then Gwen. He threw them behind the Hummer as the missiles hit. The first wave of AGM-114 Hellfire missiles slammed into the spot where Mesektet stood. Armor piercing bullets rained down with the missiles. Chunks of dirt flew into the air.

The missiles were cursed. Their blast wave went inward instead of outward. Tens of bright tiny black holes exploded around Mesektet. The missiles ate away at the void that was the essence of her. Aboard the attack ships the wizards worked furiously building a massive binding spell. The attack on Mesektet was both mystical and physical. Chatter came over the radio. “Gimmie a shaman strike…Gorman tighten up than containment field…Ripley roll dem bones….”

“Light her up!” a voice screamed over the airwaves. Lasers illuminated Mesektet with over five hundred terawatts of power. Her body became a bright red star as the air around her became plasma heated to well over ten thousand degrees. In her weakened state, she lost control of the glamour that made her appear as a little girl. The sound of a thousand screaming voices filled the air as her magics failed and the true form of Mesektet appeared. Angel peaked over the edge of the Hummer at the monster. Only the magics of the Gem of Amara kept his eyes from catching fire. Still he whimpered. In the helicopters nearest Mesektet eyeballs began to melt and run down bloodied shirts like taffy. Men dreamed of suicide. Many of them found a way to slit their own throats.

“Cavemen vs. astronauts.” Angel thought. “This is the primal terror of the supernatural.”

Acid black tendrils came out of the deadlights of Mesektet. The screams of her hellish chorus drilled into the souls of everyone there. The sky was full of tiny dots that were men jumping to their deaths to escape her. She slashed and hacked away at the tiny ships of men. Blades of darkness sliced the fleet to pieces.

This was Mesektet. Before the bang, before the word, she was the primal black, the primordial chaos that became the staging ground of creation. She was the thing the big bang was attempting to escape when it built this universe. Mesektet flooded the world around her with the essence of her true nature. The space around her became like glass then shattered. Pieces of reality fell into her. A dark whirlpool of stale blood filled air began to form around the black hole Mesektet had become.

“It’s now or never.” Angel thought. He brought the radio up to his mouth. He said one word.


Fifty-six thousand miles directly above them, a geostationary satellite came to life. This was the original plan before everything had gone to hell. Upon Angel’s command a computer awakened. Along the length of the nearly five hundred foot long satellite eldritch energies erupted from the green crystals inside. The sorcerers aboard the airships had done enough. A collimated binding spell of unbelievable power stabbed downward striking Mesektet dead center. The air around her shattered as she was trapped in mystical amber. They had caught her exactly the same way the Senior Partners had millions of years ago.

Angel watched as they loaded Mesektet into the carrier.

“Are we doing the right thing here?” He asked Gunn who had walked up behind him, who still had blood on his hands.

“All I know is that Mesektet scares the hell out of me but I’ll take her over the thing pretending to be Cordelia any day. ” Gunn said. Angel agreed.

“So, what’s the plan?” He asked.
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