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Buffy AVP: Messiah

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Buffy AVP". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Aliens under the command of Illyria awaken the Old One that could destroy the world.

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chapter 15

The characters of the Alien and the Predator are property of 20th century Fox. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Cordelia watched the carrier land. It was a flat black helicopter with twin rotating blades. It was often used as a troop or cargo carrier. Today it held something special. It held the avatar of a living god. The form of Mesektet lay frozen in the amber of the binding spell they’d used to capture her. Her body gave off a pulsing green and white glow. Cordelia watched through the glass of the observation lounge as Mesektet was wheeled past her. Cordelia could feel the sheer power radiating off of her. She knew that in only a few hundred hours Mesektet would break free of the binding spell and probability kill them all. Her eyes caught sight of Angel and Gunn walking behind Mesektet. Angel shot her a glare of pure malice.

“Soul boy is not happy.” Cordelia thought. “Maybe he just needs to sit in the dark and brood for a while.” Cordelia turned and exited from the observation lounge followed by her assistant.

“Have you contacted her?” She asked.

“No.” her assistant answered. “All attempts to contact Illyria have gone unanswered.”

“That idiot must not finish the ritual of invocation.” Cordelia said. The ritual of invocation was old magic. It was a spell thought lost to everyone but the Engineers. Having the ritual of invocation lost to time kept the peace. The Powers That Be allowed the Old Ones to remain in the Deeper Well because they believed there was no way to resurrect them. Illyria with her blood memories had changed everything. When that spell completed, Messiah would rise, the Old Ones would be regenerated and the Earth would burn.

“I don’t have time to pamper that child.” Cordelia thought. “I’m going to see her myself.” Her assistant looked at her. He was shocked. A direct confrontation between the Great Old Ones and the Powers That Be was forbidden. Cordelia knew what he was thinking.

“Believe me.” She said. “If Messiah rises the rules are out the window. I will confront the Old One directly. Her assistant understood. Cordelia unleashed her power and disappeared in a burst of light.

She stepped out of the shadows. She was a beautiful woman with dark hair and a round face. Her eyes were brown. Her skin glowed with all the powers of the Powers That Be. Cordelia boldly walked up to the alien that sat on the black throne. She stood at the base of the stairs that lead up to the throne of Queens. Illyria raised her head and looked at her. First there was shock then recognition. She recognized the energy radiating from the thing that wore the woman’s body. This was one of the elect chosen by the Engineers to ascend to a higher dimension. This was her Judas brother. This was one of the creatures that had betrayed her.

“End this.” Cordelia said flatly.

“As arrogant as ever.” Illyria replied. The Old Ones and the Powers That Be were still connected in a way that made their thoughts obvious to the other.

“Return to your world.” Cordelia said. Her tone was demanding. She spoke to Illyria as if she was a petulant child. “If Messiah rises then the end will come.”

“My world is gone.” Illyria said. “I wait here with a warm and eager trepidation for the end of days.”

“Your world is in the deeper well among the dead.” Cordelia said “and I’m going to put you back there.”

“You can try.” Illyria said as she rose up on her hind legs to her full majestic height of over eight feet. Two of her fingers moved. She signaled her troops.

“Try it and I will slaughter your hive.” Cordelia said. “This fight is between you and me.” She grinned. Illyria agreed, shattered time and leapt from her throne. Her fingers like blades stabbed into Cordelia. Blood splattered. Cordelia ignited time breaking Illyria’s spell. Her fist broke the sound barrier as it cracked across the skull of Illyria. The alien flew backwards in a long graceful arc, hit the floor, dug in her talons and ran back towards Cordelia. She slammed into a wall of fire. Cordelia had unfolded into a blossom of pure mystical energy as her true form was revealed. Waves of orange-black fire flickered across her body. Her shields gave off a hard blue-white glow. She lit up the throne room illuminating an audience of tens of thousands of Aliens. Cordelia lifted her arms. The fury of the Powers That Be blasted Illyria. The stone floor turned red and sagged under the intense heat.

She found the memory of when. Illyria had been busy building a comprehensive index of the history of the Old Ones. She knew this attack. This was the power the Powers That Be lacked. They forgot where they came from. She screeched a spell that was older than the Earth. The fires of Cordelia went out. Her tail snapped like a bullwhip driving the sharp end into the tender under jaw of Cordelia. She penetrated skin and muscle. Cordelia teleported backwards two feet leaving the tail in mid-air. Illyria crossed the distance between them in a blink of an eye. She grabbed Cordelia by the throat lifting her off her feet. The Alien opened its mouth, then its second mouth. Silicon teeth glistened in the air. Cordelia looked down at Illyria. She spoke with her inner voice.

“We were always better than you. You are weak. You are scum!” She said. Her eyes lit as bright as the sun. Illyria screamed as she was burned by the thing that fueled the fires of hell itself. Illyria rolled on the floor in unbearable pain. Cordelia landed on her feet.

“This is why we have always been better than you.” Cordelia said. She opened her palm to deliver the death blow.

Still her memories continued. The blood memories of Illyria brought her back to the day everything changed, The Engineers had been preparing to leave for hundreds of years. The Old Ones had warred among themselves for thousands of years to determine who would ascend. A child of the shadows, like Prometheus, had stolen aboard an Engineer ship. It only took moments to cocoon and impregnate the Engineer. Hours later, a hybrid with all the knowledge of the Engineers was born. The Children of the Old Ones still retained those memories.

“Goodbye.” said Cordelia. She released her doom down upon her. Yellow-white light blasted out of her palm and struck Illyria dead center. The Alien exploded. Black shrapnel flew into the air. Cordelia lowered her hand.

“Retched filth.” Cordelia muttered to herself. “Your kind will never be worthy to stand with us.”

“And your kind will never see the end coming.” Illyria said as she stepped out of a portal. She punched Cordelia in the face. The Power That Be fell backwards and landed on her back.

“I am Illyria! I lived seven lives at once! I am the glory of battle and the ecstasy of death! I am the maker of worlds, the shaper of things!” Illyria hovered over the prone form of Cordelia. She could see the fear in her eyes. Cordelia wiped the blood from her lips then disappeared in a flash of light. Illyria walked back to her throne.

Cordelia appeared in the main laboratory of Wolf Ram and Hart next to her assistant. She was bruised and tired. Her assistant said nothing. It was clear the meeting with Illyria had not gone well. Cordelia watched as technicians made final adjustments to the machine that held Mesektet. Cordelia was furious. She bit her lip as she held her anger inside.

“Payback will be a bitch.” She thought. “When the time comes I’m going to burn the Old Ones, the Earth and anything that get’s in my way.” Cordelia tapped her fingers on the window overlooking Mesektet as she waited for her time to strike.
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