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Buffy AVP: Messiah

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Buffy AVP". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Aliens under the command of Illyria awaken the Old One that could destroy the world.

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chapter 17

The characters of the Alien and the Predator are property of 20th century Fox. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Something came at them from the ice. It was huge and white and fast. It had six legs, fur and eyes like a spider. Buffy freaked when she saw it. She freaked out more when a herd of thousands of them stampeded past throwing up flakes of ice and snow. They passed a clump of boulders covered in a red fungus that pulsed and sent up short sparks of fire. Buffy avoided it as they walked on. The world around them was becoming stranger. Long white tentacles moved under the ice making a high pitched screeching noise. The effects of Messiah were being felt even now. Things not seen for billions of years were starting to manifest in the cold waste.

Andorra checked the energy readings again. They were stronger now. Bright yellow and red lines displayed on her facemask. The prey was close. She was hunting the Old One as her genes commanded, she was hunting Illyria and she would find her prey. Something spiked on the energy readings. Andorra looked up. Something huge and white passed behind a mountain range half a mile away. The ground shook as it moved. Andorra could faintly see parts of it sticking out. Cones of brown and tan spikes jutted thousands of feet into the air. Andorra could swear she could see clusters of red eyes looking at her.

“This is the cursed place.” She said. “We were right to name it so.” Her display showed a sudden cluster of intense mystical energy. Andorra saw five clusters of mystical energy converge into a single spot then move past them.

“She is here!” Andorra yelled. Buffy could hear the excitement in her voice. “The Old One is here!” Both hunters turned and ran together. Andorra blindly followed the energy pattern. Buffy stopped when she saw where it was going.

“Wait!” Buffy yelled. Andorra had run out into the middle of a frozen lake. “This doesn't feel right.” She said. Buffy could feel spiders crawling along her skin. Her prophecy vision activated. All she could see was a red field of blood. A monster exploded from beneath the ice. It was well over three hundred feet tall. It’s colors were red and black. It skin was scaled like a deep ocean fish. Tentacles whipped into the air. Chunks of ice flew into the sky in long leisurely arcs. The surface of the lake split open. Zig zag cracks ran outward from the beast. Buffy knew what she was looking at. Her slayer senses screamed at her.

“This is Illyria in her true form!” She thought. This is the full power of a great Old One!”

Andorra ran. She kept fired a string of plasma charges that splattered against Illyria’s skin. A cloud of red and black streamers shot towards her. Tentacles grabbed Andorra by her throat and waist and lifted her high into the air. Illyria flexed and tore Andorra apart. Her scream echoed in the frigid air.

“Come Hive!” Illyria said as she dropped the wet chunks of Andorra into the freezing snow. “We have work to do.”

They stood in the observation level overlooking Mesektet. They had her wired into the machine. The technicians had finished connecting Mesektet to the computer that was the central nervous system of Wolf Ram and Hart. The computer was huge. It had to be. Not only did it occupy a nice chunk of the Wolf Ram and Hart building in this dimension but it occupied every Wolf Ram and Hart building in billions of dimensions beyond. It was programmed to execute spells written in the original language of the Engineers. These were spells obscenely complex and specific. If one chant was performed half a note off-pitch, or billion year old words mispronounced then everything out to a hundred light-years would be incinerated. The spell had to be utterly perfect. Cordelia planned on unleashing the powers of a god fueled by a god. Mesektet now served as the sacred object they needed to power the magics.

She looked over at Angel. Cordelia could see him looking at her. She could tell that he and Gunn were up to something. They traded whispers back and forth like school girls.

“Children” Cordelia thought. “I’m trying to save the world here and these children are whining about the body count.” Cordelia gave the sign. The machine sprang to life. Mesektet lay in a silver ring surrounded by flashing green lights. Vampire energies tapped into her bridging the connection between her and the central computers. The energies began to hum as they built to hellish levels. Cordelia didn’t even notice that Angel was now standing beside her.

“Nice little doomsday machine you have there.” Angel said. He stood next to Cordelia with his arms folded.

“A girl gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.” Cordelia said never taking her eyes off the great machine below.

“What is it exactly that you’re doing?” Angel asked. He had to know he was making the right decision.

“This is our last defense.” Cordelia said. “We won’t permit Messiah to rise. We won’t let the Old One’s into our sacred space.”

“You’re a snob.” Angel said to her. Cordelia looked at him briefly then shook her head.

“It’s about power.” She said. “If the Old Ones make it to where we are now then everything will change. They will cramp our style. So a few billion humans burn in the process, big deal. Power can never be shared.”

“Wrong.” Said Angel. He showed his vampire face. His fangs appeared. In a blink of an eye he was on her. Angel sank his teeth into Cordelia before she could move. Her eyes rolled upwards. She desperately reached for any power she had left. It was too late. This is what the Senior Partners feared billions of years ago. As they worked feverishly to acquire power they knew the vampire could take it away with a single bite.

Angel released her as all the powers of the Powers that Be flooded into him. It felt like his head was exploding. Billions of years of knowledge slammed into him. He saw the trillions of galaxies in creation and the trillions of galaxies in the universes beyond this one. He saw his life and how it fit into the plans of the Powers That Be. He saw the tedious grasp they had over reality. He knew what they feared and what they wanted most of all. With all of their power and all of their knowledge all the Powers That Be really wanted was the approval of their parents. Angel could see the Engineer standing over him. It was well over ten feet tall and well built yet it’s features were soft and curved. The engineer had a short button nose and doll black eyes. It’s head was bald. The engineer looked at him. Angel couldn’t tell if this was a memory or a real time connection.

“A second order meta-recursive parasite.” The Engineer said to itself as it examined the energies that sustained Angel. “Impressive. We should have taken more for study.” The Engineer was clearly talking to someone just out of visual range.

“Please.” Angel said humbly. “Messiah is rising…” The Engineer stared at him. Then he understood what Angel was asking. A pained look came over his face. He understood the terrible choice that had to be made.

“The Old Ones are an anachronism. We don’t need them anymore. We have other specimens. If they return we will have a place for them. If not, our experiments will go on. You have a choice to make vampire but you may not have options.” The Engineer cut the connection. Angel understood. As the powers of the Powers That Be sang in him he stepped over the body of Cordelia to stare at the hellish machine below. He knew the Engineer was right. Mesektet was their last defense against the rising of Messiah and the resurrection of the Old Ones. He had a choice to make but he didn’t have any options. Angel ordered the calibration of the machine to continue.

They entered the portal. Buffy numbly walked behind Illyria in her Alien form. She was sad and angry. A friend of hers had just died. Around them the arctic remained but now they were in a space adjacent to the world. They stood upon a black disk thousands of miles wide. The sky above was a strange mix of pink and white. There was no distortion to the horizon. The land was flat black to infinity which merged into the sky. Buffy knew where Illyria was leading her.

“So where is Messiah?” she asked.

“You standing on him.” Illyria answered.

Buffy looked down. The ground beneath her began to rumble.

“You’re too late.” Illyria said. “Did you think someone like me would need the full three days? It is finished, Hive. Messiah is rising.”
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