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Buffy AVP: Messiah

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Buffy AVP". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Aliens under the command of Illyria awaken the Old One that could destroy the world.

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chapter 19

The characters of the Alien and the Predator are property of 20th century Fox. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

The power of Mesektet hovered over the sun. She greeted it like a child finding her favorite toy. Her powers wrapped around the star in a tight embracing love. She never wanted to let go but alas she could feel her new masters tugging on her leash. The magics of Wolf Ram and Hart had work for her to do. The powers of Mesektet quickly scanned the star looking for a perfect place to perform it’s deed. It found what it was looking for in a patch of boiling plasma heated to well over five thousand degrees. She was the primal darkness, the fabric on which all the stars and galaxies sat. As per instructions she warped space into a special shape designed by her masters. She dipped it into the sun and waited for her cup to fill with a nuclear fire.

She was caught in a world of white. She was caught up in the power of Messiah which filled every cell of her body. She could feel sharp pricks on her skin and a tingling in her belly.

They energy of the Old One exploded outwards. It filled the world for hundreds of miles around. Buffy felt herself burn away. All that remained of her were the things that were not human.

“Buffy? Wake up Buffy?” She heard the voice of Willow say in her ear. “Please wake up.” Willow sounded scared. She knew the end was near. “Buffy, we have to go home now. The fire is coming.”

Over a volume of hundreds of cubic miles the power of Mesektet had folded space into a funnel. Untold power flowed into the cup of fire as solar flares and sunlight were compressed into a glowing tube. The precision of the magics were impressive. Mesektet forced space itself to form tiny valleys of parallel lines at the sub-atomic level. The process was one hundred percent efficent. The sheer power of the sun flowed into the funnel and ten to the 37th joules of energy exploded from the other end as a gamma ray laser aimed directly at Messiah.

Across the Earth the Old Ones were awakening. The Deeper Well was filled with a yellow light and the moaning of the ancient dead. The Wolf Ram and Hart building shook as the land it stood on was pounded by a series of increasing destructive earthquakes. Anything with even a single cell of an Old One was summoned back to the world by the ark that was Messiah.

But this was what the Engineers forgot when they made their gods and monsters, you cannot put god in a box, it will always escape. Only hours after being created, the artificial cells made from enchanted DNA which formed the Old Ones dug deep into the Earth and escaped into orbit infecting both the Yautja home world and life on Earth even billions of years after the Old Ones were gone.

Willow stood over Buffy. She watched her best friend. She had her memories back and her flesh as well. Willow looked to her left. A Yautja female lay on the surface of Messiah next to Buffy. Willow stood there trying to absorb the truth of the fantastic events her memories were telling her. She had to think of something to do quickly. The fire was on its way.

The Earth was in her bulls’ eye. Mesektet guided the horrific energies she had released into a precision hit. From high above the Arctic, she could see the bloated form of Messiah. She would kill this Old One as she wished to kill every one of the supernatural creatures that come to infect her planet. This was the happiest she had been in over a billion years. A flash of lighting hotter than the sun hit the Earth stabbing into Messiah. It punched through its outer shields, then hundreds of feet of skin then its inner shields. The laser punched through Messiah and shattered the ice shelf below. It heated the entire surface of Messiah at once to over ten thousand degrees before it exploded. Billions of gallons of water flashed into steam as the entire arctic landmass was evaporated. But it was too late. Buffy was gone.

Angel watched the Earth burn on a set of sixty inch high definition monitors. Behind him the Power That Be that was Cordelia had recovered. She whispered in his ear.

“Nice work old man.” She purred. “You may have just earned that Shanshu.”

Angel turned to face her. His face red with anger. His eyes moist with tears.

Get the hell out my universe!” he barked. Angel showed his fangs.

“Your loss kid.” The thing pretending to be Cordelia disappeared in a flash of light. Angel turned back to the screens. He watched huge chunks of the Earth burn and wondered that even if he lived for another million years would he ever be forgiven.

Giles had a cup of tea. He was worried. His slayer had disappeared days ago after deciding to check on the Hellmouth. This was not like her, lately.

“Buffy, I wish you would check in with me.” Giles muttered to himself.

Just then a soft white light and a whooshing sound came from the living room. Giles jumped up from the table to investigate. Standing there was Willow Rosenberg fully nude. At her feet was Buffy laying next to a strange alien monster.

“Oh my.” Giles said. Willow looked at him dumbly. It took a moment for him to understand. He went to find something for her to wear.
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