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Buffy AVP: Messiah

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Buffy AVP". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Aliens under the command of Illyria awaken the Old One that could destroy the world.

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chapter 20

The characters of the Alien and the Predator are property of 20th century Fox. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

A day later she sat watching T.V. Buffy sat on the couch watching the television. Dawn and Xander and Faith and Willow were all piled around her. Buffy had gone missing for days. They were glad to have her back. She had told them of everything that had happened to her. They were amazed at Buffy had experienced. She had actually met an Old One and had even been inside of one.

They were even more shocked when they walked through the door and saw Willow there, the same Willow that had been torn apart by Buffy’s hands and teeth. Giles checked on the shallow grave they had dug for her in the back yard. Sure enough the body they had buried was gone.

“Do you feel any different?” Buffy had asked her.

“I feel the way I’ve always felt.” Willow answered. Willow understood more than anyone what the Engineers had overlooked. They were so busy focusing in on the Great Old Ones that they had created they forgot about the enchanted microscopic lifeforms they had used to build their monsters. The Earth was filled with them. As life evolved, the genes of the Old Ones found a way to become part of the new order. Three billion years later, Willow Rosenberg was born.

“No, I mean how do you feel about knowing that you have the genes of the Old Ones inside of you and that Messiah resurrected you like any Old One.” Buffy said. She had seen the reports from all over the world. Thousands of people, once thought dead, were spotted walking the Earth as if nothing had happened to them.

“I’m ok with that.” Willow said. “It’s better than being dead. Plus that would explain why I’m, so good at the magics.” Buffy felt she had to say something. She felt an overwhelming amount of guilt.

“I’m sorry Willow.” Buffy said as she had said over and over again for the last day. “I’m sorry I made you die.” Willow patted her back as Buffy hugged her.

“Hey, are you still hearing voices in your head?” Willow asked.

“Nope. I’m the only one in here.” Buffy pointed to her temple.

“Good.” Willow said. “It was getting crowded in there.” Buffy looked at her puzzled.

“I remember everything Buffy.” Willow said. “ I remember being with Hive in the Deeper Well, I remember the road trip to the arctic. I remember the offer Illyria made you.” Willow ran her hand through the dark red hair. “Let’s never do that again.” She said. Buffy agreed. They both resumed watching television.

“Scientists are still at a loss to explain the unusual solar flare that decimated the arctic ice shelf.” On the television screen were images of shattered icebergs, millions of dead animals and the brown dirt of the arctic land mass exposed to sunlight for the first time in millions of years. Scientists are also reporting elevated radiation levels and the presence of rare radioisotopes.“ The screen switched to a image of the arctic from high orbit. The center of the arctic landmass still glowed where Mesektet had burned the Earth. The incinerated form of Messiah was nowhere to be found. The announcer continued. “Weather patterns on a global level have been altered as billions of tons of fresh water injected high into the air as steam is altering wind patterns worldwide. Most cities along the ocean are expected to be flooded by this summer. “ Buffy turned the sound down. “I’m glad it’s over.” She said. Willow agreed.

Darkness covered the world. Night had fallen. Along the street, lamps lit by the simple commands of the machines that ruled them came to life. A cold amber glow illuminated the world. A faint wind blew stirring the tops of trees casting shadows that danced on the cold asphalt roads. As the shadows moved something in the shadows moved also. Buffy wore her yummy sushi pajamas with the pictures of bright red fish and other delicious forms of sea life. She had brushed her hair and made sure that it was long and luxurious. She stood and walked to the window of her bedroom. This was the same window Angel had snuck into a lifetime ago. She watched shadows moving on the strangely quiet streets. Buffy opened the window. Her initial assessment was correct. Her street was dead quiet. Not even the leaves made a sound as they swayed in the wind.

“That’s creepy.” Buffy muttered to herself as she walked towards the bed. The house creaked. She could swear she had heard something moving in the hallway. Buffy poked her head into the hall. It was empty as it should be. Willow and Dawn were asleep in their rooms and everyone else had left hours ago. She turned back to her room. A shape shimmered in the corner of her eye. Buffy backed up. She could see the shape moving towards her. The glimmer shifted. Buffy tripped and fell backwards. The room flickered black as the wind was knocked out of her. The shape stood over her. The evil leaned in over her and dropped her shields. Illyria emerged out of thin air. The first mouth opened, then the second. The Alien drooled. A clear slime ran down the corner of its face as it watched Buffy with alien senses. It wanted to penetrate her and lay it’s eggs deep in her sloppy wet flesh. The alien raised its tail. A streak of black stabbed the air.

And was stopped by the hand of Andorra Null. The predator stood over Buffy. She dropped her shields and fired. A blue white plasma ball exploded. The alien was slammed backwards by the force. The room was torn apart. Andorra lunged. Her bulk slammed into the alien crushing it. She leaned forward with her hands around its neck. Buffy lifted herself up on her elbows. She saw the fight just outside her room.

“You gotta be kidding me.” She said.

The alien tail shot up and around the throat of the predator. Illyria squeezed with all the strength of an Old One. The hands of the predator went to her throat. That’s when the alien moved. Its black form shifted throwing the predator off of it. Both warriors scrambled to their feet. The Alien lunged knocking Andorra backwards. Both of them fell down the stairs. Buffy ran out of her room. She scrambled downstairs. Manning was sleeping on the couch. His eyes sprang open and grew big at the sight of the two monsters. Willow and Dawn came out of their rooms.

“Stay back!” Buffy yelled. “This is strictly between them!”

The Alien and Predator separated and circled each other. A high pitched whine filled the room. A plasma cannon was charging. The alien shifted backwards then disappeared.

“Everybody down!” Buffy yelled. Buffy, Willow, Manning and Dawn hit the floor. The predator unleashed a glowing diamond laced bullwhip that circled once around it’s head then cracked the air as the predator whipped the room. On the third crack, acid blood splattered against the wall burning the wallpaper. The alien reappeared. It had a long bleeding scar running along it’s side. The Predator lunged. The alien skittered up the wall. Buffy watched open mouthed as it crawled along the ceiling. The Predator shook a block of metal. It shape shifted into a six foot metallic spear. The predator aimed once and threw it. It nailed the alien through the center. It loosed its hold on the ceiling and fell to the floor. Andorra stood over it a moment. She took her machete and swung. The Alien's head off. Acid blood burned the floor. Buffy walked up to the Predator and tapped her on the shoulder. The predator turned to look at her.

“You’re going to pay for that.” Buffy said .


“So what else did you get Buffy?” Xander asked. They were in her room. Mysterious packages had been arriving all week. This was after a small fleet of robots had showed in the middle of the night to repair the Summer’s home.

“I ordered one other thing.” Buffy showed him the black scythe she ordered from the weapons catalog. Buffy held the predator weapon. She watched it as it’s grey metal blade shimmered in the light sending out silver white sparkles. It was their version of the scythe. As she held it, she could see a set of four cryptic runes slowly appear on the handle. She examined the weapon with great enthusiasm.

“I can’t wait to see what this thing does.” Buffy said as she smiled.

Near the Yautja Home world:

Andorra hovered above the blue white ball that was home. She could see bright white clouds and deep blue water from where she hung in orbit. The flagship “Aerial Strike” was safely home in the family shipyards. She had received her score from the exchange and was quite happy with it. She was making a decision. The genes of the Old Ones were active in her now. She was unique in all her species. She was the only Yautja that remembered her purpose. The Yautja were build to hunt the Old Ones. Andorra knew that now. She had made her decision. Fusion engines sprang to life as she aimed her ship to the furthest edges of the big playground. She could feel the other Old Ones sleeping in the planets nearby.

The Predator started her hunt.

The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy AVP: Messiah". This story is complete.

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