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Buffy AVP: Messiah

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Buffy AVP". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Aliens under the command of Illyria awaken the Old One that could destroy the world.

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Chapter 4

The characters of the Alien and the Predator are property of 20th century Fox. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.


The Earth was a hellscape. It was a barren and broken land of molten fires and black smoke. The Earth was young and its heart was hot. Bright red lava gushed from its core building and burning the land. Even after millions of years, the Earth was still cooling from the solar nebula that had created it.

They had searched for millennia for the perfect place. Here they believed they had found it. From their mile long ships, the Engineers gazed out upon the horrific landscape that was to become the workshop of horrors they intended to perform. They needed an expendable place to manifest certain theories of creation. They needed a defenseless place they could damage and no one would care. Tens of thousands of years of research in the engineering of artificial life forms would climax in the thing they were planning to do now. They came here to build gods and monsters.

They had created a blood bomb. Blood was food. Blood was life. The single cell organisms they had built from mystical atoms in their labs were suspended in a nutrient mix and placed into the warheads of thousands of missiles. They seeded the burning Earth below them and waited. In less than a year they were rewarded beyond their wildest dreams. The Great Old Ones exploded into existence under the thumb of the ruthless process of natural selection. Using the magics build into the atoms of their genes, the Old Ones speciated to capture the niches of the magic that powered them. They were a curious mix of form and function and magic. They were power made flesh.


“And for a while, things were good.” Cordelia said. Her audience listened to her in rapt attention.

“For a while?” asked Angel.

“Well, you can’t have paradise without a serpent.” She answered.


For thousands of years the Engineers were farmers. They nurtured the Old Ones. They groomed them. And sometimes they had to cull branches of the Old One family tree that carried the fruits of abomination. And somewhere in the twinkling darkness between their constant warring and culling by the Engineers, intelligence was born. The Old Ones were still monsters but now they were smart monsters. With their intelligence came ambition. An Old One who had watched the Engineers and learned their ways created his own creations. And so, the Children of the Shadow were born.

But the use of their intelligence was dulled by the usefulness of their power. In their shadow, smaller weaker beings were born from their enchanted blood. Shape shifters, vampires and other monsters emerged from beneath their shadows. Chef among these were three creatures that would come to be called the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart. They were barely above the vampire in the time of the Old Ones. So they put their heads together and swore an eternal oath to acquire power wherever they found it. Their first task was to remove everything that stood between them and absolute power. They had to find a way to get rid of the Engineers and the Old Ones that stood in their way. What the Wolf, Ram and Hart lacked in power they made up with in intelligence. They started their attack with a simple question.

“Is this all there is?” They asked the Engineers. “Could there be worlds beyond this plane of existence?” The Engineers were intrigued. They had begun to suspect that there were dimensions beyond the one’s they knew.

And so the contest was born. With the help of the Wolf, Ram and Hart the Engineers found a higher dimension in which to ascend. They would only take a handful of Old One’s with them. They would only take the strongest and the most obedient. The Wolf, Ram and Hart stepped back and watched the Old Ones war among themselves for thousands of years for the privilege of ascension while they worked on a way to eliminate the vampire. And when it was done, the elite, the best and brightest Old Ones ascended with the Engineers from the charnel pits of Earth. Before they left the universe, the Engineers build one last Old One. A special creature that they hid deep within the Earth. They promised that when the time was right, the Old One called Messiah will rise and the time of the Old Ones in the Earth will be done.


“Wait a minute!” said Angel. He’d understood what Cordelia was saying. “You’re saying that the Senior Partners created the Powers that Be?”

“No.” Cordelia said. “They created the conditions that created the Powers That Be. Millions of years passed before the ascended Old Ones assumed the mantle of power. Remember Jasmine?
She was still a bit of a monster.”

“But” Angel said.

“The tale is not done yet.” Said Cordelia. “miles to go...”


They were lost. The remaining Old Ones were cut off from their creator. All they had left was the dead weight of eternity and their constant wars. The Wolf, Ram and Hart used that. They planted a prophecy among the Old Ones. They lead the Old Ones to believe that in a sacred place set aside by the Engineers, Messiah will rise and take those who were left behind to the dimension of the Powers That Be. This place was nearly on the other side of the galaxy in the outer spiral arms hundreds of thousands of light years from the spot near the galactic core the Earth occupied.

And so the Old Ones pooled their power and performed a profound act of magic. They moved the Earth clear across the galaxy to its current location to a star cursed by the Senior Partners to kill vampires.


“Sorry Angel.” Said Cordelia. “But your old bosses were the ones that gave the sun the power to kill you. That’s why they were able to create the tempered glass that blocks the curse.” Angel was dumbfounded.

“So you see.” Said Cordelia. “The Old Ones are not aliens. They were created here. It’s the Earth itself that is the alien. “

“Does this get any worse?” He asked.

“Oh yes!” Cordelia said brightly. “From here things gets much, much worst.”


The Senior Partners were winning. The best of the Old Ones and the Engineers were gone and the vampire was relegated to the dark places of the Earth. However, there were consequences for them cursing the sun. The Ra-Tet were now bound to the Earth. The Senior Partners had to deal with the constant presence of Mesektet and her kind. There were other complications as well. Moving the Earth across the galaxy used a tremendous amount of magical energy. From thaumogenesis came a plethora of lower demons. There was chaos on the Earth. Slowly, over thousands of years the Wolf, Ram and Hart began to structure and implement laws that would bring order out of the chaos.


“This law firm is the foundation and end of the world. It has been around a very long time.” Cordelia said. “And now we’re at the end. Illyria has escaped the deeper well. She will awaken Messiah. Messiah will rise and the Earth will burn.”

“Why?” Angel asked.

“Messiah will deliver thousands of Old Ones to a higher dimension. The Earth itself will be it's fuel.” Cordelia said. “So fight for me or everybody dies.” Angel understood.

She had returned to the cursed place. Andorra Null dropped out of hyperspace a thousand miles above the burning ambers of Jupiter. Wisps of glowing gasses streaked across the space that once held the gas giant. She was hunting the flagship of the fleet. She had assumed it was destroyed when she ignited Jupiter in her hunt for the first evil. She found it exactly where Mortok had left it. The “Aerial Strike” was burned black on one side. The twenty mile long asteroid that was the flagship of the fleet had taken the full brunt of the energies released when she had turned the power of a solar system sized particle beam weapon on the metallic hydrogen core of Jupiter. She watched her brother’s ship slowly grow in her view screen.

“Has she responded yet?” Andorra asked her executive officer.

“No captain. The mind of the “Aerial Strike” does not respond.” He said. Andorra’s executive officer was one of her many cousins. He was well over six feet tall with thick arms and a broad chest. The silence of the flagship worried her. Initial scans had revealed that the engines of the “Aerial Strike” were operational. There was a very short list of things that would prevent the artificial intelligence that controlled the ship from responding. At the top of the list was the Plague. Yautja ships were programmed never to return to the Home world if any alien presence was detected onboard.

Andorra felt unease at something else. The last time she was here she had encountered a being of such power that it singlehandedly tore her fleet apart. It had shattered space and burned her fleet with the fires of vacuum energy. It called itself Hive and it had ordered her to never return to this solar system in force again. Andorra hoped that Hive would forgive her single ship.

“This place really is cursed.” Andorra thought to herself. Her family had files on the Senior Partners going back thousands of years. They knew some of the deep secrets.

“Admiral, we’re picking up reading for the plague and something else. We’re detecting ghost energies. There’s definitely something supernatural on that ship.” Andorra smiled. This system just kept on giving. She activated the ships intercom.

“Attention crew.” Her voice echoed throughout the ship. “There are points available on the “Ariel Strike”. Personnel not on duty are invited to increase score by hunting the Plague. In addition, there may be additional points awarded by hunting the unnatural. That is all.” She closed the intercom. Andorra gathered her plasma rifle, throwing stars, various knifes and a satchel of grenades as she readied for the hunt.

Her ship docked with the “Aerial Strike.” She had noticed that the main docking bay was burned out as if a ship’s engine had been held as a blow torch to it.

“Mortok, what have you been doing?” She thought of her oldest brother and smiled.

The airlock opened. Andorra split the hunting party into four groups. She activated her plasma rifle as she led her squad into the dark shadows of the “Aerial Strike”. Special scanners on her facemask that allowed her to see spectral forces showed her tens of thousands glowing life signs in the over twenty-five thousand cubic mile interior space of the “Aerial Strike”. She made herself invisible. She would become like the phantoms she hunted. Andorra became the haunter in the dark.
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