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Buffy AVP: Messiah

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Buffy AVP". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Aliens under the command of Illyria awaken the Old One that could destroy the world.

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Chapter 6

The characters of the Alien and the Predator are property of 20th century Fox. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Cordelia stood looking out the window framed in a halo of sunlight. Her back was towards Angel and everyone else in the room. She was lost in her thoughts. He had delivered the first part of the message given to her by the Powers That Be. She was preparing herself to deliver the second part of the message. She knew this part was going to suck badly. She turned her head and saw Angel looking at her intensely. She knew what he was thinking. They had worked side by side for years. Feelings had developed between them.

“I’m sorry baby.” She said. “Cordelia is gone.” Angel understood. He hung his head and let his grief overwhelm him. Cordelia made her way back to the table.

“This is the stuff I left out.” She said.


The Engineers knew there was a problem. The Old Ones were an artificial lifeform made from synthetic genes made from atoms that were blessed. The Old Ones were built by magic to contain magic. The Engineers were building gods. The engineers wanted to explore the emergence of spiritual forces as a by-product of natural selection. Their goals were almost the same as the thesis paper written by Eve billions of years afterwards. The Engineers knew there was an interaction between flesh and sprit. They called the process synthesis. The Senior Partners would take up the exploration of that idea billions of years later with Barik Null and Buffy Summers. But there was something the Engineers missed.

The divine cannot be contained.

The genes they used to create the Old Ones escaped the ancient Earth. They spread like magic throughout the galaxy. Unless they found a way to contain what they had unleashed, creation itself would be overrun with monsters. So they did two things. They took the suggestions of the Senior Partners and ascended to a higher plane of existence effectively cutting off the contamination and secondly, they found a race of Predators and made it so they would hunt the supernatural but only if they encountered something that had the same genes as the Old Ones.


“It was one of those Predators that took out Los Angeles. “ Cordelia said. She smiled to herself. “Looks like our hunting dogs have developed a mind of their own.” Angel looked at her strangely. There was something missing from that story.

“How could these “Predators” hunt the Old Ones if the Old Ones are in the deeper well here on Earth?”

“Simple.” Cordelia answered. “Billions of years ago, the Earth and the predator home world were next door neighbors separated only by a few hundred million miles. Earth was once part of the Yautja solar system.”


The Engineers were not without mercy. They had realized that they were taking the best and the brightest of the Old Ones to ascend with them. They had mercy on those they left behind. The Engineers build the only Old One not buried in the Deeper Well. They built Messiah. This Old One was designed to punch through dimensions. It is an ark build to ferry the Old Ones if they could find a way to activate it.


“So what do the Powers want from us?” Angel asked.

“We need you to contain Mesektet.” Cordelia replied. “Through her the sun can be controlled. If she is not contained, the sun will nova. Bye-bye Earth, Bye-bye Old Ones, Bye-bye Buffy.”

“So, let me get this straight.” Angel said. “You want us to save the Old Ones?”

“No.” Cordelia said. “We want you to save the world. The Old Ones just happen to benefit along with, you know, everyone on Earth.”

“Besides, there is no way we are going to risk those idiots escaping the Deeper Well.” Cordelia thought to herself. The Powers That Be looked down on the Old Ones as if they were the poor relatives they were ashamed of. We were chosen from among them because we are better than them.” Cordelia felt the pride of the Powers That Be swelling within her.

“Any questions?” She asked. No one responded. “Good.” said Cordelia. “Now I have only one last detail to cover. This is about the day everything changed.”


The Engineers were leaving. For hundreds of years they had carefully wound down their planet wide experiments. For centuries they had been slowly disengaging from the Old Ones they had created. Oddly, in their own way the Old Ones began to miss the presence of their creators. As an act of sympathetic magic the Old Ones began to mimic the engineers. They tinkered with their genes and out of them came the Children of the Shadow. The Alien they had created was absolute and beautiful in it’s power to spread death. But it did more than extinguish life. It recorded life. It was the immortality of the soul by the immolation of the flesh. The Old Ones hoped to use the alien to gather all the knowledge of the galaxy into one place. The Old Ones would then be greater than the Engineers that had created them. The creation would become greater than the creator.

On the last day of the Engineers, an alien found its way on to one of their ships. An Engineer was impregnated. It’s blood memories flooded into the library of knowledge. And so it was done. The Old Ones had, deep in the blood memories of the Alien, all the knowledge of the Engineers. Afterwards, they looked out upon the stars and dreamed of all the possible things they would do next.


Illyria woke from a dream.

The energies she had used filling the “Aerial Strike” with demons had left her exhausted. She slumped into her black throne and fell into a paranatural sleep that mixed her memories with the blood memories of the Alien. In her dream, she saw ships miles long floating in the sky. She saw old allies and enemies in the ancient dust and bright red lava of the primordial Earth. Blood memories long buried began to work their way to the surface. She felt something like she had never felt before. She felt regret and then sorrow. Everyone she knew was long dead and turned to dust. The rest of her species were imprisoned in the Deeper Well. Illyria was trapped in the body of an alien drone. She wanted to cry. Her alien body was incapable.

It stole her tears.
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