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The Adventures of Dru the Ensouled

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Scoobies & Stargates". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Drusilla's got a soul. Angel Investigations has another seer. Wolfram & Hart aren't happy.

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Chapter Three

Lindsey thought it might be for the best if he answered what was hopefully an evil demon with a soul's question about who he and Vail were before trying to find out who he/it was. "I'm Lindsey McDonald, this is Cyvus Vail. We both work for Wolfram & Hart."

The man lent forward. "Nice try. But I've met the Wolf, Ram and Hart, and they don't employ humans. Cyvus, maybe, but not you."

Lindsey was taken aback, although there was no real reason why he should be. He had always known that the Senior Partners existed in many different dimensions, but this man had to be extremely influential to have met them and survived to tell the tale.

However, Lindsey wouldn't allow anyone to denigrate him, even such an influential person. "Let me assure you, in this dimension, Wolfram & Hart make great use of humans." he explained.

The man sighed. "Ah, I'm in another dimension. That makes sense. Now, how can I get back?" the man hadn't seemed to move, and his voice wasn't appreciably different, but the question had definitely been more menacing than his previous tone.

"You have to do something for us." said Lindsey warily.

"Right. What is it? I don't do the whole three wishes thing, you'll need a djinn for that."

"No, nothing like that. But might I ask you your name first?" said Lindsey. If he knew the name, he could research him, and perhaps find something that would make it impossible to do anything else other than what Lindsey wanted him to do.

"But of course. I'm called Cole Turner." said Cole.

Lindsey's eyes narrowed. He'd been expecting a more demonic name, more akin to, say, Vail's. "And you're a demon, yes? And have a soul? Both are vital to our plan."

Suddenly, the man changed form. Instead of the handsome man in the immaculate suit, there was now a considerably bulkier red and black skinned demon, clothed in some kind of black cloth that looked like nothing that Lindsey had ever seen. "But you can call me Belthazor." Cole - Belthazor - said, voice now much deeper and more grating.

Lindsey smiled. This was perfect. He explained Holland's plan - although he passed it off as his own, much to Vail's amusement, and Lindsey also carefully didn't tell Cole why they wanted Drusilla on their side rather than merely having her killed. Nor did he tell Belthazor why they had chosen him specifically to do the job.

Belthazor didn't seem to notice. He merely said "Is that all you want me to do, turn this vampire - I can't believe you still have those, we eliminated them millennia ago - to your cause, and then I can get back to my dimension?"

"That's pretty much the size and shape." Lindsey acknowledged.

Belthazor wavered, fading away like a heat mirage, and vanished. Vail let out a startled exclamation, then declared "No, it's impossible. No one can teleport in or out of my mansion!"

Lindsey smiled, amused to see Vail's discomfort. "He is from another dimension, Vail. We brought him along because the seer wouldn't be able to see him. What makes you think that your spells will have any effect on him either?"

Vail seemed somewhat mollified at that, but still muttered "Nevertheless, I will have to rework my spells to stop that from happening again." then, louder and clearly directed at Lindsey "Get you gone."

Lindsey went, keen to report his success to Holland. He wondered how Lilah was getting on with her quest to find the witch who had sent Drusilla to LA. Personally, Lindsey didn't think she'd have much success on that front. Not if he could do anything about it.


Doyle looked from Angel to the crazy woman who Angel had just declared had a soul. If Angel knew Drusilla normally didn't have a soul, which pretty much meant that she was most likely a vampire, as most demons did have souls, although their form of conscience could be vastly different.

So Doyle decided to test this hypothesis by saying "So, boss, one of your clique from the old days has shown up with a soul. What are you going to do about it?"

"Do about what?" said Cordelia from the doorway, having returned from her miserable failure of an audition. Neither Angel nor Doyle had heard her come in, and if Drusilla had she had given no sign of it. She was too busy examining the wrist that had been injured in Vail's attack.

Of course, it wasn't long before Cordelia noticed Drusilla sitting there. Cordelia knew Drusilla back from her Sunnydale days, and to say she was none too keen to see her again was an enormous understatement. Cordelia's voice climbed several octaves as she shrilly said "What's she doing here?" her finger levelled at Drusilla accusingly, who merely looked at it with interest.

"She has a soul." Angel said, purposefully not really answering her question, if only because he didn't know why Drusilla was here in the first place, or what to do with her.

Cordelia took a deep, calming breath. "Right. A soul. Right. Now, does that make her any less crazy?"

Drusilla answered before Angel could. "Less crazy? Is insanity measured in grams? Gallons? Or some kind of currency, perhaps. Crazy crowns? Am I less insane than I was? Was I insane before, or saner than you? After all, you don't see things, not things right under your nose. Does she, demon boy?" she finished, glancing at Doyle at the last part, who uncharacteristically blushed.

"I'll take that as a no, then." said Cordelia decisively. However, she still looked at Doyle curiously, and Doyle braced himself to reveal his part-demon heritage to Cordelia, but was interrupted by the sudden arrival of a suited man walking into the room, which was promptly followed by Drusilla's chair slamming against the wall as she fought to get as far away as possible from him.

"I do hope I'm not interrupting anything?" the man said, a hint of amusement colouring his voice.

Cordelia took in the well-tailored suit and immediately set aside the problem of the insane vampire cowering in the corner. This man looked wealthy enough that if they could secure him as a client, she might actually be able to draw a salary for once. "No, not at all, not at all. This is Angel Investigations, is there anything we can do for you?"

"You're not human." said Angel coldly, having smelt the demon on the man.

The man smiled. "No, not entirely. But then, neither is three quarters of your little group. I'm Cole Turner." Cole said, extending a hand to shake. He withdrew it seconds later when Angel refused to take it.

"Wait, three quarters - but I'm not a demon!" said a confused Cordelia.

"No, you're not." Cole agreed. Then he frowned. "Although you do look strikingly like a seer I know."

Realization dawned on Cordelia as she looked at an extremely apologetic Doyle. Only her desire to make some money out of Cole stopped Cordelia from having a rant at him right then and there.

Drusilla had seemingly gotten over her fear of Cole, as she got up and prodded him, hard, in the shoulder. Cole looked at her with interest, but caught her hand as she moved to do it again. "Please don't do that." he said politely.

Drusilla looked at him, full in the face, and Angel was surprised to see that she looked more lucid than he had seen her since before he, as Angelus, had tortured her until her mind broke. "Why can't I see you?" she whispered. "Why can't I see anything around you, and why have the voices stopped?"

Cole dropped her hand. "I don't know. I don't know how things work in - around here." he changed his sentence smoothly.

However, Angel had his doubts about him. The only people he had seen who were as well-dressed as Cole were evil lawyers. For all he knew, Cole could just be part of the latest batch of them.

Doyle had apparently had the same idea. "You wouldn't happen to be a lawyer, would you now?" he asked, warily.

Cole looked surprised. "Well, yes, actually. I passed the bar some time ago. Why?"

"Why, you work for Wolfram & Hart, that's why." Angel snarled.

Cole just looked even more baffled. "Does the Triad have lots of lawyers in this dimension then?"

Now it was Angel's turn to be confused. Doyle summed it up by saying "You know, I understood what all the words in that sentence meant, but I don't have clue what you are talking about. Would you mind explaining?"

Cole looked at them, calculatingly. Then he said "No, I don't think so. Not yet, at least. I need to go and find out a few things first."

Then several things happened simultaneously. Firstly, Cole vanished, secondly Doyle, for the second time that day, had a vision, and this time of an old seemingly abandoned building, thirdly, Drusilla began keening.

Meanwhile, Angel was contemplating how to break into Wolfram & Hart and find out exactly what was going on.


Cole needed answers, and without the familiar tug of the underworld to guide him, he hadn't the faintest of clues as to where he might go to get them. He didn't really understand how anything worked in this dimension he had found himself into.

So when he shimmered out of Angel's dingy basement office, Cole had no specific destination in mind. He just held in his thoughts the idea of going somewhere where he might find answers to his questions.

Cole felt better when he found himself in some kind of subterranean cavern. It reminded him of home. He walked through it, contemplating his situation.

Cole was fairly sure the Triad had nothing to do with him being here, for all that one of their many names, the Wolf, Ram, and Hart, seemed to be bandied around so frequently here. But he wasn't sure whose side he should be on. Sure, Cyvus and Lindsey had claimed to be working for the Triad, but they simply didn't have the feel (Cole knew of no other description, given that it was a sense beyond the ordinary five. Or even six) that he had come to expect from their minions.

Besides, against his better judgement and to his immense surprise, Cole found that he had taken a liking to the little group that those two had set him up to break apart.

These musings were interrupted when Cole saw the grey figure that sat hunched like a gargoyle above the cavern's exit. He knew he was in a different dimension, but he hadn't thought that things were so fundamentally different here that anyone other than the Source could walk into the presence of Dinza, Goddess of the Lost, and leave afterwards. No other that Cole knew of had the power to match hers.

Apparently they were, as Dinza said, just as she had in the legends that Cole had heard, said in a harsh tone, "Speak your questions."

But none of the legends Cole had heard had mentioned Dinza saying "I am surprised to find one of your kind in this realm. But speak, Lost One, and if you interest me I may permit you to leave this place with your life."
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