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The Adventures of Dru the Ensouled

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Scoobies & Stargates". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Drusilla's got a soul. Angel Investigations has another seer. Wolfram & Hart aren't happy.

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Chapter Five

Doyle and Cordelia came rushing in, and Cordelia cried "Hey, Angel, we found the wa- oh." she cut herself off when she caught sight of an amused Cole. Then, doing as she always did when someone was around that she didn't want to face, Cordelia ignored him and looked at Angel and said "What's he doing here?" and, just as an added question about Drusilla, "And what's that crazy vampire still doing here?"

Angel sighed, which given the fact that he didn't breathe was rather strange, and said "I don't know. I don't know why either of them are here."

"I have no other place to go." whispered Drusilla, her voice so low that only Angel's hearing was good enough to pick it up.

However, Angel didn't want to deal with that now - in fact he'd rather not have to deal with that kind of stuff ever - but he could hardly go out and find whatever the Powers That Be wanted him to find at that warehouse, not until the sun went down in an hour or so. He said as much to Doyle and Cordelia, who looked faintly disappointed and turned to leave.

Cole broke in, saying "This warehouse, you know where it is?"

Cordelia snapped at him, saying "Well, of course. We could hardly go there if we didn't know where it was, could we?"

With a concentrated effort to restrain his temper, Cole managed to let that pass. "Well, as long as you know where it is and you hold the location in your mind, I can shimmer you there."

Angel rounded on him. "Okay, three things. Firstly, who are you? Secondly, why should we trust you? Thirdly, what's a shimmer?"

Cole decided not to answer those questions in order. "Shimmering is a form of teleportation practiced by certain demons in my dimension, which I was brought from by some kind of magic done by a red-skinned demon named Cyvus Vail and a lawyer named Lindsey McDonald. They wanted me to subvert Drusilla to their cause." Normally, Cole wouldn't have surrendered nearly as much information, but seeing as how it directly affected them and he had decided that he really didn't like what Wolfram & Hart were doing here, he thought there wouldn't be any harm in revealing the entire story.

"You work for Lindsey." stated Angel peremptorily.

"No, I was brought unwillingly from my own dimension by Lindsey. In this dimension, I don't work for anyone." said Cole, and he thought to himself if they ask who I worked for in my own dimension, I'm not going to tell them. That would be too much information.

Before Angel got the chance to ask the question his lips were already framing, Drusilla said "Thank you for the effort, but I'd really rather not be evil again, if you don't mind. I haven't had a soul for very long, and I don't want to stain it black."

For some reason, those words resonated with Cole. He had a soul, too. He tried not to think about it, but he had one, and he'd killed and tortured plenty of people - enough that even the soulless demons thought him bloodthirsty - and, according to Dinza, Drusilla had done much the same in her time, as had Angel (although apparently that hadn't been Angel but Angelus, which, as both Cole and Belthazor, he could identify with).

But they had souls now. Even Drusilla, who had only had a soul for a day at most, didn't want to do anything to sully it. Cole, the murderous demon who fought for ideologies, wondered why he'd never tried to see the point of view of those that the Underworld was dedicated to wiping out before.

However, Cole gave no outward sign of an inward change, and Angel took the opportunity to say the question that Drusilla had previously interrupted. "You didn't answer my other question." he said, softly.

"I trust him." said Drusilla, unexpectedly.

Angel knew that Drusilla was insane, but she was also a Seer. It was possible that Drusilla was just rambling inanely (although it had seemed that since she'd gotten a soul she seemed just a little less mad) but it was just as possible that she might have Seen something that indicated a reason it trust Cole. So Angel settled for saying "Why, have you seen something?"

"No, not a thing. When he's around, silence follows. I can't see anything, hear anything, around him." Drusilla said, surprisingly lucid. Angel realised that she hadn't become saner since she'd gotten a soul (it would've been mildly surprising if she had, given the decades Angel had spent living of rats and moping even more than - some people wrongly said he did now) she was saner when Cole was around. Angel had never considered the effect that having the Sight might have on Drusilla. He knew that many other Seers had been driven mad by what they saw, but he had always thought that it was a result of Angelus' physical and psychological torture that Drusilla was insane.

Cordelia, though, was understandably confused. "You're saying that we should trust him because you can't predict what he's doing? I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that trusting someone unpredictable is the wrong choice."

"I've got to agree with Cordy on this one." said Doyle sycophantically.

However, Doyle didn't get the response he was hoping for. Cordelia merely glared at him and said "Well, you didn't even tell me you were half-demon until your secret was already out, so you don't even get a vote!"

Doyle whined "Cordy, I explained that."

Cordelia softened slightly - only slightly - and said "I know you did, but I'm still angry at you! And at you, Angel, for not telling me." she said, rounding on the offending vampire, who didn't succeed in looking innocent.

Cole coughed, interrupting the dispute. "Don't you think that we are getting away from the issue in hand somewhat?"

"No!" Cordelia snapped at him "We are still deciding whether or not we should trust you... we are just deciding who should decide if you're trustworthy."

"Right, let's put it to a vote." said Angel mildly, because he really wanted to cut Cordelia off before she went into full blown rant mode. "All in favour of allowing Cole to teleport us to the warehouse, raise their hands."

Drusilla's hand shot up, whereas Cordelia's very emphatically didn't move. However, both of their decisions were made irrelevant by a Doyle clutching at his head in the throes of a vision.

When he returned seconds later, head feeling like it had been run through a blender, Doyle said urgently "We need to get to that warehouse now!"

"Good enough for me." Cole muttered, mildly disturbed by seeing someone have a vision next to someone who looked exactly like Kira the Seer. Fortunately, Angel's office was already pretty crowded by the amount of people in it, so it was easy for Cole to reach out and gain contact with everyone he wanted to shimmer.

Then they shimmered, and Cole hoped that Cordelia and Doyle were concentrating on where they wanted to shimmer to. He didn't want to accidentally shimmer to some other country entirely, or leave them stuck inside a wall.


Fortunately, Doyle and Cordelia had managed to hold their destination firmly in mind, and they teleported exactly where they had intended to go. Not that Cordelia, who was only human, and Doyle, who was still suffering from the after-effects of having a vision, enjoyed their first shimmer as they retched noisily. Even Angel felt slightly nauseated, although Drusilla let out a whoop of excitement.

"So, why are we here, exactly?" said Cole, looking around at the empty warehouse.

"Mr Visions-Give-Me-A-Headache had a vision of this place." said Drusilla disparagingly, as everyone else was too busy trying not to vomit or busy examine the building to answer.

"I go by Doyle now." said Doyle, having recovered slightly.

Angel, who had moved away from the rest of the group, suddenly bent down and tore at a piece of floor that was seemingly indistinguishable from the rest, to reveal a huddle of green, skeletal demons. There was something to be said for the solitary approach.

Doyle moved over to where the hidden trap door and called down to what he identified as Lister demons "Everyone! We've got to go!"

Before Doyle could say anything else, a voice (a young teenager, by the sound of him) called up "Why?"

"The Scourge is coming." Doyle said simply. Angel guessed by the sudden upsurge of talking amongst the demons in the pit that they knew what that was, which was good, because he certainly didn't.

So Angel took Doyle aside slightly and asked "What is the Scourge?"

"Death." said Doyle, melodramatically, but at a glare and an eye-roll from Angel (who would've thought that it was possible to do both at the same time?) he went on to say "They're demon supremacists who want to wipe out all half-breeds and humans. Kind of like the Nazis of the demon world."

Angel muttered something along the lines of "Great, Nazis. I wonder if Spike will show up?" then called over to Cole "Can you teleport them?"

Cole looked down at the mass of demons. "All of them? Don't be ridiculous. I can shimmer four, maybe five at once, but it's going to take me a long time to do this many. Where do you want me to shimmer them to?"

Angel thought for a moment, then said "There's another warehouse near the docks, the owner owes me money. From there, get them onto his ship."

"Right." said Cole, who strode over to Angel and grabbed him by the arm, then shimmered to the destination he had just described, then shimmered back. "Got it." Then Cole shimmered down into the hole and started evacuating Lister demons.

"It's not going to be fast enough, the Scourge is nearly here. Some of them are going to have to make a run for it, but unless the Scourge gets delayed, some are going to get caught, and then the information about the whereabouts of the others will be tortured from them." warned Doyle.

Angel smiled grimly. "I guess that means we'll have to come up with a delaying tactic then."

Doyle took a step back "Whoa, why are you looking at me like that? I'm not going to like this plan, am I?"

Drusilla, who had begun to have visions again now that Cole was busy shimmering back and forth, chuckled "No, you're not. But they are coming, so you don't really have a choice, do you, spiny."

Doyle grimaced and muttered "Why does she have to keep calling me names?"


Whilst Cordelia was busy helping the Listers escape through the back door, because even with Cole shimmering as many as he could (and scaring the life out of everyone when he reappeared looking like Belthazor, because this kind of high-frequency shimmering was ludicrously tiring) the Listers weren't getting out fast enough, Drusilla, Angel and Doyle (who was indeed spiny) made a run for it - out of the front door, right into the path of the marching squadron of the Scourge.

As the trio hared away, the soldiers (who, to Angel's disgust, were even wearing Nazi style uniforms) gave chase. They saw half-breeds, they chased half-breeds, and they killed half-breeds. It was as simple as that. None of them noticed the fact that it looked like Angel was chasing the other two.

Eventually, Doyle and Drusilla veered into an abandoned house, which Angel followed them into, and which the Scourge followed him into. That much went according to Angel's plan.

But Cole decided to take matters into his own hands.
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