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The Adventures of Dru the Ensouled

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Scoobies & Stargates". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Drusilla's got a soul. Angel Investigations has another seer. Wolfram & Hart aren't happy.

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Chapter One

Author's note: this story is a spin off (much like Angel itself) from my other series, Scoobies & Stargates. The events that give Drusilla her soul are to be found in "Adjustment Phase". However, this story will probably still make sense if you haven't read the other one. Let's just say, Willow gave Dru her soul back then teleported her to LA.

Set before Charmed, and about mid-season 1 for Angel. Sometime after Angel goes to see Buffy in Pangs, but before Doyle dies.

I do not own either the Buffy or Charmed franchise, or any part of it. This will continue to be the case throughout the story, so don't sue me.


Holland Manners was in the process of firing one of his junior lawyers (although how he'd ever managed to get beyond intern was beyond him. The man simply didn't seem to grasp that they were trying to keep mass-murdering demons out of prison. Apparently the lawyer still had morals) when his secretary politely knocked on the door and told him that Mr Vail was calling.

Holland sat back in his chair, staring inscrutably at the lawyer, who was fidgeting nervously. No doubt he was wondering whether Holland would fire him, but that wasn't the dilemma Holland was facing. "Take him to the Firing Room." he said to his secretary eventually. The ex-lawyer sagged hopelessly, and Holland thought to himself how amusing it would be to see his face when he saw what the Firing Room was for. At least the Fire Elementals would get a good meal from him.

No sooner had his secretary closed the door than Cyvus Vail materialized before Holland. Of course, Holland knew that Vail wasn't really there - despite being the most powerful mage Holland had ever met, not even Vail could penetrate the numerous wards stopping people from teleporting in.

The astral projection of the old, red-skinned demon cut straight to the chase. "Have you been training some new witches, Holland?" he asked in his harsh voice.

Holland thought for a moment before answering. Although Vail did work for Wolfram & Hart, he was more of a contractor than an employee - although he did have connections that went amazingly high up in the firm - so Holland didn't want to share too much with him. Anyway, the firm was always training witches, but they hadn't done anything that should alert Vail. Or they shouldn't have done, at least. He made a mental note to look into it later. "No more than usual, Cyvus. Why?" he settled for asking.

"In that case, there's some home-grown witch out there that's appallingly powerful, with just as appalling control. A while ago, someone teleported into the city - I don't know who - but the amount of magic wasted was huge. Whoever it was, get them, and train them before they accidentally blow up a state." Vail said agitatedly.

"Is it that serious?" Holland said with some alarm. Vail was powerful enough that he didn't need to fear anything much, just the odd demon that was immune to magic (Holland shuddered when he remembered the time another branch of Wolfram & Hart had tried to hire Gnarl as a magician-killer. After losing about 15 bright lawyers trying to convince the thing to work for them, they'd eventually discovered the entire block surrounding the target paralysed and in various states of skinlessness. That had been ridiculously hard to cover up, and everyone involved in the project had been sacrificed as punishment) but if this new witch was making him nervous, then she was definitely someone they wanted working for them.

"Oh, yes. I've never seen someone with that much raw power. You have to get to them. I'm not joking - with power like that, it's only a matter of time before something goes horribly wrong." Vail answered.

"Can you tell me where they teleported in? And where they came from?"

"I can tell you roughly where they entered the city. As for where they came from, not a chance. Here." said Vail, and with a brief hand gesture one of the many pieces of paper on Holland's desk morphed into a set of coordinates. He hoped it was nothing important. "When you find her, send her to me. None of your magic-users would stand a chance at training her." Vail said, before vanishing again.

Holland rang for his secretary, who almost instantly appeared at the door. Such was the incentive of not being sacrificed. "Get me Morgan and McDonald, now. And the security footage for these coordinates." he ordered, handing her the piece of paper. She nodded and dashed out.

Holland leant forward, drumming his fingers on his desk. He'd give his secretary eight minutes to bring everything here, which should be enough time. If it wasn't, well, he needed a new secretary. And Fire Elementals were always hungry.


Six and a half minutes later (Holland thought that maybe he'd been too generous with his estimate, he'd have to cut down next time) two of the best and brightest lawyers in his branch were sitting in front of his desk, and the security footage was sitting on it.

Holland quickly filled Lilah and Lindsey in on the situation. Lilah seemed content that he had told her, but Lindsey wanted to know why they'd been brought into the loop.

Holland smiled. McDonald would go far, if he didn't cross the line. "I'm going to show you the footage. Then each of you are going to head up two separate teams, tracking down the witch and convincing her to work for us." Lindsey smiled sharkishly at that. He loved any chance he could get to outshine Lilah.

He ran the footage, activating software that one of his technomages had made that would find anything magical. It didn't take long. Nor was it in anyway what he had expected.

Holland had assumed, from the way Vail had been speaking, that it was the witch herself who had teleported in. But that wasn't what he was seeing, unless something very, very odd was going on. Because he knew the woman who appeared in the flash of light, and she was no witch.

She was a vampire. Holland knew her, from Angel's files, and from old Wolfram & Hart files. Drusilla, who Angel had sired. Drusilla, who had second sight, which she had used to make piles of money under the pseudonym "Miss Edith" on the American Stock Market, eventually helping along the Depression in the '30's. Drusilla, who was now in LA. And, if Holland wasn't very much mistaken, now had a soul. He wondered when that had happened, because he could see it there, in the footage.

Lilah and Lindsey clearly recognized her from the Angel file as well. Before they had a chance to say anything, Holland said "Okay, change of plan. Lilah, you stick with finding the witch. Lindsey, you stay here. There's something I want you to do."

Lilah fought between her instinct between doing what she was told and asking how one Earth she was meant to do that. Eventually, she just had to ask "How can I do that?"

Holland sighed. Lilah was a good lawyer, skilled at eliminating those who stood in her way, but she had no initiative. "Drusilla's in LA. Angel's in LA. Find mutual acquaintances that know Angel is here." Lilah nodded, getting out.

Lindsey sat back in his chair, calmly waiting for Holland to tell him what his new assignment was. He didn't have to wait for long. "You know that Drusilla has second sight?" he said. Lindsey nodded, still waiting. "Well, now that she has a soul-" Lindsey started at that, and Holland smiled. "Didn't you notice that? Tsk tsk. Anyway, now that she has a soul, she'll probably want to join Angel and his ragtag gang of followers. And she'll be a more effective seer than the one they've got now, that only sees what the Powers let him see. And we can't have that, now, can we?

But, just because she has a soul, doesn't mean that Drusilla will be good. We're living proof of that. So we need someone evil, with a soul, to sort of... show her the way, as it were."

Lindsey thought it through. It seemed a good plan, as plans go, but he thought he could see a hole in it. "But, as you say, Drusilla has second sight. Won't she see this coming? And, if she cosies up to Angel, it's not like he's going to let any of us get near him."

Holland smiled again. Unlike Lilah, Lindsey did think for himself. "Precisely. But every seer is limited. They can't see things outside of their frame of reference. So, all we need is to bring someone in from another dimension." he said, triumphantly.

"Isn't that dangerous?" said Lindsey, thoughtfully.

"Yes. You need special blood to open the inter-dimensional portal. For obvious reasons, the Slayer's is impossible to get, and the blood of one ensouled vampire just isn't enough. But now that there's two..." Holland didn't feel the need to go on.

"You want me to go and get the blood, summon some evil thing with a soul from another dimension and convince it to turn Drusilla to our side." Lindsey stated flatly. Just lay on the impossible tasks, why don't you.


"Just checking."


Angel sat brooding in his office (not that he'd ever call it that. No, it was just - thinking. Alone. In the dark. For hours on end) hoping that a client would turn up. Cordelia was at one of her numerous auditions, which she never seemed to get, and Doyle had just left to - do whatever he did when he wasn't here. Angel didn't know what that was, and he felt absolutely no desire to know.

He dimly heard some voices - one of the benefits of living in an underground office is that sounds from the world above were rarely heard, even by his sensitive vampiric hearing. Which left Angel more solitude to br- think in.

However, the voices seemed to be coming nearer. Well, one voice. Doyle's. Angel thought he had only just left. He must've bumped into a client.

"What're you talkin' about? I ain't screaming. No one here is screaming. Just come along now, Angel's just through here. No, I don't mean Angelus. Who're you, anyway? How d'you know Angel?“ Angel heard Doyle say to the currently inaudible visitor. He sat up, then went to turn the lights on. Anyone who knew him by Angelus was bad news, and if it got to a fight he wanted to be able to see what he was doing.

Then Angel smelt a familiar scent wafting through the rarely disturbed air. One that he'd last smelt two years ago, and which he had no desire to smell again. Too many bad memories (all the worse because they'd felt good at the time).

But the important question was, why would Drusilla be here to see him?
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