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Scoobies meet the world

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Summary: The Sunnydale Hellmouth is finally closed and there are hundreds of Slayers to make sure that the Earth continues to spin. The Scoobies finally have time to travel, do silly stuff and meet people they otherwise wouldn’t have. The story is open to everybody

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - Other(Recent Donor)ElzaCBoeFR183703042,3837 Oct 1221 Oct 12No

One: My little friend and I

BETA: Vanea Taur
DISCLAIMER: Ok, the Scoobys and Co. belong to Joss Whedon. How to train your dragon belongs to Cressida Cowell, DreamWorks Animation and Pacific Data Images. I only borrowed some people. Promise I’ll put them back when I’m finished.
AN: Don’t be shy. If there are people you want one of the Scoobys to meet write away and I’ll be waiting for the story.


A scream pierced through Slayer house, making everybody in the vicinity react. Slayers and watchers alike ran towards the screaming only to be stopped short at the sight.

“It licked my Prada boots,” Buffy yelled at Dawn, her posture tens and her glare murderous.

“Fluffy is not an it,” Dawn protested.

“Fluffy’s a nine hundred pound dragon with black leather skin and spikes that could crush human,” Buffy pointed out.

“Don’t diss my pet.” Dawn crossed her arms.

“Speaking of pets. How the hell did you get a pet dragon?” Not that pet dragons shocked the senior Slayer.

“It’s Andrew’s fault.” Dawn answered without hesitation. Then she lowered her eyes and added sheepishly. “And I may have wished for a pet dragon. In my defense, I didn’t really think anybody besides Andrew was listening. ”

I hope you like and that you will respond too :P
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