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New Age Generation

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Summary: She never thought he'd complete his project..she did everything she could to derail his research, but it didn't work..he had finished and now the world had to suffer the consequences!

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Television > GleeBillieGaleFR181503017027 Oct 127 Oct 12No
So I was meant to be working on my other stories but this one popped up and wouldn't leave until I started writing it..Hope y'all enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing of any recognizeable characters within this story.

A small figure sat in front of several computer monitors, fingers flying over the keys rapidly. On one screen was the symbol for the CIA, the next monitor showed the presidential seal. Then came the symbol for the CDC on the next monitor, and on the last monitor was the symbol for the FBI. Tapping out a quick command the small figure grinned when the FBI's most wanted list popped up, well the most wanted list for hackers. There at the top of the list was the name SatanRae13. The hacker chuckled softly when the words 'HIGH SECURITY THREAT - HACKED INTO PENTAGON MAINFRAME ONCE BEFORE' blinked beside the name.

Typing in another command, this time for the CDC monitor, the figure looked over the list of names the popped up. This is what the hacker was really interested in, the less known side of the CDC. On the list was were the names of the CDC's best scientists and what they were working on as separate projects. Most of the scientists were researching ways to help further the medical field but some were working on other types of personal projects. Downloading the files onto a flashdrive the hacker's curiosity was peaked when the project the hacker was reading mentioned a possible way to enhance the human's senses to that of a feline. The hacker moved on to the next project that detailed a serum that could possibly allow a person to access 100% of their brain instead of just 10%. Those next project spoke of a way to enhance the brain so completely that the subject of the serum could develop powers. The last project worried the hacker the most, detailing a way to potentially bring the dead back to life.

Saving the last project into a separate file the hacker's fingers flew across the keyboard, carefully breaking into the scientists' computers and ordering that their serums be sent to the hacker's PO box in Colombus, Ohio. After confirming that everything was being sent immediately the hacker deleted several aspects of the research and notes of each project before sneaking back out of the scientists' systems, covering any hint of evidence of a break in. Before leaving completely the hacker installed a hidden program on the last scientist's computer that would activate whenever new research was added about bringing the dead back, automatically transferring the research to a secure drive of the hackers.

Leaning back the hacker turned off the monitors and got up, heading up the stairs in the corner of the room. Shutting and locking the door the hacker decided to head to bed. After all, three new toys were arriving tomorrow morning and there's no telling the side-effects of injecting them, the hacker might need the whole day to adjust.

There ya have it, the first chapter.... let me know what ya think! R&R

The End?

You have reached the end of "New Age Generation" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Oct 12.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking