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FFA Madness

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Summary: My own forays into the wonderful world of Fic-for-Alls. Crossovers used: Labyrinth, Anita Blake, White Collar, Highlander, Harry Potter, Castle, In Death, House, NCIS, Merry Gentry, Bones, Leverage, Num3rs, Star Trek and Supernatural

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Oil and Water

Title: Oil and Water
Author: Christy
Rating: FR 15
Fandom/Theme: Angel/NCIS
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters featured here. They belong to their respective creators and production companies.
Distribution: and TtH
Series: FFA Madness #14; Navy and Magic #1
FFA Pairing: Spike/LJ Gibbs
Spoilers: None
Summary: Gibbs runs into trouble with the boys of Wolfram and Hart LA
Author's Note: I'm really excited about my FFA collection now- think I'll end up having close to 70 stories here by the time I'm done...all these wonderful pairings that have my muses jumping up and down in excitement. You can also track my progress at my blog, if you are so inclined.

“I swear, if I have to deal with one more case of almost crispy vamp, mate, I'm leaving you in the next town we stop in,” Spike bit out, itching for his cigarettes but knew they don't letcha smoke in interrogation rooms anymore.

“Spike, it was one time when I forgot to make sure the blanket covered all of you before rolling down the windows. Hell, if it was that important for us to get out here in one piece, wh didn't you ask Angel to borrow one of the specialty cars?”

Spike snorted and played with his cigarette. “Rightm like Peaches'll let me have anything after I crashed his 'vette that one time.”

Wesley shook his head about the antics of sire and grandchilde. “It was a vintage 1956 Roadster- of course he'd go off on you on something like that!”

The door slammed open and an irate older man strode in. “Enough! Why don't one of you two gentlemen explain to me why the hell you scared my lab tech, even though she keeps insisting you boys saved her life from a so-called vampire?” Gibbs demanded as he slammed the file folder down on the table.
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