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FFA Madness

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Summary: My own forays into the wonderful world of Fic-for-Alls. Crossovers used: Labyrinth, Anita Blake, White Collar, Highlander, Harry Potter, Castle, In Death, House, NCIS, Merry Gentry, Bones, Leverage, Num3rs, Star Trek and Supernatural

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFAChristyFR182819,2821211,0218 Oct 1227 May 13No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Angelic Visitation

Title: Angelic Visitation
Author: Christy
Rating: FR 15
Fandom/Theme: Buffy/House
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters featured here. They belong to their respective creators and production companies.
Distribution: NeverNormal, TtH, Ffnet
Series: FFA Madness #27; Drifting Through Your Mind #4
FFA Pairing: Buffy/House
Spoilers: None
Summary: Buffy pays House a visit.
Author's Note: I don't know why this is, but all my attempts at keeping some of my series light hearted and fun always end up delving into the serious aspects of life. *shrug* Guess it's just me being a typical Cap...dunno.

Gregory House had seen a few things in his time, including Wilson's dead girlfriend Amber, but when he woke up and saw the sunny blonde sitting on his trunk from med school, he was a bit baffled. He had no clue who she was and frowned down at his bedmate when Faith grumbled and turned over away from him.

He heard the girl chuckle and he turned back to her, narrowing his eyes in concentration. “Yeah, she'd do that whenever Robin woke up before her too. But, you're sure better than he ever was,” she commented darkly, then smiling as she looked down at the sleeping Slayer.

“So, lemme guess- this is play twenty questions with my subconscious again?” he asked snidely as he got out of bed and grabbed sweats before swiping his cane and heading into the kitchen. He merely shrugged when he arrived to find her swinging her legs back and forth, perched on the chopping block island. Grabbing a pan, he turned the burner on before digging around in the fridge for eggs and bacon to fry.

“Uh, just so ya know, Faith prefers scrambled over fried eggs,” the girl commented from behind him.

“Oh? And how would you know that, little miss figment?” Greg asked snarkily while he cracked tho in the pan and grabbed three more and a bowl to scramble.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself- I'm Buffy. I'm the other original Slayer. Or, at least, I was, before someone decided to blow up Slayer Central in New Jersey last year,” she commented with a shrug.

Greg murmured noncommittally while grabbing some bread to toast. “So why me? Why now?” he asked, tossing eggs onto two plates, finishing the bacon and starting coffee.

Buffy jumped off the counter and leaned up against the refrigerator, arms crossed. “Well, see, here's the thing- there's this big bad coming and Faith’s been blocking out the Slayer dreams cuz she's too busy grieving still.” Greg thought back on a few nights where he'd come home from a case and find her in the living room in the dark, brooding, and frowned.

“Not only that, but we thought you might be able to help with this because Amber told me you could,” she said brightly.

House merely sighed and frowned down at the diminutive blonde. “Lovely- one bit of going over to the other side as an experiment, and I'm suddenly the Ghost Whisperer!”

Buffy continued to grin as Greg heard Faith stirring in the bedroom. “Yeah, welcome to the wonderful world of the supernatural. And, if ya can, could ya tell her I still love her?” she asked and then vanished.

The End?

You have reached the end of "FFA Madness" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 May 13.

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