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Alexander Heterodyne

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Summary: Ethan Rayne just wanted to have a little fun but he, inadvertently, began a chain of events that would change coutless lives.

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Chapter One

Alexander Heterodyne

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Girl Genius or DC Comics.

Summary: Ethan Rayne just wanted to have a little fun but he, inadvertently, began a chain of events that would change countles lives.

Chapter One

Somewhere in the multiverse Janus the God of Chaos smiled. The Two Faced God was peering into one of many versions of a small blue planet, one usually inhabited by humans. This one was home to three young and powerfull witches that often fought warlocks and demons.

Janus occasionally turned his gaze to them, though not out of interest in the outcome of the witches battles with supernatural beings.

The God of Chaos kept an eye on the witches for the same reason he did the same with coutless others across his section of the multiverse. The battles were dangerous, violent and most of all chaotic. Janus fed on the chaos, growing stronger with every battle.

The God of Chaos did not care about who lived or died, nor who emerged victorius.

The outcome of the battles was irrelevent, in the end Janus always won.

Most of the time Janus did not bother to interfere in the afairs of mortals. Direct interference not only requiered a great deal of energy but there were other gods that frowned on such things. The energy expended on a confrotation with another god, even a weaker one, made direct interference unthinkable for most gods.

Janus was not most gods.

The three witches were about to be attacked by a demon. Janus knew it would be another short fight against another weak demon.

The God of Chaos decided to change the outcome.

A reporter and camera crew for a local news network were a block away from the alley where the fight would take place. With a pulse of power the reporter and camera crew were right outside the alley.

Janus smiled. It was a small change, it would take time for the other gods or even the local higher powers to take notice and it would be almost impossible to trace it back to him. Eventually someone would step in and clean up the mess, but by then the witches would have been exposed to the public and the mortals would react the same way they always did when comfronted with the unknown.

Fear would turn to anger, anger would turn to violence and violence would bring chaos. In the end Janus always won.

As Janus was preparing to enjoy the show that would preced his meal, he felt a small tug at the edge of his mind. With a mental sigh, The God of Chaos diverted a small part of his consciousness to find the scource of this interruption and found one of his worshipers, the main reason why direct interference was unnecessary. This particular worshiper was nothing special, just a human mage living in yet another version of the small blue planet in a nearby dimension of his section of the multiverse.

From time to time the human would beseech him for power in order to cast a spell beyond the mortals pitiful capacity. The result of the spells were never worthy of his full attention, this human would never plunge a world into chaos as some of his more powerfull worshipers across the multiverse did. However,as the spells were always meant to bring about chaos and always gained him more energy than he expended, Janus extended a small thread of energy to power the spell and promptly returned his full attention to the three witches.

Thus proving that even gods can make mistakes.

In the back room of his halloween costume shop, Ethan Rayne knelt before the stone bust of Janus for a sign of his god.

As the eyes of the stone bust began to glow an eerie green light, the chaos mage could feel the spell take hold. A wave of magic spread from the bus, washing over the city of Sunnydale.

Every time the wave hit one of the kids he sold one of his enchanted costumes to, Rayne shuddered in pain and pleasure. The mage could feel them changing into whatever they had dressed as.

Tonight's chaos would go to feed his god and Janus would reward him for his gift. Most times the reward would be an increase of his magical power, however it could be anything. Such were the dangers of serving the God of Chaos.

Everything was going according to plan, Rayne could feel the magic spreading across the city... until, suddently, it stopped.

It would be more accurate to say the wave of magic came to a screeching halt after crashing into an inmovable object, that in this case happened to be a sixteen year old boy.

The wave of magic pushed harder trying to overcome the obstacle in its path,but that proved to be a mistake as the boy wasn't stopping its advance by blocking the magic, but by absorbing it. The magic began to leave the costumed children around the city, changing them back to normal.

The magic was dragged into the boy like matter into a black hole. Soon, there wasn't enought magic to sustain the spell, yet it remaind active because before the spell could be broken, the magic in the stone bust of Janus that served as an anchor for the spell was adsorbed into the boy and with it the small thread of energy that lead to the God of Chaos.

In the back room of a halloween costume shop, Ethan Rayne screamed in agony.

Everything was going according to plan. The witches had been caught on camera vanquishing the demon and the humans were reacting as he knew they would. One of the witches had been shot, people were panicking and chaos was spreading like wildfire.

Unfortunately, Janus could not enjoy it. There was a strange feeling distracting him. At frist it was faint and he could ignore it in order to concentrate on his meal, but now it was becoming intolerable. It took a moment to identify the feeling, as Janus had never felt anything like it. It was almost like... someone was feeding off him!

Janus jerked in surprise, then roared in rage -WHO DARES?- With speed beyond comprehension, Janus followed the thread of energy to the scource -A MORTAL? IMPOSSIBLE!-

It was literally impossible for a mortal to feed off a god, the vast energy would reduce their frail bodys to ash, unless...

Janus examined the mortal closely and for the first time in millennia the God of Chaos felt fear. -ABOMINATION!- A mortal that lived outside the laws of the multiverse, laws that even gods were bound by. This creature could not be here, they only existed in a distant dimension outside of Janus sphere of influence, yet here it was.

Janus resisted the urge to send a pulse of energy in the hope it would destroy the Abomination, for if the energy it had already absorbed had not killed it then more would only make it stronger.

Janus tried to sever the thread that connected them but somehow it resisted. He could not waste time, it was still feeding and growing stonger at an alarming rate. If it countinued to feed off him, Janus could...

-NO.- The angry god took hold of the Abomination and, with a strenght born of desperation, threw it across the multiverse hoping distance alone would break the thread. -BEGONE!-

With a feeling of dread, Janus watched the foul creature fly across dimensions, crashing through dimensional barriers, still alive even though the impact with the first barrier should have killed it.

The energy thread that bound them together was still holding, the ABOMINATION still feeding and growing stronger.

Just as Janus was begining to despair, the energy thread that now spanned several dimensions began to grow weaker and with a roar of triumph, the God of Chaos watched it break.

Janus allowed himself a moment to enjoy the relif of being free of the foul creature before a feeling of weakness made him painfuly awere of how much energy he had lost.

With a bloodthirsty grin Janus turned back to the small blue planet the Abomination had originated from in search of something.

There was a very foolish mage about to feel the Wrath of God.

It was a warm summer night and the full moon was shinning down on the mojave desert.On a small hill off Interstate 40 a few miles from Barlow, music could be heard blaring from a red pickup truck. Inside, two teenagers were looking out at the city.

"Well look at that, out of gas again,"said a blond girl with a grin.

"No," said a boy with a matching grin. "No, this time it's engine trouble."

Laughing, the girl smacked him on the shoulder. "Right and I'm sure you already called a tow truck."

Putting an inocent look on his face the boy said, "Of course, it's already on its way."

"Of course it is Jake," she said with a roll of her eyes. "Well, what should we do to pass the time?"

"I'm sure we can think of something," he said closing in for a kiss.

"Hey, do you hear something?" she asked.

"Very funny Kelly," he said in a perfect deadpan.

"I'm serious," she said looking out the window. "I heard something."

Runing his hand through his hair, Jake asked, "Alright, what did you hear?"

"I don't know, it's a strange sound," she said looking up. "It's coming from up there."

"There is nothing up there Kelly," he said. "We are in the mid... wait, what's that?"

"You hear it to?" She asked stepping out of the truck.

"Yeah, it's getting louder," he said joining her. "Whatever it is it's getting closer."

"Hey Jake, do you see that light?" The girl asked poiting at the sky.

"Uh... babe that's not a light, that's a freaking fireball and it's getting closer fast."

"Don't be silly Jake, fireballs don't fall out of the sky."

"Oh crap, run Kelly," he said grabing her hand and pulling her away.

"What the hell Jake?" She asked her boyfriend, who was now running and forcing her to keep up.

"The fireball, it's a meteor!" Screamed Jake over the rising noise.

Kelly, still being draged away by her boyfriend, looked behind them only to see a fireball heading for them like a rocket. "Oh, shit!"

The impact, so close to they're position, knocked them of they're feet and sent them tumbling across the ground.

"Damn, that sucked!" Jake said struggling to his feet. "Kelly? Are you okay babe?"

"Yeah, I think so... " she said. "What hapenned?"

"What hapenned?" He asked. "Whe almost got crushed by a meteor, that's what hapenned. It crashed right into... MY TRUCK!"

Kelly looked at where Jake's truck was only to find a massive crater.

"My truck... oh god, my dad's going to kill me."

Kelly started walking towards the crater. "Where are you going babe?" Jake asked.

"I want to see what it is," she said.

Soon they were both walking towards the edge of the crater. "Damn,, my truck is in a milion pieces," Jake said as he walked by several pieces of twisted metal.

As they reached the edge, the reality of the situatio hit them. "Oh god, we were almost killed..." Kelly said in a small voice.

Looking at his girlfriend and seeing her shaking, Jake took her in his arms. "It's alright babe, we're alright," he whispered in her hear.

Kelly was starting to calm down when she felt her boyfriends arms tighten around her. "Jake?"

"Kelly, don't be scared... there's something moving down there."

Every muscle in Kelly's body stiffened for a moment then she forced herself to calm down. "Okay."

"Stay here babe, I'm going to take a look."

Her hands griped Jake's shirt. "Jake..."

"It's okay, just stay here," he said

Kelly watched as boyfriend lowered himself down to the crater, heart thumping in her chest. As Jake reached the center of the crater e stopped and knelt by something. Time seemed to slow down, Kelly knew he had only been down there for a minute but it felt like a lifetime. She wanted to call out but her voice refused to work. Then, finally, Jake turned to look at her.

"Kelly, call 911!"
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