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The return of Ethan

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Summary: Written for the official challenge at Primeval ARCive. Ethan returns at the end of S5, with more anarchy and death. And where's Danny?

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Television > PrimevalDmitriFR764,883015369 Oct 1211 Oct 12Yes

Chapter Five

Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, but belong to Impossible Pictures™.

Once upon a time, when James Lester used to be younger, closer to the age of Becker or Connor than his current age, he had tasted some sort of a foreign cheese, Asiago-something, and received a shock of his life, and not in a good way. Now, looking at an unconscious man lying in a hospital bed with an IV-drip attacked to his arm, and his stomach covered in post-surgical operation bandages, he experienced yet another shock that was even more powerful than the previous one.

"Yes, that's Danny Quinn," he heard himself say. "Hired to work at the Anomaly Research Center as the field team leader in April 2009, left due to personal family issues in June of the same year. I got the paperwork back at the center, if you are interested in it. Are you?"

"Purely for the protocol's sake, sir" the police officer confessed. "Danny was one of us; between us, he was missed on the force, and when now that he's here – identified. Still, the paperwork must be done, and your papers are a part of it, I confess. So, if we could go to your place of work and look at them-"

There was a call on James's cell. "Yes, what is it, Jess?" he said as patiently as he could. "I've got an emergency on my hands-"

"So does the field team," Jess replied in a similar tone of voice. "Ethan is back, he launched an ambush, the team needs back-up ASAP."

"Send whom you can from at the ARC," Lester said firmly and looked at his police interlocutor. "Officer, while you're here, I believe that I sent a message to the police in the winter of 2011 regarding a dangerous criminal, Ethan Dombrowski."

"Yes, and we've been searching for him ever since - probably," the officer nodded, wary of the sudden shift in the discussion.

"Good, because my field team have just encountered him, and he's got explosives at the least. Could your force back-up mine?"

"I see what can be done, sir," the police officer did not waver.

"Good, and while you're doing that, send someone with me to the Center, to get the paperwork and all."

"Yes sir!"

/ / /

"Emily? Emily! Emily!" Matt practically shouted, as he looked at the prone woman. "Are you all right?"

Connor opened his mouth and closed it, thinking better of it. He turned around, lit-up their last flare and looked into the sewer's gloom. He did not like what he saw there, either.

"Matt?" he called out in a shaking voice. "We got company!"

"What?" the man from the future whirled around. "Not now, Connor..." he trailed away as a pair of oversized insect antennae, attached to the rest of the oversized insect, emerged from the darkness.

"Guess when we've destroyed the nest of those insects we missed one or two," Connor said, as he retreated to where Matt and Emily were.

"Looks like it," Matt agreed. "This specimen looks like a juvenile, must've been away from the main nest when we burned it." He picked up a piece of debris that was vaguely spear-like and threw it at the insect, aped by Connor. (Emily was unconscious.)

Sadly, this giant burrowing insect may have been just a juvenile, but its' body armor was strong enough to withstand the barrage of missiles that Matt and Connor unleashed upon it. Of course, even if they had their weapons at hand and the latter were working, this would not have made any difference: these insects were EMP- and bullet-proof at their best.

"Matt," Connor wheezed as it became even more obvious that the giant insect was going to win this face-off, even if tiredness and blood loss were not playing a factor, as well. "I just want you to know," he coughed, "that-"

And then there was light, as a hole opened into the roof of the chamber, letting in sunshine and fresh air. The juvenile giant insect was blind, but it could sense light somehow, and it turned to face it, its' mouthparts clacking open and closed in irritation. Consequently, when a missile was thrown into its' face it landed right into the opened mouthparts – before they closed.

The resulting explosion happened inside the insect, and while its' outsides were tough enough to resist even regular bullets, let alone a stun grenade, its' insides... weren't.

"If I knew that that was going to be the prettiest sight in my entire life," Connor began, when he saw Abby – apparently largely unhurt – looking down at him and the others through the opening. "I would've forgotten all about Abby, really!"

Upon hearing one of Connor's clumsily constructed jokes (i.e. his usual), Abby burst into tears.

End Part 5
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