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Reaching Out

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Summary: Buffy discovers more about her family than she expected

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyWatchMeFlyFR1532,3111175,2409 Oct 125 Feb 13No

Funerals are such enlightening affairs

Disclaimer – See chapter 1 - Still not sad
AN- This chapter is going to be wordy. It is a funeral and a lot of the AU elements are being dropped to be expanded upon. This is set after Dean is pulled out of the Pit and before Buffy did her swan dive. ===============================================================================

“Are you sure this is such a good idea?” Sam question his brother again as he finished knotting his tie. They had arrived in Sunnydale just in time to check into a hotel and change into suits. The oddity of a night burial was a new one to them.

“Look, we don't know what kind of contact Joyce was to dad, or who they really are even. Weapons, artifacts or even a relationship is possible, or the less far reaching is maybe he saved her mother once and she wanted to thank him or let him know. We both know dad was not a monk and the girl deserves to know that he was not a deadbeat that forgot about her mom. I hate to break it to her that he is dead too, but it is a better memory than she might have come up with on her own.”

Sam just stared at his brother, he had been oddly sentimental about stuff like this since his return from Hell, but he went along with it, if it helped him heal.

Finished dressing they piled into the Impala and headed to the cemetery. They parked a bit away and walked to where they saw the glow of candle lights, as they walked up they saw the group of people standing there. Dean cleared his throat a bit and they all turned.

A man in a leather duster with platinum blond hair nodded slightly to the sad looking blond woman and walked over to them.

“This is a private ceremony, mates. You best be off now.”

“My name is Sam, and this is my brother Dean. A woman named Buffy called and left a message about this for our father.”

“Where is dear ol' dad then?” The man arched a scarred eyebrow at them. Once again it was Sam that spoke.

“He is no longer with us, we thought it would be okay if we were to pay our respects in his place.” Sam and Dean stiffened a bit as the man sniffed the air and had a puzzled look on his face for a moment before it went away. Then nodded.

“Come on then.” He turned and walked back to the group, not looking to see if the other two were following him.

He led them to the slight blonde figure, bundled up against the wind. So caught up in her grief she did not notice Spike leading the two men over before she began to speak.

“Mom was the best, no one better. When she came to terms with who we all were she still loved us, even more if that is possible. She was the kind of woman who once threatened a vampire with an axe then offered that same man hot cocoa with little marshmallows in it. She is the kind of woman that when she finds out your best friend is a witch she does not scoff, run off horrified or condemn, she uses her gallery contacts to find items of interest to help. A werewolf? No problem, she offers to wolf sit three nights a month while you patrol and has a place for everyone to crash when we returned. As we all got older instead of moving away to homes of our own, you let us build from you. City Council be damned to what they say about the look of the house I do believe they were a bit afraid of you. This town was never safe, I think being here only made it worse somehow. I knew being a Slayer would catchup to me one day.....I just thought when something hurt my mom I could kill it......It was never supposed to be something I could not see, could not stop or even avenge.” Her voice began to crack towards the end and the two Winchester's turned to look at one another.

“She will be missed, not only as a mother to all of us, but as our keeper of secrets, the medic that bandaged us, the chef that fed us, and the one person that we knew we could turn to when all the chips were down to help us get back up and fight. We go out at night and fight for people like her. For the normals who do not know what is going on out there, for the children who cannot defend themselves and for the mothers who worry every minute their child walks out of the door until they come back home. The Angels have you now Mom. I hope they treat you like you deserve.” Tears gently ran down her face as she threw a white rose into the empty casket.

A red head stepped up next. “We will miss you Joyce. You were the mother I wish I always had. You will never be forgotten.” After she spoke she tossed a rose in the casket as well.

Next came up a woman that looked eerily familiar to the brothers who said nothing, just tossed a rose in the casket. She was followed by a man of slighter stature with a shock of blue hair who did the same. A man and woman walked up together this time taking the time to speak. “Thank you Joyce for taking me in and getting me out of the situation I was in. You will be missed so greatly.” The man stepped back and the woman spoke, “I liked you Joyce. You were not shy about anything. You never once told me to stop talking when I was apparently talking about things you are not supposed to. You embraced me as your own and it was nice. I had been too long without a mother. You raised good kids and I am sorry you will never see your grandchild grow up in person.”

An older man with glasses stepped up. “I will miss you love. You were my world and you were taken too soon. I will make sure the kids are kept safe.” Silent tears leaked from his eyes as he turned away. The blonde they had surmised was Buffy placed a comforting hand on the older man's arm.

The man in the dark trench coat that was standing in the shadows handed a tightly wrapped bundle over the blond man that greeted them and began to speak. “I was not the man you wanted for your daughter. I have done things that I have not been proud of, but you forgave me. You in the most unique way took in a man who was feeling as if he was beyond redemption and made me family. You reminded me of my sister and I loved our conversations about art. You will forever be a part of my family.” The blond handed the bundle back to the other man and stepped forward.

“I have a letter here from Faith, she was not able to get a pass out to come herself. She is sorry about that. I, like a lot of the others that Mrs S took in had it rough. She took us in and patched us up with her special brand of mom love. She came to visit me in here, did you know that B? She came right in and asked me how I was, would come by once a month with new photos and filled in the stories from the letters I got from the rest of you. Mrs S will be missed, I hate that I have missed the chance to call her mom.” He folded up the letter and began to speak for himself. “I will miss our chats, the cocoa and the laughter. I wish you had taken me up on my offer. You would have been my family forever, but I understood. You didn't want to do that to your girl. I will truly miss you until I am dust in the wind.”

The man then turned to the two of them and raised an eyebrow. Dean looked to Sam then took a step forward, startling Buffy.

“I did not know her, but I do know from what I am hearing that she touched a lot of lives. I also am guessing that you group deal with the weird. She did too then, she took you in, patched you up and gave you love. You save the innocent and she saved you. I really hate that I did not get to meet this fine lady. Maybe she and our mom can meet up in the afterlife and talk, I think my mom would like her.” Dean awkwardly cleared his throat when he finished speaking and stepped back. Buffy turned her head slightly and whispered, “Thank you.”

“Buffy, why don't you and the girls take the lil bit on home. We will finish this up, make sure to get Sam and Dean to you for a proper sit down when done.”

“Thanks Spike.” She smiled at the man, now the boys could put a name to one of the faces, then she turned towards them. “You are not running, that is new. Me and mine are a bit different. We will talk later.” Sam and Dean nodded and she turned to the older man in glasses. “Giles, give them the speech, I can answer any questions you cannot.”

“Of course dear. Get home, we will be there shortly.”
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