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Reaching Out

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Summary: Buffy discovers more about her family than she expected

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyWatchMeFlyFR1532,3111175,2409 Oct 125 Feb 13No

Getting to Know the Boys

Disclaimer – See ch 1
AN – A shorter chapter for the Winchester boys to meet the men in Buffy's life.

Without ceremony Spike handed each one of the buys a shovel and the worked in silence for the first part as they began to fill in the grave.

“I do suppose that introductions are in order. I'm Rupert Giles, you can just call me Giles as the rest of this lot does. Angel, Xander, Oz and Spike.” As Giles pointed them out each man gave a small nod.

“I'm Dean Winchester and this is my brother Sam.”

“Winchester? Really. Was your father by any chance John Winchester?” The boys nodded in confirmation.

“That certainly does explain your not running into the night after all of this. Might also make this a bit easier to explain. Have you ever run across mentions of The Slayer?”

“Super strong monster boogie man right?” Dean looked towards his brother for confirmation, satisfied at the slight nod.

“Simply put yes, more complexly one girl in all the world. Buffy is the current Slayer. Sunnydale is over an active Hellmouth.” Dean could see the wheels turning in his brother's head as Giles spoke. “Now how strict are you on being of the supernatural? Here it is if they do not harm others we do not harm them. If your philosophy is different, fine, but as long as you are here you abide by those rules. This is a point I will not have you debating Buffy on.” Slowly the boys nodded.

“Spike and Angel, vampires, Souled, both of them. Oz, werewolf , locks himself up three nights a month. Anya, former vengeance demon for scorned women. Tara and Willow are witches, white and gray respectively. Now I know there is only supposed to be one in the wold but due to an accident there are two. Faith is the other Slayer, she is finishing up time in prison for an unfortunate accident.”

“Okay, we get it. Your town, your rules. You don't hurt us, we don't hurt you.” Sam said this, being the more level headed of the brothers at times and the other men nodded in agreement. The next half hour was spent in silence as they filled in the grave then the men who knew her planted flowers over the grave.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Reaching Out" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Feb 13.

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