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Red Reunions

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Summary: Patrick Jane is reunited with someone he didn't realize he lost. Better than it sounds, and will be updated a lot.

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What Happened to Charlotte Jane?

First off for those of you who don't know what Buffy the Vampire Slayer is well wow that's all I'm saying. It's a show about well a vampire slayer. This story will contain elements of the supernatural and of course everything that you love about The Mentalist. I know that it's going pretty slow, but hey that means that it's going to be pretty long right? Anyway all mistakes are mine and well if anyone wants to be my beta just let me know and I'll appreciate it. Okay so I know you were wondering how Dawn is in fact Charlotte. She's actually her, no reincarnation or anything like that the actual Charlotte. It all will be explained here. Thanks for all my followers over at A review would be nice, but at least I know that you are interested. I guess after this chapter I'll put this in the crossover section at . Those who reviewed at Twisting the Hellmouth, thank a bunch and keep reading I'm going to finish this one promise.

Chapter Six: What Happened to Charlotte Jane?

Thirteen years ago….

Angela Jane tried her best but she knew that she didn't have much longer. She wanted to hold on, to be able to see Patrick one more time, to tell him that she loved him and that this was not his fault. She knew him and that from the moment that he walked in a saw, what had happened he would blame himself. She knew he would blame himself because well that was just the kind of man that he was, sure he was on TV every day and that made people think that they knew her Patty, but truly he was nothing like that man. He was loving, funny man, and she was never going to see him again.

She looked to let and there she saw her sweet Charlotte. She had never woken up. She guessed that it was true what they say that you could thank god for small favors and she thanked him for that one. She had fallen asleep beneath the covers with her as they sat up for Jane to return. She never felt a thing. Her baby, she was only seven years old, and now she was going to die. She watched as the life disappeared from her face, as she turned paler and paler in front of her very eyes. She had to let go as well, so she wouldn't be alone on the other side.

She could see a bright light and she knew that this must be her way home. She knew that Jane wasn't very religious, that was her Patty but she had believed that there were a God and gates and a kingdom for those worthy of his grace and now she was going to meet her maker. She said I silent thank you and a prayer that her Patty would join her one day.

"Angela Jane?" a throaty voice asked her.

"God?" she questioned.

"No, I'm sorry that I didn't get here in time. I'm sorry for your loss, but if you let us take her she will have a good life."

"Take? What are you talking about? She's dead, that man that Red John: he came and killed her. He killed my baby!" she sobbed. Her pain from her wounds hurt deeply but the pain of her child not having a future hurt more.

"I'm sorry, but if you let us take her she will be given to a good home and one day she will be back with him. He will know that she's alive and well."

"They'll be together?" she asked.

"Yes eventually." The being replied.

"Eventually sounds good." She smiled. This was the weirdest hallucination she had ever had in her life but she figured that weird things accord when you die. She passed on with a smile on her face, hoping her daughter waited on the other side.

Present Day

Patrick Jane didn't like what he was feeling. At first he was willing to accept it. His daughter was alive and well and all was right in the universe. At least a little right, right, but this, there was something off about it. He knew there was such a thing as witches. Wicca was a real thing and he worked for a carnival, not everyone was a fake and a fraud like himself, but what he saw back there in that room. That was something that well a sane person wouldn't believe. Maybe he wasn't sane anymore, maybe he was crazy. That's was it he was crazy and he decided to enjoy it for a little while.

"What?" Dawn asked as she munched on a French Fry.

"You, I was trying to tell myself that this was real. I was giving into a fantasy that the supernatural world is real, but I have come up with a more substantial conclusion."

"Really, do tell." She beamed leaning in closer to hear what he came up with.

"Well they are two possibilities really. The first is that this is some kind of Red John trick, and if it is I want you tell him he's going to be sorry because I went to her grave and she was gone, and well I had so much hope I did. Part of me because well I've heard rumors about California and she was gone and a part of me thought maybe somehow I just thought she was dead. Maybe you're her; I thought that a lot that you were her but you can't be. Buffy's not my Elizabeth and you're not my Charlotte. I'm mad, the only explanation I'm truly mad.

The smile crumbled from Dawn's face. He had seemed so happy their whole lunch. He laughed and they talked. Talked about nothing specific she could tell he was getting a feel for her that's what he did, but this was going nowhere fast. She wanted to tell him, she had to tell him.

"Patrick." She smiled gently taking his hand.

"Dawn Summers I told you to stay in the car!" Buffy shouted as she approached her sister with a nervous looking Willow not far behind.

"Buffy this is wrong. So many things, I think it's time that we-."

"Someone killed Kennedy last night and I'm sorry but that is what we should be focusing on right now. Now let's go!" she shouted pulling her sister away.

She snatched away and before anyone could say anything she hugged Patrick hard, trying her best to keep her tears at bay.

"You are safe, you are wise, and you are loved." She whispered before Buffy pulled her away.

"Who told you that!" he asked frightened more than he thought possible.

"You did! You told me that every night as you tucked me in."

He was stunned. There was nothing he could say. He felt numb. Everything had gone out the window and he really couldn't see or think straight. He stood there as Buffy drug his daughter away. He had let her slip away again.

Not really happy with this chapter. Seems like it's all over the place, let me know what you think?

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Red Reunions" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Oct 12.

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