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Red Reunions

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Summary: Patrick Jane is reunited with someone he didn't realize he lost. Better than it sounds, and will be updated a lot.

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Dead Body

Chapter One: Dead Body?

It was hot, that was the first thing that Patrick Jane noticed when he got out of his car. It was way too hot to be out this early, and most definitely to be out in his standard three piece but even though it was Saturday and supposed to be his day off he just couldn't bring himself to put on jeans and come to a crime scene.

"What do we got boss?" he jokingly asked Teresa Lisbon and he approached her and the rest of the team.

"No one is quite sure, it was said to be a robbery gone bad. Witnesses say that they saw the young woman fighting with what appeared to be four men in the alleyway. One witness even said that she appeared to have superhuman strength and was holder her own until they hit in the head with that pipe. He can't really be trusted, he smelled of booze." Lisbon whispered.

"Really Lisbon, this is what we're called in from our Saturday of fun and games. This is pretty much and open and shut case." He said approaching the body.

"No, they are strange things like she doesn't seem to have any ID and the perps got away. No one got a good look at them but all say they seemed to be wearing some kind of masks, and let's not forgot all this ash that's in the area." She added leaning down to take a closer look at the body.

"Superhuman strength, disfigured faces, piles of ash, and you call me for this. It's easy; obviously the girl was attacked by vampires. I mean we're in California for Christ sakes this place is crawling with the undead." Jane said leaning down to examine the body. He was wearing one of his signature smiles the whole time.

"Real funny Jane just take a look and tell me what do you see I want to get a move on it and see if I can actually salvage my Saturday."


Patrick couldn't help the pang on his heart when he looked at the young blonde woman. She had to be in her late twenties. She was wearing leather black pants, with a black camisole, and matching leather jacket. You would think that a girl would be hot in this heat with all of that on, then again she looked as if she had been dead for a while and last night had been a bit chilly. As he eyes continued to roam the body he wondered what Lisbon had been doing on this Saturday that she was so anxious to get back too? He had called her house earlier but there was no answer and he just figured that she was at the office catching up on that endless paperwork that she seemed to always have. Now he couldn't stop thinking about what she could have been doing and with whom and then there was the intense green eyes staring back at him.

"Lisbon!" he shouted as he rose to his feet pointing at the not so dead body.

Teresa Lisbon spun around thinking to herself what could he have possibly been doing to a dead body to cause him to call her in a panic. She had her gun ready but she was not ready for what was before him. The woman that she knew for a fact was dead when they arrived had sat up and was looking around stunned.

"Ma'am I'm Agent Teresa Lisbon of the CBI, do you know where you are?" she asked gently approached the frazzled woman.

"Yea, I would appear to be in some kind of alley, man I can't believe this!" she shouted rising to her feet.

"Ma'am we need for you to take it easy, when we arrived the coroner pronounced you dead, I think you maybe in some sort of shock so why don't you just relax and we'll get a bus to check you out." Teresa told her as she called it in on her walkie talkie.

Patrick Jane was stunned. She was up around and talking, if she was a zombie then the world most definitely not ready for the apocalypse. He knew he was staring but there was just something about her wavy blonde hair and green eyes that almost looked blue.

"So I was dead?" she asked.

"Yea, the pronounced you dead, I was just trying to figure out what had happened to you."

"Dead….again." she sighed.

"Yea like I said dead, wait what do you mean again?" he asked.
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