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The girl clad in Iron

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Summary: "This is what happens when you let her escape." What happens when a girl raised on Apokolips ends up in the Justice League Watchtower during it's second meeting?

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DC Universe > Justice LeagueHappyWonKinobiFR18725,39502711,97011 Oct 1217 Sep 13No

Elsewhere in the galaxy, right at that moment...

"Look, we're doing the best we can!" The parademon whined.

"Well, you're not doing it fast enough!" the woman ranted at the useless creature with a negative IQ.

She glanced over at the man they'd drugged. He'd been wearing a hole in the carpet while alternating between depressed and antsy, waiting for news of his sister to come back. Made him absolutely useless, and his friends (I.E., her) needlessly worried.

A second parademon came into the room, chasing the first one away while she was distracted. Then he took the opportunity to speak up and say, "We found something."

Her focus was on him in an instant. "What is it?"

"We found the approximate coordinates of where the boom tube brought her."

"Why didn't you find it earlier?!" She screeched.

He considered going away until she'd calmed down a little, but dismissed it a few picoseconds later because of just how upset she was. Waiting would only make it worse, and he liked his head where it was at the moment. "The Motherbox that was used had been adversely affected by a plasma surge, and I found that the coordinates of it's use over the past few months. In fact, all Motherboxes have been scrambled. However, I think we may have found her. Not sure why, but I do."

"Well then what are you waiting for?!" She demanded. "Go and bring her back!"

The parademon bowed slightly and hurried on his way back to his group.

'What if we shouldn't?' There was that annoying little voice in the back of his head. He told it to shut up for the third time in the past two days, but it worried him. It brought up a valid point: What if we shouldn't bring her back? What if she's happy where she is? It wouldn't be all that hard. Her 'home' was a nightmare to her, filled with pain and suffering, and completely bereft of the stars she so often loved to look at when she was out with them on a mission from Lord Darkseid.

All the planet was to them, to him and her and their team, was a place to rest their weary bones in between missions. Maybe she was in a better place.

Not that he could ever act on his suspicions. The woman was a little too well brainwashed by Lord Darkseid. If he didn't report, telling him what they were doing, then she would, and he and the team will probably be hearing about it all week, as if they were weak, incapable of doing the simplest of things.

And that is one of the last things he will ever let happen. Never let it be said that Abberation's Family was incompetent!


Okay, that sounded even stupider inside his head than the stupidest thing he's ever said out loud. Abberation would so have his hide for that, right after slapping his head so hard it might fall off. If you listened to the rumors (justly spoken, even though they shouldn't exist), then they were more incompitent than a newborn Tamaranean baby still spitting up his mother's water. Scratch that, her mother's water. But at least they still get things done.

He sighed as he realized that it was going to be one of those days.

Hey, it's me, HappyWonKinobi. I am still writing, I just got distracted. "By what?" By life, the universe, and everything finals week of Senior year, first semester. Plus, my computer privileges were taken away for having three D's and having two of them be F's for a time. Ugh. On a happy note, I've decided to tone down my main character a little bit, and add in a little action, as well as how she showed up in the JLA Watchtower. Can't wait to have it posted.

*Announcer voice*
In other news, my sister's story, "The Basic Insane Survival Guide" (by Genuka), has reached 50 chapters, and has heralded the second coming of the evil overlord's list in the form of stories, allowing her to see who actually reads her stuff in a way. Which, makes me a little sad since, due to my distinct lack of new reviews to my stories, I have no way to tell if anyone reads and likes my stories. In an attempt to deal with that, I would like to ask that you all read all the stories that myself and my sister have written.

Sooooo,..... Questions? Comments? Concerns? Errors? Like? Hate? Both? Everything? TELL ME!!!!!
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