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The girl clad in Iron

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Summary: "This is what happens when you let her escape." What happens when a girl raised on Apokolips ends up in the Justice League Watchtower during it's second meeting?

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DC Universe > Justice LeagueHappyWonKinobiFR18725,39502711,97011 Oct 1217 Sep 13No


Prologue, or "We interrupt this Justice League meeting for an important News Flash..."

Disclaimer: If you recognize it, then it's probably not mine. I'm only using the basics of the DC universe, since I only watch the cartoons, and it's been awhile. Any new stuff (AKA, stuff like Boom Tubes) I get in will be found due to other fics and reviews.
And please, when you read it, make sure that you review, and when you review, go all out.

There was no real rhyme or reason for it, but ever since he woke up that morning, Batman had had a very bad feeling. The sort of monumental bad feeling you get when you know something will change you for the rest of your life.

And in 20 seconds, he would be glad that he'd herded this particular meeting into a room without windows.

He wasn't paying as much attention to the meeting as he could be. He was automatically recording it in his brain, of course. Much like a student in a boring class after years of classes boring enough to put most other kids to sleep might so that they could spew back whatever drivel the teacher expected him to say in fact.

Because he was far more focused on figuring out why he had such a bad feeling.

He was so focused, in fact, that he almost missed the warning his instinct blared out to him.

Not like it would've helped anyway.

Right then, a gigantic concussive blast rocked the room, knocking every hero in the room on their asses.

Batman was the first to get into a position to watch the epicenter of the blast, and so was the only one to watch as large rings of light formed a small tunnel of perspective, like a piece of art, over the table, right in the middle where the blast of sound emerged from. And it seemed like something was coming through.

If it was hostile, they were all screwed.

An object came out, humanoid, apparently armored. It floated down to the table and the rings behind it winked out of existence.

And then it crumpled.


Was someone sniffing?

Soft, feminine chuckling started emanating from the approximate location of the table, and then the object slowly rose to what would be it's knees if it was a human, and raised it's forelimbs with a cry of "FREEDOM!!!" before falling front first into the table.

When it slammed into the table, a piece of it came off the top, revealing soft black hair flowing from a fair female face.

Slowly, because he'd been standing next to a wall and so was bruised over his entire back, making it hurt to move much (which he should be able to deal with right now, but the last time (and every time before) that he'd gotten this damaged, he'd been in the middle of a fight, and so was expecting it), he got to his feet and moved over to the form on the table.

She looked so... serene, like this. Slightly troubled, like she hadn't gotten a good night's sleep in over a month due to nightmares or bad living conditions, but as far as he could tell, otherwise undamaged.

He put a finger to her neck. Pulse right where the jugular would be, but alarmingly slow.

If this was a pre-invasion scouting party of one with tracking devices that could steal all necessary information for a proper invasion, then they were all going to be screwed by what he was about to do, but he didn't care right at that moment.

Carefully, tenderly, he slid his arms under her and picked her up to move her to the infirmary.

A/N: So, hope you like it, and hope to hear from you guys soon. And, please, review for me. It'll help me keep writing it.

Also, I've added it to both Fanfiction . net and Deviantart . com, but they won't be as far along as it will be on here. You want to get it as fast as possible, get it here. This chapter (on Deviantart) can be found here. Can't wait for comments!
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