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Graduation Exercises and Meeting the Wives

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Getting Dirty In The Prefects Bath". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Part Three of Getting Dirty in the Prefects Bath - Veela! And Cho

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Literature(Recent Donor)redjacobsonFR2117,633021,81412 Oct 1212 Oct 12Yes

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Series TITLE: Getting Dirty In The Prefect's Bath
Story Title: Graduation Exercise and Meeting the Wives
PART: 01 of 01
AUTHOR: Red Jacobson (
DISTRIBUTION: My Yahoo Group, RedJacobsonfiction, Ficwad, THP,, TSSA, Seraglio, anywhere else, just ask.
DISCLAIMER: None of the Characters You Recognize belong to me, they all belong to JK Rowling and her publishers. The Circle and the characters there are property of the Estate of Robert A Heinlein.
SUMMARY: Harry and his ladies having fun
FEEDBACK: Of course! It Makes Me Write Faster
CATEGORY: Harem/Lots of Women
SPOILERS: Goes Extremely AU Just after Voldemort's first fall.
WARNINGS: If You've ever read any of my stories, you know what to expect, Oral, anal, Femme-slash, dom/sub, multiple partners, and, depending on the story, possible Patil-cest. There isn't any planned bashing in this story. Also, I'm going with a Good Dumbledore in this story.
AUTHORS NOTES: Just A random Idea I had for a Harry Potter/Harem story. This is not meant to be taken seriously, there are going to be a butt-load of cliches in the story. Hope you enjoy the story in spite of them, because I am going to be trying to do something different with the cliches. Not a tremendous amount of sex in this one, but I'm just setting the stage. The future stories will have more of the fun stuff, I promise!
IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE: To Avoid the Under age Sex issue, Hogwarts students start the September 1st after their 13th Birthday, between 11 and 13 Muggleborn and Raised students attend a classes in Magical Culture and traditions - The pureblood and wizard raised assist the teachers in teaching the others. this is a new course within the last 10 years, since Voldemort's first fall.
YET ANOTHER AUTHORS NOTE: Readers with long memories will recognize 'Helga's Gift' that is mentioned in this story. For those of you who don't, it's something that I came up with in my Harry Potter and the Betrayal of the Phoenix, to explain the rampant female bisexuality in most Harry Potter smut fics. Basically in the founders days, Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw were lovers, and, one time, after a particularly great romp, Helga idly wished that all the girls in the castle could experience such a wonderful feeling. And, from that time forward the female students at Hogwarts had, at the least, bisexual tendencies.

* * *

Pansy bounced into the library and saw Hermione at work on a computer. Rushing over to her, she pulled Hermione away from the screen and kissed her fiercely. Hermione was surprised for a moment, but quickly started returning the kiss. Pansy broke the kiss, and Hermione smiled, saying "What got into you?" then she paused, thinking, "You did it, didn't you? You got the formula to work?"

Pansy nodded happily, "15 times out of 15 tests! It works! It bloody well works!"

Hermione hugged her sister wife, and said "That's wonderful!" Then she got a wicked smile on her face and said, "I guess you're in the mood to celebrate aren't you?"

Pansy blushed, but nodded, "I am, and I was really looking for Harry."

"Well, Harry won't be back for a while, he's back at base briefing the Circle."

She smirked at the disappointed look on Pansy's face, and said, wriggling her eyebrows, "But I'm sure I can help you celebrate until he gets back."

Pansy giggled, and the two of them left the room, leaving a trail of clothing behind.

* * *

Harry stood patiently at the podium, glancing over his briefing papers as the others got themselves comfortable at the conference table. He took the time to conjure a mirror to make sure he didn't have any lint or loose threads on his steel grey tunic. Satisfied, he banished the mirror and looked at the table across the room from him. He looked at each of them in turn, receiving smiles and nods in return, before he turned his attention back to the woman in the center seat. When she nodded, he moved behind the podium and waited for her to speak. "Commander Potter is here to brief us on the status of Project Heracles, which we discussed in the last meeting, and the Circle was unified that it was something that we wanted to see happen. Commander Potter, you have the floor."

Harry tapped his wand on the podium and two pictures appeared on the wall behind him, one of 16 year old Harry, and the other was Luna, at the same age. He allowed a slight smile to cross his face, and said, "The pictures on the wall are the primary focus of Project Heracles; my dimensional analog Harry James Potter, currently age 16, and the other is Luna Selene Lovegood, also 16 years of age. Through subtle influences, my team and I were able to prevent the problems their upbringing caused in all other observed universes. They are two extremely happy young people, and they have already successfully bonded as of Luna's 16th birthday. The cusp events necessary for Project Heracles to succeed have already passed, although, as directed, we will be maintaining light observation for the next 30 years to ensure that there will not be any outside interference. The only unfortunate consequence was the loss of the entire Weasley Family in the attempt to apprehend Pettigrew, but we were not in a position to both interfere and maintain our cover due to the large number of wizards and witches in the area, even our best cloaking technology would not have survived that much magical energy being used in the fight."

"As for the secondary objectives, Tom Marvolo Riddle was completely destroyed prior to my analog attending Hogwarts, which, as anticipated released the drain on young Harry's core." He grinned wryly, "As a personal observation, he handled the news of what his increased magical core required of him a lot better than I did!" Tapping the podium with his wand again, another picture appeared, "This is Narcissa Malfoy, formerly Black, and she has been instrumental in teaching young Harry how to use the political power he holds, in order to ensure that the reforms we suggested are carried out...."

He continued speaking for another 45 minutes before stopping for questions.

* * *

Inside the Time Chamber

Harry sat down, trying to relax. He hadn't been this nervous since the night before his first Quidditch game! He kept looking at the doorway, waiting for Narcissa to bring their 'guests' in. He fumbled with the belt on his night-robe, before forcing his hands to stay still. He wasn't used to wearing anything after the amount of time that he and Narcissa had spent naked, and the robe didn't feel natural to him.

Narcissa had surprised him a few days before when she told him that she was 'bringing in some reinforcements' because he needed to be able to pleasure more than just one woman. She had smiled the smile that she saved for him alone and said, "I can guarantee that you are more than capable of satisfying most women, but you've got a big responsibility ahead of you, so we need to be sure you'll be up to the challenge."

He had actually laughed! He thought he could handle anything Narcissa came up with, now he wasn't so sure. The wards had tripped a few seconds later, and Narcissa had slid into her robe and left the room.

Harry took a deep breath, and released it slowly while working on his Occlumency shields, because she had warned him that these women were Veela. Standing, he put his most relaxed smile on his face and waited for Narcissa to bring their guests in. Harry heard the soft footsteps approaching the doorway, and a moment later he was extremely glad he had strengthened his shields because four of the most beautiful women he had ever seen followed Narcissa into the room, and all of them were as naked as the day they were born!

They were all blonde, which Harry instantly decided was his new favorite hair color, and each of them nodded when Narcissa introduced them. The first was Apolline, followed by Angelique, Celeste and Claire. Harry stepped forward and bowed over each of their hands, brushing his lips over their knuckles. Apolline chuckled, "Narcissa has taught you well, Harry. Now, shall we see what else she has taught you?"

'It's show time!' Harry thought as he slipped out of his robe and stood in front of Apolline. He was pleased that her eyes widened slightly when they dropped to look at him. Slipping an arm around her waist, he drew her close, and, looking deep into her blue eyes, rubbed a finger behind her ear as he lowered his lips to hers. She tilted her face up to him, and Harry drew on all his and Tom's memories, as well as the experience he had gained with Narcissa, and pressed his lips against the woman's. He held the kiss for a few seconds, before slipping his tongue out and lightly ran it over her lips. Apolline gave a slight sigh of pleasure as her lips parted.

Resisting the temptation to slide his tongue into her mouth, he continued running his tongue along her lips before capturing her lower lip between his and sucking gently. At the same time, he ran his fingers along her jaw, stroking the sensitive skin there, and was rewarded with a pleased moan. Releasing her lips, he pulled back slightly and started laying kisses along her jaw line until he reached her ear and, taking the fleshy lobe in his mouth, gave a tiny nip! He was surprised when Apolline gave a growl and he felt her hands on either side of his head and she pulled his face back to hers and started kissing him passionately.

* * *

Two Days Later

Narcissa opened her eyes and blinked sleepily, looking around the room as she stretched. She blinked her eyes in disbelief, suddenly wide awake as she saw three of the four women were sound asleep on the couches in the room, all of them coated in Harry's seed and wearing smiles that torture wouldn't remove on their faces. She couldn't believe that Harry was still going, other than a brief nap the day before, and pausing to eat and use the loo. She didn't think he'd stopped from the minute he starting things off by kissing Apolline.

After driving her crazy with a kiss, he moved to the other women and got them just as turned on, before he turned back to Apolline and put his hands on her waist. Narcissa remembered watching in amusement, and not a little arousal, as he walked backward to his chair and, sitting down, lifted Apolline into the air so her thighs were resting on his shoulders. She had licked her fingers and started teasing her nipples as she watched Harry bring Apolline to the first of what turned out to be many orgasms.

She wasn't sure how much of what Harry did was planned, or if he was going on instinct, but by the time he got Apolline on her back with her ankles over his shoulders, he'd made each of them cum at least a dozen times. That was when she had finally begged him for a chance to rest, she couldn't take any more. She must have fallen asleep, because now Harry was cuddling with Claire as they caught their breath. The Veela barely seemed aware of her surroundings until Harry touched her shoulder and whispered in her ear. At that point, her eyes opened and she grinned at him and said something in French. Narcissa couldn't make out what she had said, but her meaning was clear when she rolled over onto her belly and reached back, spreading her arse open for him.

Narcissa almost laughed at the look on Harry's face, like a child being given the key to the candy store. But he grinned and summoned his wand from somewhere and cleaned the woman out. She didn't get to watch any more, because Apolline had moved over to her and climbed into bed with her, although from the noises Claire was making, she was obviously enjoying herself,. Turning to look at her friend, Narcissa was surprised when Apolline leaned in and kissed her softly, before pulling back with a sigh.

"I'm not sure if I'm more sad or more relieved I'm not 30 years younger! If I were closer to Harry's age, I'd bond to him in a heartbeat, but he would probably kill me! I would die with a smile on my face, but he would kill me just the same. You taught him well, Narcissa."

Narcissa chuckled, "Well, I have to admit, he did have a lot of natural talent to begin with, and quite an imagination, as you can tell. But I do know what you mean, the human body isn't meant to experience that much pleasure. But it's been fun finding our limits, hasn't it?"

Apolline laughed softly, "Oui! I'll admit, I thought you were exaggerating when you sent me that letter, but if anything, I think you underestimated him. He's even stronger than you suspected!"

"Really? What makes you so sure?"

"It's simple, you don't know the others that well, but Claire has never willingly let a man take her the way Harry is taking her now, but she is willingly offering herself to him! And it's obvious she is enjoying the experience immensely."

Narcissa blushed, "Well, I have to admit, he does make it feel incredible! I hadn't done it before, but I never even thought about saying no to him that night! Of course, the fact that he had my wrists and ankles tied to the legs of the dresser might have had something to do with it."

"Really?"Apolline said with a grin, "I never thought you'd allow yourself to submit to anyone that way! I still remember the black eye you gave that boy... what was his name again? Oh! Remus, that was his name, I remember the way he tried to say he had run into a door to explain why his eye was black. Of course, none of us believed him, especially when he was heard bragging about getting close to bedding you!" She shook her head, "He was certainly stupid, saying that where we could hear him. Of course, he probably figured that the group of us couldn't understand English very well, because we had trouble speaking it. He should have realized all of us who were chosen to spend our last year at Hogwarts had to be able to read and understand English well enough, otherwise it wouldn't have helped us learn to speak it, and that was why we were there in the first place!"

"It's just as well, I found out later he did succeed with one of the Hufflepuffs, but he was an absolute dud! Of course, Lucius wasn't much better, that's for sure."

Their conversation was interrupted by Claire yelling in French Narcissa and Apolline looked at each other in amusement, not expecting the vulgarities spewing from the genteel woman's mouth. Apolline grinned, "Oh now I know I have to try that! I've never seen Claire lose control like that, and I've known her for years!"

Narcissa grinned and nodded, and then said, "This is a stupid question, I know, but I have to ask, did Harry pass his exam?"

Apolline burst out laughing, "He passed the exam in the first hour we were here! The rest has just been for pleasure, both his and ours. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think Claire is finished, and it's my turn again!"

* * *

The next morning, Harry was relaxing in the shower with Narcissa when he felt a twinge in his magic. Opening his eyes in surprise, he saw that Narcissa had felt it too. He was about to step out of the shower when Narcissa put a hand on his arm and said, "Don't worry about it, it was just the wards starting to reset. We are back in regular time now, so we can leave the rooms."

"Damn, already? I'd lost track of how long we'd been here. Doesn't seem like two months, though, now that you mention it, I could use a haircut."

Finishing the shower, they dried off, and, after a few minutes trying to remember where they left their clothes, got dressed. Going into the lounge, they found their guests getting dressed and greeted them. When they saw him,Apolline and the others kissed him firmly, and thanked him for a wonderful time, and Apolline said, "My daughter Fleur will be at Hogwarts this year. I'm sure she will want to meet you, especially after I tell her about this weekend!"

Harry smiled, but said, "I'll be happy to meet Fleur,Apolline, but anything beyond that, she will have to talk to Luna and my other ladies to make sure they approve."

The woman chuckled, "Harry, after this weekend, I can tell you that, no matter how many ladies you have, I'm sure they will welcome the extra help. I'm sure you're aware, this isn't the first time the four of us have done something like this, but this is the first time anyone has ever satisfied us so much we needed to rest before being ready for more!"

Harry's eyes widened slightly, but managed to keep his face impassive, while inside he was doing his version of a Happy Dance. "Well, we'll see what happens when she arrives, but, in the meantime, the rest of the world awaits us!"

Waiting while the last of the wards dropped on the entryway, Harry took a last look at himself in the mirror, making sure that he was properly dressed after so long. Satisfied that nothing was sticking out that shouldn't be, he reached over and squeezed Narcissa's hand, making her smile at him. When the wards on the door chimed, showing they were down, Harry stepped forward and opened the door. As soon as the door opened they heard a burst of sound coming from the hallway, and, curious, Harry stuck his head out of the door and started laughing at what he saw.

Stepping into the hallway with Narcissa and the others following behind him, he heard Narcissa start laughing as well. At the bottom of the stairs, Sirius, Remus, the Headmaster, and Cedric and Amos were waiting for them. All of them were wearing wide grins and were applauding wildly. Harry grinned and sketched a bow toward them, while Narcissa dropped a curtsy in their direction.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs, and the applause had died down, Remus stepped forward and lifted a glass jar filled with small red fruits off a table, and, clearing his throat, he said, "Well, Harry, since you've lost yours, Sirius and I thought it was only right that we get you a replacement. Enjoy them in good health!" Handing Harry the jar, Harry started laughing at the jar of Maraschino Cherries. Turning to Narcissa, he said, "Did we ever get to playing with food, Cissy? I don't remember."

Narcissa smirked at Remus before saying, "Actually, Harry, I think we missed those lessons, after all, you were too busy tying me up and buggering me to get to the food play. Maybe we should schedule another weekend?"

Remus paled, and the smile on his face suddenly seemed forced as he turned away and gestured to Sirius. Harry knew why Remus suddenly looked unhappy, having gotten the story from Narcissa during their time in the room, and he struggled to hide a smirk of his own. Looking at the others, he saw Cedric was checking out the Veela, at least one of them, Celeste was checking him out in return. Amos was smiling proudly at him, although he was eying the women appreciatively as well. It was the Headmaster's reaction that surprised him the most, the venerable old man was chuckling heartily, although he didn't seem all that interested in the women.

Turning back to Sirius, his Godfather was levitating a large cauldron toward him, and said, "We spent the last couple of days brewing this, Harry, because I'm sure that you'll need it!" Looking in the cauldron, Harry could tell from the color and consistency, as well as the smell, that it was an extra-strength lotion for chafing. Harry was well aware of why Sirius thought he would need the lotion, but wasn't going to let him know that. Besides, he really didn't need it.

Narcissa looked over into the cauldron and obviously recognized it as well, because she winked at Harry and then, turning to Sirius, said, "Why would Harry need an anti-chafing potion, Sirius?” Then she got a look of mock realization on her face, and continued, Oh! It must have been a long time, for you to have forgotten this! A witch's saliva, especially a Veela's, has healing properties!"

The women laughed and Sirius blushed, obviously embarrassed. When they got their laughter under control, Albus stepped forward and said, "Now that you are back, Harry, we need to get to Gringotts to meet the first of your ladies, she will be waiting for you."

Nodding, Harry turned and kissed Narcissa and the others firmly, before walking out the door with Professor Dumbledore. When they were outside, the Headmaster pulled a brass ring out of his robes and told Harry to take hold as he tapped it with his wand.

Harry stumbled when they arrived in front of the Bank, glaring at Dumbledore who landed on his feet with no sign of losing his balance. Albus reached his hand out and steadied Harry until he regained his balance, and said, apologetically, “I'm sorry, Harry, I should have warned you. Your magic was subconsciously aiding the portkey, so you were going faster than you would have normally. The trick is to concentrate on just using the portkey's magic to travel, that will make sure you land on your feet.”

Harry grinned his thanks to the older man, “Good to know, if I was going to end up arse over tea kettle every time I took a portkey somewhere, I think I'd stick with using a broom!”

Albus laughed merrily as the two of them walked into the bank.

* * *

As they were walking through the lobby, Harry said, "I know things were extremely hectic when we were here for the ritual, and I don't remember if I thanked you before, but I want to thank you for offering the Contract for the Dumbledore line. I was sick when Luna wasn't selected as one of my wives, because, even though she had said she'd be happy being my mistress, I wasn't going to accept that. She deserves full recognition as my wife, the same as all these other girls!"

Albus smiled and put his hand on Harry's shoulder, "It was a pleasure, my boy. To be honest, I'd suspected that the ritual would look for girls over 16 first, and then, if they weren't able to find a compatible choice, would move to the younger girls. I had already prepared the contract to be used in case Miss Lovegood wasn't selected. It was obvious to all of us, your parents, Sirius and even Cedric, how you two feel about each other."

Harry smiled happily, "Yeah, I know we weren't exactly bashful about how we felt, were we?" The smile faded, and he said, "I have to admit, even though I'm a lot more confident about keeping the girls happy, especially after my lessons, I'm still not looking forward to this very much. Granted, I do know some of the girls, but it's different from being friendly with someone, and having their lives tied together with mine!"

Albus nodded, "I'm actually very glad that you have that attitude, especially considering how James and the others were in school. Of course, they did change as they got older, but when they were your age, all of them wanted a Harem of their own." He chuckled, "Naturally, Lily was not amused by the idea at all. Of course, she really didn't understand the purpose of the Line Continuation, as well as Family magical gifts. In fact, that was one of the reasons why, after that night happened, that I pushed to include a course in the Magical World's culture for incoming students."

Harry said, "It certainly made the conversation with Hermione and her parents easier, that's for sure! If she wasn't aware of the need for them, I don't imagine she would have been so accepting of being chosen."

"Well, that is one of the benefits of the Ritual. It ensures that all the girls chosen will be compatible with you, and, thanks to Helga's Gift, are compatible with each other." He paused as Harry got a glazed look in his eyes at Albus' last words, until Albus chuckled and Harry blushed slightly.

"Sorry, it's just... the mental images..."

"I understand, Harry, trust me, I understand, I was young once, too, believe it or not!"

With a laugh, Harry nodded, and led the way up to the counter. Before he got there, Harry paused and said, “By the way, did you hear anything more about the witch who was chosen for the Bertram family? I know that the magic selected someone, but did the goblins ever find out to whom?”

“No, Harry, all they could tell was, whoever it was, wasn't in England, and was outside the range of their identifying spells.”

“Weird. Okay, that's a question for another day. Right now, I've got a possible wife to greet.”

* * *

Harry was directed to a small conference room just down the main corridor, and, taking a deep breath, he muttered, "Come on Potter! This is Cho. You know her, you can do this!" Wiping his suddenly sweaty palms on his robes, he grasped the door handle and pushed it down. The door opened, and he stepped inside, smiling at the beautiful Chinese girl who was sitting at the table, an older woman beside her. He could tell from the resemblance that she was a close relative, but beyond that, he didn't recognize her.

Holding the door open so Albus could follow him in, Harry walked around the table and stopped next to the woman. Giving a slight bow, he said, "Hello, I'm Harry, I don't think we've met?"

The woman smiled at him and said, "Hello, Harry, I'm Lin Chang, Cho's mother. I'd like to thank you for your personal note that accompanied the Gringott's notice. As I'm sure you can imagine, this was a bit of a shock to Cho and I."

Harry chuckled, "If your reaction was anything like mine, I'd say 'a bit of a shock' is an understatement, Mrs Chang. I wasn't made aware of these contracts until the day before they activated, and I've had a bit of time to get used to the idea now, and I promise you that I'm not going to pressure Cho or anybody else into signing the contract. I've already agreed to fulfill them, and the ritual I did here at Gringotts showed that Cho would be the best fit for the Quinn family, both for magical talents as well as personal compatibility with me. However, it doesn't obligate Cho to agree to the contract in any way."

Moving to sit next to Cho, he reached out and took her hand and said, "Cho, I will give an oath on magic, that if you agree to sign the contract, I will help you achieve whatever you want in your life. If you want a professional Quidditch career, I'll be your number one cheerleader, if you want any other career, I'll do my best to help you reach it."

Cho smiled and spoke for the first time, "That's actually what I expected you to say Harry, just from watching you play Quidditch the last three years. You treated the girls on your team as equal partners in the team, and that helped me make a decision. I'd like to spend some time with you, so we can get to know each other off the pitch, but I'm leaning toward signing the contract."

Harry smiled widely, "Actually, that's what I was going to suggest. I've already asked Professor Dumbledore to escort us back to Hogwarts for the day, if you were willing, so we can do some flying as well as spending time wandering around Hogsmeade and enjoying ourselves."

Cho glanced over at her mother, and got a slight nod and a smile before smiling at Harry, "I'd love it! We could get one of the elves to make us a picnic lunch and we could eat by the lake?"

Harry grinned, "That sounds excellent. Do we need to stop and get your broom, or is it available already?"

Cho laughed, "I've got it with me, my Mother shrunk it down before we left because I was going to suggest spending some time flying."

Harry nodded, "I've got mine as well. So, shall we go?"

With a quick kiss for her mother, Cho rose from the table and Harry took her hand, walking to where Professor Dumbledore was standing. The older man pulled out a quill and handed to Harry, "Just tap it with your wand when you get outside of Gringotts, and, remember Harry, keep your magic under control so you can land properly."

With a nod, Harry and Cho left the room.

* * *

When Harry and Cho landed from the portkey, and Harry kept his balance this time, they both grimaced as the rain hit them. Harry said, "Crap! I guess we won't be able to go flying after all," before they started running for the front doors of Hogwarts. Stopping inside the front door, Harry cast drying charms on both of them, as well as drying the puddles of water that dripped off their clothes. He saw Filch heading toward them before he paused and gave an approving nod that they wouldn't be making a mess in the halls.

Once they were dry, Harry hesitated, obviously trying to think of someplace they could go when Cho said, "I've got an idea of where we can go. There's an area of the castle by Ravenclaw Aerie that's kind of a House Secret, so you can't tell anybody about it, okay?"

Harry nodded, a relieved smile on his face, as he said, "I'm glad you said something, I was coming up empty, and it was frustrating."

Cho giggled and took his hand, leading him toward the entrance to Ravenclaw Tower. Harry was about to say something, because he'd been the Ravenclaw Common Room multiple times. Of course, that was with Padma when they were planning a prank, but Cho turned down a side passage before they got to the doorway and she led him to an area he hadn't found, even with Sirius giving him the Marauders Map before his first year.

Partway down the hall, Cho paused at a tapestry that covered an entire section of the wall, from floor to ceiling. The tapestry showed a pastoral scene, with a young couple sitting on a blanket off in the distance. “One nice thing about this being the holidays, there's nobody else using it. If there was already somebody inside, there would be two couples on the blanket.” Taking her wand, she tapped it on the trunk of tree that was in the foreground of the scene, and a doorway appeared before them. Pushing the door opened, she pulled Harry in with her, and shut the door behind them.

Harry had to admit he was impressed. He had been inside a drafty castle in Scotland a moment ago, and now he was standing in a meadow with the Spring sunshine gently hitting his face. He could see the grass moving with the breeze, and could hear the burbling of a stream off in the distance, He couldn't help himself, a smile of pure delight crossed his face and, turning to Cho, he picked her up and whirled her around, shouting “This is amazing! I've never seen anything like this before.”

Cho giggled as he set her back on her feet. Following her, she lead him to the hill where the couple on the blanket were in the tapestry. When he got there, the blanket was there, but they were alone. Cho slipped off her boots before stepping on the blanket, and said, “You're going to be mighty uncomfortable if you stay bundled up like that.”

Putting words into actions, she pulled off her jacket and jumper, and sat down on the blanket wearing nothing but her jeans and a t-shirt. He could see the outline of her bra under the shirt and his eyes lingered a bit in admiration of her form. Cho blushed slightly as he looked at her, but said, “I'll let you see more later, Harry, but we need to talk about things first, if that's okay?”

Harry had finished removing his outer layer of clothing as well, and nodded, “No worries, I'll not lie, I've been interested in seeing you since the first time we played against each other, but I agree, we do have things to talk about. In fact, if it will make you more comfortable, I'll start off, okay?”

She nodded, relieved that she wouldn't have to expose herself this way first.

Harry looked up and called, “Dobby!” When the elf appeared, Harry asked him for several butterbeers, and a picnic lunch for the two of them. It only took a few minutes for Dobby to return with his bundle, and, setting it down on the grass beside the blanket, popped back out.

Taking a drink, he said, "Okay, to get the big one out of the way, you know that I have to, because of these contracts my parents saddled me with, marry 15 different women, right?"

Cho nodded, "I knew it was going to be a multiple marriage, but I didn't know how many co wives I would have. Can I ask who the others are? Besides Luna, I mean," she chuckled "I don't think there's anybody in the castle, except maybe Binns, who isn't aware that the two of you are together."

"Well, to start with, two of your Housemates received letters as well, Padma Patil and Lisa Turpin. I already know Padma pretty well, but I don't really know Lisa, and there are a couple from Hufflepuff in addition to Luna, a few from Gryffindor, and even three Slytherins, so it's going to be quite the mix."

Continuing, he said, "I'll be honest, I really don't know how this is all going to work, I never gave much thought to the idea that I'd have more than one wife, ya know? When I thought about life after Hogwarts, I just pictured Luna and I, with a couple of kids that I could teach to fly and play Quidditch." He laughed, "Hell, now I could probably field a couple of teams, and that's if all of you stick to one kid each!"

Cho laughed with him, but said, "Actually, that's something I was thinking about, after we have the heir for the Quinn family, I'd like to have another child that can carry on the Chang name."

Harry nodded, "Sure, I don't have a problem with that. Like I said back at the bank, how many kids we have will be your decision, because you're the one who has to carry them. After all, even with magic, there are some things that guys just can't do!"

Cho froze, looking at him, before she started giggling. When she got herself under control, she said, "Sorry, I was just picturing you waddling around with your belly sticking out and complaining about how your feet hurt!"

Harry laughed as well as he pictured it, before growing serious, "I'll admit, I'm surprised you seem to be taking the idea of a multiple marriage fairly well. I thought you'd be up in arms about the idea."

"Harry, I was born and raised in Hong Kong and multiple marriages are an accepted fact of life there. My father was a rarity in that he only had one wife, but that was his choice I'm the type who believes that more hands makes the work easier."

They continued talking for several hours, getting to know each other, and their dreams for the future. Cho asked him about Padma, and how he got to know her. Harry laughed and started talking about how his father and friends were rather notorious pranksters when they were in school, and how he had decided to follow in their footsteps, until Padma caught him setting a prank up and showed him a better way to do it. They had been partners in pranking ever since.

They sat quietly for a while, before Cho said, "I've made my decision Harry. When we leave here, let's go back to the bank. I'm going to sign the contract. I'll admit, I was leaning towards accepting all along, but you knew that. After really talking to you, I realized that I do want what you are offering."

Harry smiled, "I'm glad, I was thinking the same way. I'll admit, I'm not in love with you, yet, but I can see those feelings developing over time."

Cho got a shy smile on her face at his words, then, steeling herself, she said, "Since I've agreed to be your wife, I'd like it if we bonded here, so Harry, make love to me, please?"

Harry just nodded and leaned forward, putting his arms around her and holding her for a moment, before his mouth found hers and they started kissing. He was taking his time with her, feeling that she really needed him to be gentle with her, so he let his tongue slide across her lips, teasing them until she opened her mouth, and he slid inside. He had been running his hands along her back and sides while they were kissing, until she pulled away, and, reaching down, lifted her t-shirt over her head, leaving her sitting there in just her bra. She smiled shyly at the look of lust on his face as she reached behind her and unhooked the clasp, letting the bra slide down off of her shoulders, and she set it aside.

He whistled in appreciation of her small, but perfectly formed breasts, and leaned down to take one of her nipples in his mouth, drawing a sigh of pleasure from her throat. He used his free hand to toy with the other nipple, and pinched it lightly. He switched off between her breasts and kissing her, until she was panting with need, and he started kissing his way down her body, until he reached the waistband of her jeans. With a growl, she yanked open the button and unzipped them, allowing Harry to slide them off her hips and down her legs where they joined her t-shirt and bra.

Harry paused then, looking at his first crush, laying naked but for a pair of silken knickers before him. Leaning forward, he started planting light kisses on her belly and the inside of her thighs, carefully avoiding touching her center. After a few minutes of this, Cho's whimpers turned to moans, and she reached down and grabbed his hair, trying to move his mouth where she wanted it. Moving his mouth over her knickers, he blew gently on her, rubbing his nose on her through the cloth. Cho was bucking her hips up, trying to get more contact on her skin, so he did a wandless switching spell, switching the cloth with the air, leaving her knickers lying on the pile of clothing near them.

Once her knickers were gone, Cho opened her legs and moved Harry's face between them, Lowering his face, he slid out his tongue and ran it along her entrance, causing the lips, already swollen, to open before him. He savored her taste as it gathered on his tongue, swallowing before he moved deeper inside her. He teased her inner walls, lightly brushing over the sensitive nubbin at the top, not wanting her to peak too quickly, and also wanting to ensure she enjoyed her first true sexual experience. Hearing Cho murmuring to herself, he focused on what she was saying and almost laughed. The gist of it was, “Want More! Feels Good!” so he started humming as he locked his lips around her clit. That was all it took as she cried out in pleasure and flooded his face with her juices. He kept on licking, allowing her to come down from her climax and, as her breathing slowed, he used the same switching spell to remove his own clothing, and started kissing his way back up her body.

When Cho was finally able to think coherently again, she licked her lips and said, “Oh God! Harry, that was amazing. I've brought myself off before, but that was nothing next to what you just did. I thought my head was going to explode, it felt so incredible!”

Harry just looked up from where he was nuzzling her breasts and said, “Cho, you haven't seen anything yet! Are you ready for the main event?”

“The main...oh!” Her eyes widened as it hit her what he meant, and then she looked down his body to see what he had and she unconsciously licked her lips. “Is that going to fit?”

“Yes it will, but don't worry, I'll be using some of my magic to help you enjoy it, otherwise the stretching might be uncomfortable at first.”

She looked up at him, seeing the honesty in his eyes and knowing he would never do anything to deliberately hurt her, she nodded and leaned back onto the blanket. He knelt between her legs, and, placing the head of his cock at her opening, looked up at her, silently making sure she was ready. “Go ahead Harry, I'm ready.”

Those were the last words she was able to say for quite a while, as he used his magic to relax her as he slid all the way inside at one stroke. She felt no pain, just a wonderfully full sensation as she was stretched like never before. It only took a few seconds for the fullness to translate into pleasure as he moved within her and all of her nerves were tingling in pleasure, building in intensity and speed until she felt her whole body was humming with electricity. She was dimly aware of crying out in pleasure and Harry holding still inside of her as she flowed on the waves of pleasure, until, some uncounted time later, she found herself back in her body.

When her mind cleared, she realized that Harry had hit his peak as well, and she felt him pulsing inside of her. She moaned in pleasure, knowing that her life had been changed permanently, and she couldn't be happier. She also wanted to make sure Harry felt as good as he made her feel.

When she felt his breathing ease, she leaned up and kissed him, saying, “That was bloody amazing! I was kind of worried about it hurting the first time, but, Wow! I hope you are going to be ready to go again, because there's something I've heard about, and I really want to try it before we have to leave the meadow.”

“Oh? What would that be?”

“I want you in my mouth! I want to suck that beautiful cock of yours until you cum in my mouth, and then I'm going to swallow every drop you give me. And, if you have the energy, I want you to bugger me.”

Harry rolled over on top of her and purred, “Trust me, energy won't be a problem!”

And it wasn't.

* * *

Fleur Delacour was stretched out on the lounge, enjoying the warmth of the sun on her nude body. She knew that she would be leaving the sunshine of her home for the gloom of Scotland in the Autumn and wanted to enjoy the sun while she could. She was just starting to doze off when she heard the sound of a portkey arriving. Reaching for her wand, she relaxed when she recognized her mother's voice, singing?

Sitting up, she climbed off the lounge and went to see what had her mother in such an unusually good mood. Slipping on her robe, in case her mother wasn't alone, Fleur followed the sound of singing into the house, where she got a good look at her mother, and almost burst out laughing. She was so used to seeing Apolline acting as the perfect lady, makeup perfectly done, never a hair out of place, to see her with her makeup smeared, and her hair and clothing disheveled was quite a shock.

"Have fun this weekend, Mother?"

Apolline turned at Fleur's voice and laughed, "Oh, if you only knew! I had the kind of weekend a Veela can only dream about! There were four of us, plus Narcissa, and a 16 year old wore us all out! You've got to introduce yourself to him when you get to Hogwarts. He will drive you out of your mind with pleasure!"

Fleur raised an eyebrow, "Really? One little boy did that to you?"

Apolline chuckled, "He's no little boy, that's for sure! But I'll tell you all about it while I get cleaned. I need a bath."

By the time Apolline had told Fleur everything that had happened, Fleur had stripped out of her robe and was fingering herself furiously, imagining Harry doing to her what he did to the others. She wasn't alone, as Apolline got so into her memories that she was masturbating right along with her daughter. The two of them hit their peaks simultaneously and, as they were catching their breath, Fleur said, "I think that might explain the strange feelings I've had for the last week, that I was being summoned."

Apolline looked up sharply, “When did these feelings start Fleur?”

Fleur paused, thinking, “Last Monday morning, I think. Or maybe it was after lunch, but it was on Monday, I'm sure of it.”

Apolline relaxed and started chuckling, “I thought so. I wouldn't worry too much about it, but, when you get to Hogwarts, don't be surprised if the feeling is stronger. I have a feeling that you will be spending a lot more time with dear Harry that I got to.”

End Part Three

* * *

The End

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