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Gunslinger Slayer

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Summary: If Buffy had learned from her confrontation with Darla. I imagine this is how things would have changed somewhat. Nothing to do with any Anime.

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texaswookieFR1312,141282,58215 Oct 1215 Oct 12Yes
Buffy learned from her confrontation with Darla and starts packing.While searching for a way to make modern weapons useful for slaying she comes across people that use guns on a regular basis in hunting.

Not sure how this turned into something with Bela.

Anyways I own nothing of the BTVS,Blade,Underworld, or Supernatural characters or references that appear in this.

Just about everyone gives Xander a gun, I just wanted Buffy to have one for a change.

Buffy Summer’s chewed on her lip as she looked at the pair of heavy weapons that she had acquired the other night. As a Slayer she had an instinctive knowledge on how weapons worked and how to use them. She was currently using that knowledge to clean the grime off of the weapons she had gotten.

She had looked the information on these weapons up and discovered that they were a pair of SIG-Sauer P226 handguns. Not anything to get real excited about, but they were also a lot more impressive than some of the weapons and gear that Giles had her using.

The Watcher had said that guns were useless against things like vampires but Buffy wasn’t convinced after the display that Darla had given her last night. Angel’s sire had managed to fill him full of lead and while he had still been able to kill her they had still knocked Angel off of his feet and the vampire had then spent several moments blasting away at her as if it was nothing.

Angel on the other hand had to be helped out of the Bronze because he had been hit in several vital areas and had needed someone to help him until his vampire healing took care of the damage. Had any of the bullets struck him in the joints or something similar it was likely that neither of them would have walked away from the fight.

Buffy may like to act like the stereotypical blonde, but there was one thing she understood. If these things were going to allow her to stay alive a bit longer than she was more than willing to take her chances and use them. The real problem as she saw it was going to be convincing Giles that they were useful compared to his crossbows and swords that he loved so much.

Buffy had grown up in L.A though, and had even fought in the streets of her home city. L.A had a night life that was just as bad and just as dangerous in its own way as the one that was here in Sunnydale. Those were dangers she counted before she added in the supernatural element into it. If a gun could slow a vampire down, she didn’t see any problem with using a gun. Particularly since nine times out of ten she was out numbered by her enemies who thought it was fun to play surround the slayer. If she could slow or injure them before they got close it sure would be convenient.

Making her choice Buffy slipped one of the guns behind her back while the other one went into her handbag along with her stake and holy water mace can. If she was going to have a short life anyways she might as well give herself all of the chances that she could get instead of waiting around for them to kill her. Besides she doubted that there weren’t others that were willing to break the gun rule that Giles had told her about.

She had learned though. She wasn’t going to bring a knife to gunfight ever again.

Buffy smirked at the rather rattled Giles as he did his best to keep up with his Slayer. The pair had come upon a rather large group of vampires and Giles had been sure that they were done for even with the assortment of weapons that they had been carrying on them. Buffy had shocked him though when instead of firing her crossbow the Slayer had dropped the medieval weapon and reached into the depths of her jacket and drawn a pair of guns out.

At seeing the weapons that the Slayer had drawn the vampires had mockingly laughed at her confident in their ability to deal with the Slayer with the weapons she had chosen. Buffy had grinned at them in return and fired into the group. The vampires had been stunned as bullets tore into their heads and limbs.

While none of the bullets was enough to stop any of them, no one really wanted to have the side of their faces blown out because they couldn’t move fast enough. A vampire depended on their good looks to lure in prey. If that were lost a vampire was forced to be more cautious in their feedings and choice of hunting grounds.

While the undead leeches were reeling from having holes punched into them the Slayer holstered her weapons and pulled a pair of stakes out of her jacket and began to walk through the wounded vampires and staking them as she moved through them. In a matter of moments she had finished with the last one and she hadn’t even broken a nail.

“Buffy what were you thinking?” Giles finally said as he shook himself into action over what he had just seen his Slayer do.

“I did the job.” Buffy returned to him. “I just found a slightly different way to do it.”

“With guns?” Giles demanded angrily. “Those things are unreliable in killing the supernatural as you just saw.” He said waving to the stake that the blonde had used to finish the group off.

“If I had planned on killing them, then yeah they would have.” Buffy returned to the Watcher as she began to reload the guns. “All I wanted was them to be hurt and scared.” Buffy returned to him calmly. “Once they were down and out it was just a matter of walking through and staking them. Even you have to admit that this was the best way to deal with them. I mean you didn’t get thrown across the street or knocked unconscious this time I would think that counted as a win.”

Giles sighed as much as he wanted to argue with Buffy on this he had to admit that the girl had a point. One that he really didn’t like to admit to her either. The guns had managed to balance the superior numbers that the vampires had over them. “This is a dangerous game that you are playing Buffy.” He warned her finally. “While I will not stop you from doing this nor shall I encourage or help you either. I think that this is a foolish move and it will be more trouble for you than you can possibly imagine.”

Buffy sighed as she looked through the selection of ammo that she was being offered. This was one of the bad sides of using methods and tactics that Giles wouldn’t approve of meant that he wasn’t willing to help for the expensive thing like bullets.

Buffy turned to look towards the arms dealer that she had been directed towards. “I’m telling you this is some grade a demon hunting ammo girl.” Bela Talbot said as she held up one of the rounds in display. The curvy English brunette smiled at the girl as she displayed her wares. “These bad boys here are imported from some of the best people in the business. Each one of them is custom made to deal major pain and death to whatever it is that you get into your sights.”

“Now with those lovely little ladies models of yours that you like to use so much I thought that these would be perfect. They’re silver nitrate bullets, the same type that the Death Dealers use in their war with the Lycans. I found one that went rogue that was willing to sell me some extra. Selene was willing to smuggle several boxes to me for a price.” Bela said knowingly. The two of them needed a bit of help in getting themselves out of the country and these were more than worth the price.” She explained.

Buffy nodded, she didn’t often tangle with were’s or things that were weak against their sort of things still having some of the gear to deal with them might come in handy. Not all of the were’s were as reasonable as Oz was. Still, she would prefer to keep using tranquilizers on were’s and not silver. Besides Giles was willing to pay for tranq’s while the rest of the ammo came out of her pocket.

“Sorry, I don’t have any problems with wolves.” She admitted. “In fact I try to keep them alive and away from people without the fuzzy problems.”

“Not impressed huh, then maybe these will do the trick.” The mystical artifact dealer said as she began pulling out several shotgun shells. “These beauties were created by John Winchester himself.” Bela said with a smile as she held the shell up for the young girl to look at. “They’re filled with rock salt that’s been soaked in holy water so they’ll take out just about any spirit that you could think of. And if you want some others I have rounds made by legends like Bobby Singer and Rufus Turner.”

“I fight vamps and demons not spirits.” Buffy pointed out to the woman. “Although the rock salt soaked in holy water would probably hurt most vampires if it got past their clothes and into their skin.” She said speculatively.

“Anti-vampire rounds? Hmm.” Bela said as she reached for another box. “I acquired these from some Lycans, they’re Ultra Violet or UV rounds.” She said as she showed the Slayer the glowing bullets. “They’re perfect for killing a vampire. Lucian was really quiet sweet when he made a deal with me.” The woman said fondly as she examined the bullets. “The Lycans still sell to me in fact their ammo is easier to find than the vampires rounds are.”

“There are also these.” Bela continued as she opened another box and handed a round to Buffy. “They’re silver and garlic combinations, great for dealing with royal vampires. I got these from Eric Brooks and his mentor. Trust me there’s nothing that at least one of the rounds deal won’t be able to end you’re problem.” The woman assured her client.

“What about the demonic vampires?” Buffy asked curiously as she eyed the various types of the ammo with interest.

Bela tilted her head as she seemed to consider that question. “I would suggest the U.V rounds, and then work your down.” The woman said. “That way you’ll have the best chance, perhaps even mixed clips so that you can experiment with what you are firing.”

“And if I wanted just regular ammo?” Buffy asked curiously as she set the round she had been holding down.

“Doable,” Bela admitted grudgingly, “but nowhere near as good as these types of weapons are.”

“It’s just until I can convince the others that guns are useable for hunting I’m on a budget.” Buffy explained to the woman.

“Well fortunately I believe in the barter system.” Bela purred as she looked the Slayer over. “As a vampire hunter there must be some sort of tools or items that you use that could be helpful.

“No, all of my stuff is homemade.” Buffy admitted with a blush. “Holy water soaked stakes and crossbow bolts along with basic swords, axes, and knives.”

“So good for the vampire hunter that finds themselves in over their head and is face to face with a vampire then?” Bela said in anticipation. She doubted that the girl knew how valuable such things were. Weapons forged by a Chosen One actually were much more useful than ones made by ordinary hunters. She could actually get some extra this time around. All in all a very profitable buy.

“Fine,” Buffy said as she handed over some of her stakes. She could always make more stakes but creating bullets was not within her skill set.

Excellent. Bela said and the two began to discuss price.

With a blonde accepting the world as it was things changed. Vampires and demons that had once dominated the battle now found themselves target practice. While most of them could not die by the metal slugs that ripped through their bodies there was still plenty of damage inflicted on them and soon they found themselves victims to their own superiority. Their refusal to accept the change in the way that the war was fought led to their own destruction as they were all killed. Many of them may not have died by the guns and bullets that the slayer used but they were weakened enough for her to finish the job.

The End

You have reached the end of "Gunslinger Slayer". This story is complete.

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