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Obligatory Halloween Ficlet

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Summary: It's Halloween at the ARC...

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Television > PrimevalDmitriFR716750140915 Oct 1215 Oct 12Yes
Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, but belong to their respective owners.

“Got to admit, Connor, your idea of a post-New Dawn Halloween celebration isn’t completely bad,” Abby muttered to her (semi-)boyfriend, Connor Temple, as she finally adjusted her suit to her liking.

“I know,” Connor said brightly, as he adjusted his own make-up. Well, make-up was perhaps a wrong term to use, since his historical costume did not require this much make-up at all.

Some elaboration was in order, most likely. After some deliberation, Abby, Connor and the others decided on a historical-theme party, so, due to a quirk of fate and ARC’s usual chaos, both Becker and Connor ended up dressed as Roman soldiers, so thinking quickly, Connor declared himself to be the mighty Julius Caesar, up in arms.

Becker, of course, would not have taken it lying down, especially from Connor and especially regarding matters military, but fortunately Jess was at hand to prevent from actual roughhousing breaking out, so Becker agreed that Connor will be Julius Caesar, while he, himself, will be... Caligula of all people. As he said that, he meaningfully looked at Connor and swung his short spear in such a way, that Connor gulped and hid behind Abby – just in case.

Matt joined the throng at the moment, dressed in a more oriental sort of armor, called Becker and Connor amateurs, and declared himself to be Hannibal, the Scourge of Rome instead – it was that sort of a moment, and it was up to Emily to defuse it, by explaining that Matt has exchanged his Roman soldier suit with Lester due to some Lorraine-related reasons, but Matt’s declaration of being Hannibal stuck, and so Hannibal he became.

Lester, it should be noted, upon hearing about the situation, declared himself to being Nero, claiming that both Caligula and Julius Caesar had been pansies. That did not go well with Lorraine, who had been dressed as Cleopatra and clearly intended Lester to be Mark Anthony in this Roman historical gathering. But Lester declared that he had embraced the madness, so where was his fiddle and burning Rome? He was left alone as Nero after that.

This left Abby and her female teammates to decide upon costumes. Since Lorraine already declared herself to be Cleopatra, none of them wanted to undercut her, really, and so they decided to dress themselves as Amazons instead, since there was some sort of a suit monotony going on around with the guys.

And because life in the ARC was what it was, the three ladies ended up with three rather different versions of Amazon suit: something rather generic in Abby’s case, decisively Greek in Emily’s case, and something more Asiatic in Jess’s. Before they could try to standardize their suits, Becker (probably smarting from having to relinquish the title of Caesar to Connor), wandered over, called Jess the prettiest version of Genghis Khan the world has ever seen, and that was that, considering how smitten Jess still was with Becker.

Then again, after that was over, Emily quite quickly declared herself to be Alexander of Macedon rather than an Amazon (apparently the ancient Greek warlord had been rather popular with her family), so Abby, after a brief think over various historical prominent characters (not that she knew a lot – history was one science that Abby wasn’t interested much), declared herself to be Attila the Hun, and that was that.

“So. We have three of Rome’s most intense emperor, plus the Scourge of Rome, plus the Scourge of God, plus a quasi god-king of Greece, the greatest conqueror the world has ever seen and the wicked queen of the Nile,” Abby summarized – mostly to herself, but supposedly to Jess, as they and Emily went to join the guys (Lester and Lorraine opted to be more aloof, hanging with the bureaucrats rather than the field team of the ARC). “This is going to be one strange Halloween party!”

* * *

“You have no idea!” Ethan Rayne said gleefully as he cast his spell via the crystal ball and watched the carnage begin.


The End

You have reached the end of "Obligatory Halloween Ficlet". This story is complete.

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