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Star of Xander

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Star of Faith Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Star of Faith where the Adventures of Captain Faith, Cabbit Xander and their crew continues

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Anime > Ranma 1/2
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Chapter 4

Note: A ‘thank you’ goes out to Robin for a first spell check, then to Lordamnesia for a first edit and then finally to Hawklan for the final edit and posting. By the way… you really should visit Hawklan’s author page. He has quite a few fics of his own you should check out.

Chapter 4

Dawn looked with awe over everything. It was incredible and the pure number of beings walking around was just like in the Cantina in Star Wars or something, and the place it was the mall of malls over two hundred floors, filled with everything you need, everything you might need, and everything you like and things you will eventual need. Not to mention just as much useless but fun stuff hiding the things that you need to find. Still, she had expected it to be dirty like the Babylon 5 bazaar was or Mos Eisley in Star Wars, but the place was shining fresh and the shops were bristling with customers. She sighed as she pushed the flying cart in front of her forward. "We have the food, what next girls?"

Ranko looked at the huge pile of things. "Huh scrambled Rull Eye in oil. What the…," she said, looking at Sasami.

"Rull is a plant, which has a fruit that looks like a human eye. They grow them on Jurai... it’s really tasty," Sasami said while putting a container in the back of the cart. Dawn shivered… a plant that looks like an eye...

Ranko was following closely, her eyes tried to see everything she could feel it. Some of the aliens here were like volcanoes of anger, hating everything, others were calm and happy. She could see one of the angry aliens had a ‘Wanted by the GP’ poster of himself hanging from the belt.

Sasami was calmly walking by the stores putting food things inside like a tiny expert knowing what she was doing. Dawn looked up from the holo map. "Alright fabric to make uniforms is on level fifty five. Let’s put the food in our storage and get shopping."

Sasami asked, "Could we buy some other stuff?"

Dawn blinked. "Like what?"

"Soap and cleaning stuff, you know?" Sasami said.

Ranko nodded. "Yes and you know what girls need. I heard they need something for their monthly, you know?"

"Oh... yeah well all of us are girls so it goes under ship expenses. Sasami help me find the right place," Dawn said holding up the map.


"Fly my monkey fly!" Faith said, trying not to giggle. The Omwhat sure looked funny.

Willow scolded her."Faith, do not say that, they might get angry!"

Faith shrugged. They were walking to a place that sure was hardcore for anybody that loved big engines, tools, fuel and mechanical stuff. Finally an Omwhat walked up to them "May we assist you in finding what you are looking for? Only a quarter Galaxy cred for my assistance."

Willow nodded as she paid the Omwhat. "Thanks. We need some star ship fuel for our Cabbit and then some weapon ammo and power packs. I have a list," she said, showing the flying monkey or Omwhat the list.

It studied it carefully as it peaked up at the girls. "I see. A Cabbit ship you say?" If they had a Cabbit ship they were really big players or would be future players if they survived. Finally, he nodded. "It's this way."

Faith grinned as they finally started to make headway. A strange object captured her interest. "Yo what’s that?" she asked to the flying monkey (Omwhat).

The Omwhat frowned. "It’s an Oni teleport generator. The Exit gate, they’re used for Worm Gate teleportation."

Willow blinked then remembered. "I read about that. A Worm Gate teleportation is extremely difficult to survive. Most beings die if they even try."

The Omwhat nodded. "The Oni survived the journey, but even they consider it painful. They used gates like that to transport Oni blitz troops to a world they were trying to take over. An Exit gate is crashed down on the planet and once it’s down they transport whole legions of soldiers from light years away. Millions of troops can be transported by the Entering gate and the Exit gate will spread them out across the surface of the planet they are attacking in minor groups of a thousand or less."

Faith paled and mumbled, "Ooh!"

Willow replied, "Yeah, I read they need an Enter gate from the world they are coming from and an Exit gate on the world they want to travel to. And the Exit gates are not completely safe. They can spread out the traveler over a large area almost randomly or something."

The Omwhat nodded. "Yes. The Oni are like that. It makes it harder for the enemy to find the Exit gate and destroy it. And even if the troops are spread out over a large area by the transport they tend to end up in small groups," he said musing. "Of course if the gate had landed in air the traveler will exit in environment with air of the same air pressure, not that dangerous as many Oni can fly or have flying equipment. If it’s landed in water then, well they have safety measure to stop that from happening in theory."

Faith looked at the gate. "Is this what they used to attack worlds?"

The Omwhat nodded. "Yes. It's one of the reasons even the mighty Juraian and their navy fear the Oni army.”

Willow nodded. "And now I understand," she said in English.

Faith asked, "Understand what?"
Willow answered. "Why the Juraian would have to take over Earth just to keep us safe if a war starts."

Faith paled. "Yeah..."

The Omwhat smiled to himself. "The gate you see is an Exit gate and quite useful parts are in there. The Hyper ring for example can be fitted to a Cabbit star drive. It's able to boost the speed of the ship up to 12 times of its normal speed one single time before it burns out."

Faith grinned. "Does it hurt the Cabbit?"

The Omwhat shrugged. "No. They don’t like it because the engine will need maintenance afterwards and it’s almost impossible to turn the ship during boosted flight.”

Willow sighed. "Faith we don't need it. Let’s get the missile system and computer parts Xander wanted and the parts he need to build a robot dummy."


The Pub, if you could call it that, was in human terms not a pub. More like a drinking fountain with grass growing and other good eating stuff a Cabbit would like to eat. The Omwhat knew if the Cabbit liked a place they would argue with their owner to return and Cabbit owners were often big players. The Omwhat had no problem wasting money in order of making more money. They just did not like free gifts, it made them paranoid and fearful.

Xan-Okhi grinned. "Hi," he said as he skipped inside a bit clumsy in his Cabbit body. Of the other two Cabbits, one of them turned and answered, "Hi."

Xander blinked and then asked, "Ken-Okhi... Is that you?"

Ken-Okhi looked askance at the new Cabbit. "Ummm yeah. Who are you?"

Xan-Okhi grinned "It's me Xan-Okhi! I finally have a captain!"

Ken-Okhi, being a Cabbit, concentrated on the more important things. He was glad that Xander finally moved out from the garage he hid himself in and accepted that he was a Cabbit. "Do you have any carrot beer?" he asked.

Xan-Okhi replied. "Oh'yeah. Do you have any information about the Oni, the Jurai, the Pirates and other stuff that's secret?" he replied while putting up a barrel of carrot beer.

Ken-Okhi shrugged, humans always were so concerned with secrets, but Nagini never said he should stay silent and so he started to talk.

The other Cabbit shuffled a bit nervous. Xan-Okhi looked it was a girl Cabbit. For a human eye she was a cute furry ball of fluff. From a Cabbit eye she was a hot sexy momma. "Hi… I'm Xan-Okhi."

The Cabbit nodded and replied, "I am Lin-Okhi, what is that smell? Could I taste it?"

Xan-Okhi helped her to a cup. "Sure."

The three balls of fur sat down exchanging information that most organic would consider national secrets of the highest order. The Cabbit considered it gossip and would not really tell their captains anything unless they felt the need or if it was needed to keep them and their captain alive. If any military force in the galaxy knew about how much Cabbit spilled secrets to each other they would have a massive heart attack.

"It’s strong," Lin-Okhi said feeling drunk.

Xan-Okhi giggled. "Yeah and don't you go and fly now."

Ken-Okhi grinned. "Yeah... I like this. Nagini has been so angry since she found out about Ryoko. Do you know what Ryo-Okhi is doing?"

Xan-Okhi nodded and replied, "She misses you man.”

Ken-Okhi slumped down. "It’s so hard, my captain hates her captain.”

Lin-Okhi grinned. "But my captain doesn’t hate your captain Xan-Okhi," she said, blushing hard subtly is not really a Cabbit trait.

Xan-Okhi just knew that Faith was giggling madly right now. "Um... I… I grew up as a human most of my life and this is the first time I've really been in this body and..."

Lin-Okhi slumped and said in a sad tone, "You don’t like me.”

"Umm no, it’s me. I have girlfriends. Many of them and I…," Xan-Okhi mumbled and he could feel Faith giggling and say go for it.

Lin-Okhi nodded. "It could be a one night stand, unless your captain says no."

Xan sighed she was cute and sexy. But Willow, Faith and Dawn he could not. "I’m sorry it’s just I have more than one girl and unless all of them say yes it feels wrong."

Lin-Okhi shrugged as she cuddles closer to the boys. "Perhaps later," she said turning to Ken-Okhi purring.

Xan-Okhi looked at him. "If she likes you go ahead, but don’t hurt her or my mother."

Ken-Okhi nodded as they continued to talk about things they had seen and flirting with the cute girl.


(Later upstairs)

Nagini was pissed off she was the most deadly bounty hunter and mercenary in the galaxy and now her number 1 enemy and prey Ryoko Hakubi gotten away by becoming engaged to Tenchi Massaki, which made it impossible to hunt her down without losing the chance of Juraian contracts.

She frowned as the link between Ken-Okhi her Cabbit became fuzzy. Crap that fuzzball have found beer. She froze. Sasami? What was the youngest princess doing out here? The girls surrounding the Princess were unknown to her. She saw a brown haired girl with a pixy like face and a cute short girl with big breast which looked like a fighter. None of them looked like a Juraian or like they were part of the Tenchi gang. Was Sasami kidnapped or a runaway? That could be the only option. Now there was the potential of a bounty. Nagini started to smile. Oh yes… she would be well paid. Carefully standing up she started to follow them like a wolf waiting to strike.

Ranko snorted trying to ignore the smell a skunk like alien gave of as she walked on, her eyes constantly watching the area around her. She saw two big humanoids about six feet tall with green hair and one had a small unicorn horn pointing up from his forehead. The other one was red haired and had four smaller horns on the forehead. Their eyes were sparkling like there were hidden fires inside them. Ranko eyes peaked up, that was real Oni. The eyes were a dead giveaway, the glowing sparks that could be seen even in the dark was proof for that.

They looked stupid she thought to herself. But something was off. She was sure there was somebody following her. But nothing her Chi senses or eyes had seen proved it, but something was off. Ranko started to focus her skills. Something was blocking her or somebody. Somebody was using her chi and manipulated her own and others auras. Now she started to shift her senses, trying to block out the manipulation and find the target. On the outside Dawn and Sasami were walking beside her, talking about different material and on what they would use their own money to buy stuff with and other things Ranko continued to talk back to them.

Nagini looked from a distant as she focused her skills, making her aura scream out -Do not notice me. I am not following you- vibes. The fighter girl or child was good and Nagini had to focus her chi more just to stop her from caring about the fact that she was following them just nine feet away. She carefully grabbed her war-Yoyo in the pawn of her hand.

Then something happened.

One of the big Oni guys snorted out, "Look it’s a Juraian walking with her Nanny. What’s a group of those creeps doing here? Not all high and mighty now, are ya?" he said making a grab after Dawn and Sasami.

Like a flash the Oni hand was caught in a painful grip by Ranko’s small tender hand. "Go away," she said simply.

The Oni snorted again as he powered up lighting started to dance between his horns. "Let go or I fry you bitch."

Ranko grinned and said, "An idiot like you couldn’t fry a wall."

The Oni growled again. "Let go."

Ranko smirked. "Not with you I’m... Phuuu have you even brushed your teeth like ever?"

The Oni now had smoke coming out of his ears. "FRY!" he said sending lightning down on Ranko.

Who rolled away quicker than the lightning. "Katchu Tenchu Amurigen," she screamed as she let her favorite attack start. The roasting chestnuts on open fire attack. Suddenly her fist blurred as they hit the Oni with over five hundred hits under one second. From a distance it looked like she hit the Oni one single time with each hand, but she had hit him in the face, in the gut, in the ribs, on the arms many, many times, and especially over the ears.

Dawn grinned as she watched the Oni eyes become unfocused, his rib's guts and arms cover in bruises and she screamed, "TIMER!" as he fell down. Ranko grinned as she brushed of the dust from her hands. "I said go away. So be smart or be in pain," she said hoping the other Oni was smarter. Nagini blinked did that girl just hit the guy five hundred times in one second? Now that was speed training.

The other Oni growled then he looked at his buddy who looked like a waking bruise bleeding from a broken nose, probably a broken rib and more and that from what he believed were two hits, no more. He grabbed his friend and fled away.

"Wow… you’re so cool," Sasami said in awe.

Ranko grinned. "Naa he was an idiot and I’m the best." On the inside she frowned. Ranma Satome was the best right. Now she was Ranko No-name. Was she really the best or who was she? What family was she belonging in? Her smile suddenly died.

Dawn frowned. "What Ranko?"

Ranko shrugged. "Nothing, let’s go and eat."

The other two girls didn’t believe her but they nodded.

Nagini frowned she would have to attack hard probably use a stunner gas grenade to stop her bodyguard and a capture bag to hold Sasami safe. She grinned as she prepared her ambush. Then she gritted her teeth, she had forgotten to hide herself and her aura must have faded by now. She looked up and crap she was spotted. With a fast move she pulled up a pair of grenades and threw them towards Dawn, Sasami and Ranko.

Ranko smiled. "Yatta..." There was the person that followed them and she just tossed a pair of grenades. "Crap. Moko Takabisha," Ranko screamed as she sent her Chi-bolt flying towards the thrown weapons. At the same time she grabbed Dawn in her left arms and Sasami in her right and jumped away as far from the flying missile as she could. Nagini swore, the bitch was getting away. Just as the grenade and chi-blast collided and sent clouds of paralyzing gas out Nagini drew her flash gun shooting blinding flashes of light towards them.

Ranko eyes twitched in pain as the sudden explosion blinded her. Working on instincts she twisted herself making sure she and Dawn would be a living shield protecting Sasami from the fall. Nagini swore she forgot that Sasami, in a jump that high, would break a bone if she even survived.

With a thud the three collided in the wall and fell down on the floor. Ranko gurgled, "uugrth.."

"uurgh…," Dawn moaned as something broken inside of her.

Sasami landed soft, the two older girls protected her. She swallowed. Dawn had a piece of metal sticking out from her back side. She quickly pulled it out then everything was dark something fell over her and she lost conscious.

Nagini jumped after them pulling her capture bag up. Before Sasami even had a chance she was captured. "And now back to mom and dad with you girl." Nagini said grinning.

"You’re dead," Ranko said as she pulled herself up. "Let Sasami go NOW!" The ground started to shake as Ranko let her battle aura free.

Nagini quickly dropped the bag as she pulled out her war-yoyo. "Back of I'm Nagini the greatest hunter in the galaxy."

Ranko snorted, "Too much talk." Then she attacked with a flying kick. Nagini dodged letting the YoYo spin around like a bola before she let its heavy head fly towards Ranko with a whipping move. The girl twisted in the air as she managed to dodge and the Yoyo landed on the ground creating a small explosion.

Ranko blinked as she could see the Yoyo was unhurt, it just made the ground explode. "Nice effects."

Nagini let the Yoyo spin around again as she attacked Ranko.

Ranko growled the Yoyo was moving like a bloody snake spinning around making it almost impossible to reach Nagini, but she wasn’t helpless and she was angry. The bitch had hurt Sasami and now it was time to really teach a lesson in pain. "So what are you a guy or girl? You must be male, no breasts, fat ass and a dirty smell. Probably a drunk, right? I’m right you’re a drunken male with bad breath." She focused her soul to Heart of Ice. The air slowly turned colder and colder as Ranko slipped deeper and deeper in to the Heart of Ice. The anger filled CHI Nagini was pushing out turned into heat.

Nagini growled as she attacked the Yoyo slashed out raging and Ranko just danced around slowly moving in a revered spiral as she kept talking and insulting Nagini.

"Nobody calls me a lazy fat ass!" Nagini growled.

Ranko smirked. "What are you a lazy drunken fat ass? Boy you are ugly too. Does the mirror crack every morning?"

Nagini sped up her attack and even Ranko had it difficult to dodge them as she moved in a circle, Nagini following.

Suddenly she could feel the strings of cold and warm air circling them. "Hiryu Shoten Ha!" she screamed, as she focused her chi-skills, forcing the chi filled air to move like she wanted, fueled by Nagini's anger. With one last move she uppercut the air above her head, pushing the cold into the center of the circle.

Nagini was just about to dodge the fist when the girl attacked empty air. She was just about to use the yoyo again when she was lifted up in the air by a tornado.

The Omwhat dodged to the side as the two fighters continued to attack each other. It was clearly the bounty hunter Nagini that was the criminal here and yes she would pay.

Then suddenly for the first time ever a tornado broke loose inside the space station.

Ranko grinned as she stood, ice dripping from her body as the sweat froze solid. Around her a raging tornado was storming lifting everything up, and above her Nagini was trapped and lifted up, spinning madly around and around and around her anger fueling and powering the chi-made tornado as it drained her more and more. Ranko grinned. "Moko Takabisha!" she yelled sending one massive chi-blast knocking Nagini out and then the tornado died and everything came crashing down.

Dawn was sitting up with Sasami beside her. Both were looking in awe as Ranko calmly walked out from the center of the storm towards them. Ranko blushed as she looked at the devastation around them. "Sorry about that. She started it," she said, pointing her finger at Nagini.

"You are free to go. Keep moving," an Omwhat with a police uniform on said, he didn’t want to anger anybody that could do that to the best bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Dawn nodded as she pulled Sasami with them as they hurried to walk away with their cart.

"Who was that?" Ranko asked.

Sasami shrugged. "No idea. She looked like Nagini, but she normally attacks Ryoko. Perhaps you have a new friend Ranko?"

"Humph," Ranko groaned.

Dawn shrugged her bleeding had stopped and somehow she was whole again probably the Mass-DNA or something. The three hurried away happy that the Omwhat didn’t arrest them.

Nagini woke up in a jail cell, she wasn’t happy loosing that much money just to get out of jail. They would pay.



The gang was all there. Faith frowned and said, "Xander?"

The Cabbit grinned as he bobbed his head up and down.

Willow sat down and asked. "Are you drunk?" She sniffed at the small body of Xander’s Cabbit shape and recoiled from the smell of carrot beer. "Like a skunk."

"Crap. Do you think we can fly him out of here?" Faith asked.

"I don't think that's a good idea. I mean you’re not supposed to drive drunk. Then, what about a drunken ship? Should it fly even if the pilot is sober?" Dawn replied.

Faith frowned. "Good question."

Willow blinked "We are talking about a drunken star ship. This is so strange."

Ranko grinned and said, "Let’s go."

With a flash Xan-Okhi was a starship that hovered unsteady in the air as the crew loaded their cargo inside before walking in themselves. Hours later the girls discovered that a starship with a hangover was worse than a drunken starship.

Side story 1: Goodnight Sasami

Ranko smiled as she crawled inside her bed and started to relax. "Ranko?" Sasami voice interrupted her.

Ranko turned and watch her roommate. "Yeah Sami?" Sasami looked at her new friend with puppy eye attack the maximum strength a 10 year old could. "Could you tell me a goodnight story?"

Ranko swallowed "I… I don't know any. I don't remember if my mother told me any and pop never did tell me anything."

Sasami sighed. "I’m sorry. I just need a story to sleep."

The ghost voice of Xander interrupted them. "Perhaps I could be of help. What would you like to hear?"

Sasami grinned. "Yeah! Umm a story about Cabbits please!"

Xander frowned "What about the story about our creation. It’s a story all Cabbits learns when we are young."

Both Ranko and Sasami lit up in joy and said "Yeah!"

Xander’s projected face grinned. "Alright settle down," he said and then he started the story.

A long long time ago, in a universe much older than ours, there was a tiny planet with tiny cute beings. They were Cabbits. Harmless and loved by all. They offered food and healing to all that came to them, for their planet was full of healing plants they, and only they, knew how to harvest.

But out there amongst the three greatest empires suffered an enemy as old as time, and he had broken out from his jail, it was a demon lord, infinitive in its evil and cruelty, hating everything good and beautiful.

The demon lord turned his anger towards the Cabbits and their defenseless world. Raging, he sent his army of minions to destroy and enslave them all. The three empires refused to let that happen and sent their own army to defend the helpless Cabbits.

And so the four armies came face to face in what became a world devastating war. Finally after many years of war the demon removed his army to protect himself against the raging fleets attacking him.

And the soldiers turned and watched… around them the tiny planet’s forests were gone and the sea poisoned by the blood of millions of dead demons. Only a lone male and fifteen females had survived the war and they crawled out on their dying world.

The leader of the red soldiers sighed. "The war has cost us much. But know this, we are winning now. We might have lost this battle, but we are winning the war."

The leader of the black soldiers nodded. "Yes. You Cabbit have helped many of my men to survive. Your medication will be missed."

The leader of the green soldiers smiled "Anywhere you would like to go we can take you."

The Cabbit male looked around. His world was gone but... thanks to the death of their world other worlds would survive. His females sighed. What would they do? The world was gone, they had no knowledge, no powers, nothing they could use to help others. And they cried in pain for helping others was what they liked to do, it was the meaning of life for them.

As the human soldiers’ hearts broke at seeing the sadness a bright light shined down and three goddesses stood before them.

The red leader bowed down. "Washu, Goddess of knowledge and curiosity. My goddess," he said humbling himself.

The black leader humbly bowed down. "Tokimi, Goddess of darkness and change. My Goddess," he said humbling himself.

The green leader bowed down "Tsunami, Goddess of Life and bravery. My goddess," he said humbling himself.

The three sister goddesses, for that was what they were, ignored them and bowed down in front of the fearful Cabbits.

Tokimi said. "We have seen your bravery. Your race sacrificed itself so ours could live. We would like to reward you."

Tsunami continued. "We have seen the love you have for others. Ask and our love for you will help you."

Washu finished. "Your creativity is great and saved many lives. Tell me what you would like us to do."

The Cabbits talked between themselves.

"We wanted to help others, to protect and to serve. We want powers to do that. Great powers to help us keep those we protect alive," the male said.

One of the females spoke up "It does not matter if we have to serve others, just as long as our powers are great enough that we can protect them."

The three goddesses nodded. "If you had wanted power just for yourself it would have been a small gift of power indeed. If you had wanted power just to protect others it would have been greater. But if you want powers so that you can protect others yet accept a fate of a servant then your powers will truly be among the greatest ever."

The Cabbits spoke like one. "We have always served and helped others while we had no powers or abilities just our love of others. Getting a power would be no different except now we have a chance to actually do something."

Washu started. "I give you the power of Knowledge and Curiosity."

Tokimi continued. "I give you the power of darkness and change."

Tsunami finished. "I give you the power of life and bravery."

And like one they spoke. "May your bodies change. Space will now be yours as will be the ground and the sea. From now on we give you the powers of magic, technology and biology." With a flash they were gone and the Cabbits had changed.

Ranko looked over at the now sleeping Sasami. "Tsunami? Is that the same Tsunami the Juraian talk about? And Washu..."

Xander shrugged. "We believe the three sisters arrived here as their own universe died. What happened next we have no idea. Tokimi and Washu disappeared. Some say Tokimi became evil and hateful. Others claimed that Washu became an immortal, sealing away her godhood."

Ranko sighed as she slowly drifted off to sleep. Xander smiled, she looked so young and so free during sleep.

He shifted his conscious mind over to the next room. Faith was cuddling up next to both Dawn and Willow inside Dawn’s room. Xander grinned, perhaps he should make one king size bed for all of them to sleep in.

Outside the stars raced by him as he moved along.
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