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Anam Cara

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Summary: When Dean is helped out of his grave by the blonde Slayer Buffy, neither of them knew that their souls would be bound together. Now Buffy, Dean and Sam unite to stop Lilith from opening the final seal. Post BtVS, Season 4 Supernatural

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterSummerwoodFR181339,91832614,47123 Oct 124 Jun 14No

Chapter 5

I think we all know I do not own any of it :(

Thank you to all the reviewers and people who sent messages J Those really help when I am just frustrated with how the writing is going. You guys are my muse in a way.

A lot of people have asked how closely I am going to follow supernatural. My answer is pretty closely for the first few episodes. They lay a lot of foundation for this and other seasons. But I am trying to find those little moments outside what was on the show too. No one wants to read a retelling of season 4 with Buffy just saying a few lines here or there. This is and always has been in my mind a love story between Dean and Buffy.

The other reason why I am following the episodes pretty closely at first is because this is basically my first story, other than a really really bad Harry Potter fic I did 6 years ago. So right now I am really enjoying having the framework already done for me. But I am also working on original content too. I have several “episodes” that are completely original. One of these is going to where Buffy and Dean get their souls bound. There is also one involving Faith and Angel, Jo and Ellen and another with the scoobies. So I hope that answers your question, or at least wets your appetite at little.

“She's about four hours down the Interstate. Try to keep up.” Bobby said to the boys as they exited the motel. They were on their way to the psychic’s house to try and get a lead on who had pulled Dean out from the bowels of Hell. So far they weren’t having much luck, other than a pack of low level demons and a blonde Vampire Slayer.

That same Slayer came around the corner the same moment they were about to leave. Convenient, Dean thought. She looked a little rougher than before. The white sun dress was ruffled and her hair was disheveled. And was she covered in dust? Whatever she had been doing, it didn’t take anything away from her beauty.

Dean watched as Buffy climbed into Bobby’s truck. He squashed the regret he felt at the thought that she wouldn’t be riding next to him again.

“I assume you want to drive.” Sam said, causing Dean to forget his disappointment.

“I almost forgot.” Dean replied as he caught the keys Sam tossed him. His baby looked even better than he could have hoped.

“Hello sweetheart. Did you miss me?” He crooned to the Impala. He opened the door and slid into the driver’s seat. Home. He was finally home.

“What the hell is that?!” Dean asked, horrified at what his brother had done to his baby. He turned and glared at him for defiling his once pristine car.

“That,” said Sam, “is an ipod jack.”

“You were supposed to take care of her.” Dean accused. “Not douche her up!”

“Dean, I thought it was my car.” Sam reasoned.

So completely unbelieving of his brothers geekism, Dean just sneered in response and started the car. The perfect purr of her motor was drowned out by the most ridiculous music to ever come from her speakers.

“Really!” Dean cried out to his brother who just shrugged. Unable to stand one more second of the noise, he ripped it away and tossed it into his backseat. Dean gave one more warning look to Sam before he pulled the out of the parking lot and followed Bobby down the road.

“So Bobby, what the story with Sam?” Buffy asked. Bobby looked at her sideways and she could tell there was something he didn’t want to tell her. “Was he the one who pulled douche bag Dean out?”

“He says he didn’t do it.”

“Do you believe him?” Buffy asked cautiously. She could tell Bobby felt very deeply for the men. She didn’t want to put him on the defensive. “I mean he might not want his brother to know what he had to do for it, you know.”

“Yeah, I thought the same thing but he seemed pretty truthful about that. We’re heading out to a psychic I know a couple of hours away. Something this big, she may have heard the other side talking.”

“That’s good. The sooner we know what we are dealing with the better.” Buffy said. And the sooner I can get away from stupidly freaking hot Dean Winchester. “Bobby, do you know who that girl was that was there? I saw her answer the door and got a strange vibe from her.”

“Nope, never seen her before.” Bobby replied thoughtfully. “Dean didn’t seem to either now that I think about it. You think she had something to do with this?

“I don’t know. I’ve just got a feeling. Something about her is familiar though.” Buffy said. “I tried to follow her when she left the hotel but was jumped by some vamps and lost her. Maybe I’ve seen her with Sam before in my dreams.”

“Maybe.” Bobby said. “Sam’s usually not the one night stand kinda guy. That’s usually Dean’s MO.” Buffy sat quietly at that news. She didn’t know why the thought bothered her so much, but it did.

“So that’s the Slayer huh.” Sam said as the brothers drove down the road. He looked at Dean who just hummed in response. “I thought she’d be, bigger, I guess. And younger. Dad’s journal said most don’t make it past eighteen. She’s gotta be pretty good if she’s made this long.”

Dean remained silent. He really wasn’t in the mood to talk about Buffy. The two of them sat in silence for a couple of minutes, each one lost in their own thoughts.

“Hey Dean, what was it like?” Sam asked, changing the subject suddenly.

“What, Hell?” Dean replied. “I don’t know. I, I must have blacked it out or something. I don’t remember a damn thing.”

“Well, thank God for that.” Sam nodded.

“Yeah. Thank God for that.” Dean said, he really didn‘t want to talk about this either. He looked for a different subject. “There’s still one thing that bothers me about the night that I bit it. Or, got bit. How’d you make it out? I thought Lilith was going to kill you.”

“Well, she tried. She couldn’t.” Sam said. Dean looked at him hard. There was something he was hiding.
“What do you mean, she couldn’t?”

“She fired this, like, burning light at me, and… Didn’t leave a scratch. Like I was immune or something.”


“Yeah. I don’t know who was more surprised, her or me. She left pretty fast after that.”

“Huh. What about Ruby? Where is she?”

Sam paused, just enough that most would not have noticed, but Dean did.

“Dead. For now.”

“So, you’ve been using your, uh, freaky ESP stuff?” Dean asks, biting his lip, not sure if he really wanted to ask.

“No.” Sam answered, clearly not liking the accusing tone in Dean’s voice.

“You sure about that? Well, I mean, now that you've got... immunity, whatever the hell that is... just wondering what other kind of weirdo crap you've got going on.” Dean said, his anger coming through in his words.

“Nothing, Dean. Look, you didn't want me to go down that road, so I didn't go down that road. It was practically your dying wish.” Sam exclaimed. He turned his puppy dog eyes to his brother, but Dean could tell there was something wrong in the brown depths, he just didn’t know what it was, yet.

“Yeah, well, let’s keep it that way.” Dean says gruffly, letting the subject drop. He felt like a coward because he didn’t demand that Sammy tell him what he was hiding, but at that moment he just couldn‘t do it. He was too happy to have his brother back beside him and the two of them doing what they do best..

An hour later Dean looked down at the dash noticed that the gas tank was almost empty. Had he taught his brother nothing about maintaining a classic.

“Sonofabitch Sammy! You always fill her up when she gets to half a tank. Gimme your phone.” Dean demanded. He dialed Bobby’s numbers and asked him to pull over at the next gas station. It was time for a food pit stop anyway. Man he was hungry.

Buffy was glad for the break. She hopped out of the truck while Bobby filled up with gas and went to do a little food shopping. Her stomach had been loudly protesting the absence of substance since the scuffle with the vamps. Why was Faith always right? Staking vamps did make you hungry.

The twenty something clerk gave her a scrutinizing once over, lingering on the hiking boots with an offended air as she walked around putting items into her basket. The bell on the door chimed and Buffy looked up as Dean and Sam entered the store. She let her eyes rove of the two men before pushing back the naughty thoughts that seemed to parade around in her head whenever the good looking Hunter was around. Dammit Faith!

Dean hadn’t expected to run into Buffy inside the station. She must have been hungry too because she carried a wire basket in the crook of her arm loaded with food. He walked down the aisle next to hers, grabbing a large bag of chips without even looking to see what they were. He was too interested in watching the Slayer and his brother who had walked up to her and leaned around to introduce himself.

“That’s an interesting basket you’ve got there.” Sam said, his voice cheerful as he stuck his hand out. “I’m Sam by the way.”

“Buffy. And what are you saying about my basket?“ She asked innocently. “I’ve got all the major food groups here. Dairy.” She held up the Milk Duds. “Grains.” Donuts. “Protein.” Turkey Jerky. “And Veggies.” BBQ potato chips.

Sam chuckled and Buffy smiled back. Dean, on the other side of the aisle was glaring at the two of them, though Buffy just ignored him. The more of jackass he was, the easier it was to keep her raging hormones in check.

“Now I just gotta decide which fruit I want. Starburst or Skittles.”

“Go with the Skittles, no little wrappers to get in the way.”

“Oh, good thinking!” Buffy said and grabbed the bag of candies. She looked up and meet Dean’s eyes which were boring into hers. She tore away from him glace and looked at Sam and smiled. “You must be the smart Winchester.”

Sam seemed to be eyeing her thoughtfully before smiling back at her. He grabbed and few Snickers bars as Buffy headed to the register followed by both Winchesters. She had just placed her items on the counter and was reaching for her wallet when Dean finally spoke up and placed his large hand over hers. Buffy’s heart raced a little fasted at the warm contact before Dean pulled his hand away.

“Here, I’ve got it.” Dean said and handed the cashier his coke and chips along with a credit card. He could see that she was about to argue with him, so he leaned down and whispered quietly into her ear. “Consider it thanks for pulling me out.”

Buffy shrugged and nodded at the cashier. Grabbing her bag of goodies and walking to the sliding door, Buffy turned and said to Dean.
“You still owe me a cheeseburger at least. Ooh and pie. I demand compensation of the pastry kind.” Buffy said cheerfully. Ok, so she was flirting. A little flirting never hurt, right?

“Lets get a move on! We’ve still got two and half hours of road ahead of us.” Bobby’s voice rang across the parking lot. Buffy took her goodies and headed to Bobby’s truck. She turned around to see both Winchester men watching her. Something told her this was not going to be as simple as she had hoped. The next thing she knew they were cruising down the dawn lit highway.

They arrived at the psychic’s house before ten that morning. Bobby pulled his truck next to the curb with the Impala right behind him. The neighborhood looked like the average suburban type. Green lawns and cookie cutter houses. Not the typical place one would find a psychic.

Buffy stretched her arms above her head, casting a look around but not picking up any sense of evil. She fell inline behind the boys as they walked up to the porch. Bobby had stepped up to knock but the door flew open suddenly and a beautiful woman in her mid thirties launched herself at the old Hunter.

“Bobby!” She happily exclaimed and lifted him clear off his feet as she grabbed him in a bear hug. Buffy could see the genuine affection the two had for each other. Sam and Dean must have noticed it too because the two brothers shared a look amongst themselves.

“You are a sight for sore eyes.” Bobby said as he smiled fondly at her. “This is Pamela Barnes, best damn psychic in the state.”

“You always bring me the best cases Bobby. So which one of you is Dean Winchester?”

“Hey.” Dean said as he stepped forward. He made sure to put his best smirk. He may have been dead for four months, but he still had it.

“Mmm-mmm-mmm. Dean Winchester. Out of the fire and back into the frying pan, huh? That makes you a rare individual.”

“If you say so.” Dean replied.

“And you must be little Sammy Winchester.” The discomfort was clearly written on Sam’s face. His brother could be suck a dork around women.

“It’s Sam, actually.” Pamela just smiled boldly back at him before turning to Buffy. Dean watched as the two women sized each other up. His thoughts had just stated to turn dirty when the older psychic spoke.

“I never thought I would see the day a Slayer come to me for me for help. Of course I never thought I would meet THE Slayer either. Another rare individual. Like I said Bobby, you always bring the most interesting things. Everybody come on in.” The brunette turned and entered back into the house with the rest of the group following behind. “I’ve been Ouija-ing my way through a dozen spirits. No one seems to know who broke your boy out. Or why.”

“So what’s next?” Buffy asked. The front of the house seemed normal enough. She didn’t know why she felt such a sense of foreboding here. It wasn’t like Pam was the one giving her the feeling either. Just a sixth sense that something bad was going to happen.
The group followed the brunette into a large room in the back of the house that had all the usual trappings one was used to seeing at a psychic’s. In the center of the room was a large, round wooden table. There were candles and crystals scattered about the space.

“A séance, I think. See if we can see who did the deed.” Pamela replied as she set about preparing the room.

“You’re not gonna… Summon the damn thing here!” Bobby cried out. Buffy couldn’t say she didn’t feel the same way. Whatever it was she has sensed in the field, it was powerful.

“No.” The psychic laughed. “I just want to get a sneak peek. Like a crystal ball but without the crystal.”

Five minutes later the room was ready. Dean had been a little wary while setting up. This was all a little to close to witchcraft. But Bobby trusted her so he would too. He wasn’t too concerned in the hypocrisy of trusting the psychic but not the slayer. His old man had gone to plenty of psychics over the years. Some talented, some not. But most Hunters knew to stay far away from the Slayer.

“Ok, take each others hands” Pamela says at the head of the pentagram table cloth. Dean looks to his left where Buffy is seated and holds out his hand with little hesitation. When her land slipped into his, he was amazed at how small and delicate they were. And how right they felt clasped together. He looked up and saw both Bobby and Sam looking at him strangely. He gave them both a go to hell look.

“And I need to touch something our mystery monster touched.” The next moment he felt a hand sliding along his left inner thigh. He had been so focused on Buffy’s hands that the sudden touch made him jump.

“Whoa! He didn’t touch me there.”

“My mistake.” Pamela said with a throaty laugh. Dean looked nervously around. Sammy hadn’t seen the hand branded into his left shoulder. Knowing there was no way around it, he dropped Buffy’s hand and removed his flannel shirt. With a deep breath he pulled the sleeve to his t-shirt up. He could see Sam staring at it shocked. Dean picked up Buffy’s hand once more and felt her give him a reassuring squeeze.

“Okay.” Pamela said, her voice business like now as she gently laid her hand in his brand and everyone in the room closed their eyes. The psychic began to chant in a strong authoritative manner.

“I invoke, conjure, and command you, appear unto me before this circle.
I invoke, conjure, and command you, appear unto me before this circle.
I invoke, conjure, and command you, appear unto me before this circle.”

Buffy had been sitting in the circle, trying not to think how strong and warm Dean’s hand was while the other woman summoned the one responsible for the jail break when all her Slayer instincts came blaring on. That same instant the TV turned on, roaring with static. And there, amid the static, she heard the same voice that had chased them in the meadow.

“I invoke, conjure, and command... Castiel? No. Sorry, Castiel, I don't scare easy.” Pamela said. Buffy could hear the being telling the psychic to turn back, that only peril was ahead if she continued.

“Castiel?” Dean asked, looking as confused as they all felt. Suddenly the table began to rock and pitch and Dean gripped her hand harder as they tried to hold the table down and not break the circle at the same time,

“Its name. It's whispering to me, warning me to turn back.” Pam answered before she continued to chant.

“I conjure and command you, show me your face.
I conjure and command you, show me your face.
I conjure and command you, show me your face.
I conjure and command you, show me your face.”

The noise and shaking were becoming more violent. Buffy didn’t like this. This being was much more powerful than she thought Pam could handle, but the cocky psychic continued to try and control it.

“We need to stop this! Something isn’t right, I can feel it.” Buffy said but she didn’t listen.

“I almost got it. I command you, show me your face! Show me your face now!”

At the last command, Buffy could feel a sudden surge in energy within the circle as the tabled rocked erratically and the flames of the candles in the center flared wildly. She knew that this needed to end right now, Pamela had pushed her luck, even after the being warning her to turn back. She pulled her hands away from Dean and Sam’s but it was too late. A blood curdling scream erupted from the older woman as her eyes became filled with a white hot flame. Buffy ran around the table to help Bobby lower her down as she collapsed in her panic.

“Someone call 9-1-1!” Bobby bellowed. Sam jumped up from his chair and dialed from his cell phone while Dean came a crouched beside Buffy. She looked at him and noted that he was just as confused and scared as she was. Pamela’s eyes were bleeding and burned, Buffy grabbed her hands to keep them from going to her eyes to feel the damage. Suddenly her lids flew open and beneath was just empty, black sockets.

“I can’t see! I can’t see!” Pamela cried out in anguish. “Oh God,”

“Shhh, Pam, the medics are on their way.” Buffy said soothingly. This should have never happened. Whoever had done this to this poor woman was going to pay.

“Buffy, Dean. I want you and Sam to leave now. This is going to be a mess to explain and I don’t want any of you getting investigated. Go find a motel and I’ll call you.”

“Bobby, we can’t let that son of a bitch get away with this! What if it’s still here when the medics come? What are you going to do?” Dean argued. Buffy silently agreed with the younger hunter. She did not want to leave Bobby in the hands of anything that could burn out a person’s eyeballs just from trying to get a look at them.

“Don’t argue with me boy. You three take the impala and go. Now.” In the distance Buffy could hear a siren. She looked at Bobby and could see the plea to look after Dean and Sam there. She nodded to him to let him know she understood and stood pulling Dean up with her.

“Come on. They are going to be here any minute. We need to be gone.” Buffy said gently not wanting to upset Pamela anymore than she already was, moaning in pain. Sam was standing behind them looking to Bobby one last time before he headed to the door, Buffy and Dean following behind. Buffy quickly grabbed her and Dean’s bags from the back of the truck bed and went to the back door of the big black car the brothers had driven there. Dean started the engine and it roared to life with a deep rumble. No sooner had she closed the door then they were pulling away from the curb, the sirens whine very close. Buffy looked back to see the ambulance pulling in just as they turned the corner. The three of them drove off in silence.
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